Draft 2: Albertus Law

Posted in Event Coverage on November 25, 2002

By Liam Coltman

Coming into the draft tied on 27 points Law was looking in great shape to make the top 8. All that he needed to do was win one of his first two matches and he'd be a shoo-in because he could draw the next round and make it in. Although the equation does sound simple, there is always one person who goes 0-3 and in a Rochester Draft almost anything can happen!

In a weak opening pack Law decided that he would take a Severed Legion. The real trouble arose in the second pack of the draft when he opened up a Sparksmith, an Infest and a Contested Cliffs. Thinking long and hard about this pick Law sent a clear signal to the other players that he was going to go black by taking the infest and letting the other players worry about they were going to draft. He then picked up a Festering Goblin on his wheel and then a Gustcloak Harrier on his next pick.
He stayed true to these two colors during the rest of the packs picking up a Dive Bomber, a Glory Seeker, a Daru Cavalier and a True Believer.

His opening wheel in pack 2 was a Cabal Executioner and a Disciple of Grace, and the good picks kept on flowing with a Gustcloak Harrier, Haunted Cadaver, Oversold Cemetery, Dive Bomber and a Pacifism over a Nantuko Husk. Almost everyone in the draft was sticking to their color base, however Seck decided to start taking black at the end of the opening pack and cost Law a few picks here and there but his card quality was still exceptional.

Starting off the final set of packs he scooped up a Daru Lancer and then scooped up a Death Pulse as his first pick. Over the next few drafts he picked up a Murkdiver, a Gravel Slinger another Daru Lancer, a Wretched Anurid and a Festering Goblin to round out his deck.

Overall, Law's draft was excellent, a well rounded white black deck that can come out of the blocks incredibly quick, putting the opponent on the back foot right from the beginning. There should be no real problem with him making the final table for the top 8 as he should be able to squeak out a win in one of his first two games.

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