Draft 2 Analysis - Pod 1

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By Sideboard Staff

The first pack opened seemed very mediocre with Brett Shears taking Repel followed by Maher taking Rampant Elephant, and Turian taking Gravedigger. Everyone staggers their colors, being polite and aware of the people around them.

Things seem to go well for the first couple of packs, all the players seem to be friendly, but then in pack three Turian opens and takes Painbringer, Louis Boileau follows with Savage Firecat and Walter "Goochie" Egli takes Firebolt (putting players four and five both in red for the rest of the draft). McKenna is seen shaking his head when he has to take Morbid Hunger in pack six when Pikula cuts him off from green.

Players pretty much stuck to their colors when they finally got established, and didn't hate draft.

Here's a break down of what colors each player drafted:

Brett Shears: Blue/White with Three Mystic Zealots and two Shelters
Bob Maher: Red/Green with Kamahl, Pit Fighter
Michael Turian: Blue/Black with three Psychatogs, Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor, and Repentant Vampire
Louis Boileau: Red/White with Savage Firecat
Walter "Goochie" Egli: Green/Red with two Wild Mongrels with an Overrun
Timothy McKenna: White/Black with two Ghastly Demises and Hallowed Healer
Christopher Pikula: Blue/Green with Stone-Tongue Basilisk
Dustin Stern: Black/Red with Shower of Coals and Ghastly Demise

Michael Turian has an obviously strong deck and is a favorite for making top eight. For the other players in this draft it pretty much depends on pairings for who will make top eight.

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