Draft 2: Brian Davis

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Ben Ronaldson

Table 1 Draft Pod:

  1. Rob Vd Steenhoven (NL)
  2. David Price (US)
  3. Antoine Ruel (Fr)
  4. Daniel OMS (US)
  5. Janosch Kühn (Ger)
  6. James Stroud (US)
  7. Gary Wise (Can)
  8. Brian Davis (US)

First Set

Booster 1: The important cards were: Nightscape Apprentice, Yawgmoth's Agenda, Armadillo Cloak, Thornscape Apprentice, Reviving Vapors, Pouncing Kavu, Kavu Runner and Stormscape Apprentice. Well, obviously the rare jumps out at you there but Brian had one fear - he believed that Gary was fairly insistent on drafting black/blue (I am not sure how founded that belief is), so he decided he wanted to go for the other colors. As a result he chose the Thornscape Apprentice. I have spoken to many players about what they would do Agenda came out as the popular choice, but the Thornscape was certainly a reasonable pick. Brian later confided in me that he thought he should have taken the black card in hindsight.

It is of interest to note that Gary actually took a Repulse for his first pick (over a Faerie Squadron for more versatility should blue be shut off as a main color).

Booster 2: Faerie Squadron, Trench Wurm, Canopy Surge, Kavu Climber. Brian had been watching Zvi Mowshowitz money drafting and said that he had been drafting u/w/g decks and had won them all, so he decided to grab the Faerie Squadron, despite his fears of what Gary might be doing. However, the fact that the blue card was in the pack was perhaps an indication that Wise may not be looking for blue at this stage.

Booster 3: Brian took Tower Drake as it was the only good card in his colors at this stage.

Booster 4: Now this was a weird one: Obsidian Acolyte, Coastal Tower, Fertile Ground, Shoreline Raider, Urborg Phantom. One would think from his first three cards that the u/g/w strategy was looking reasonable so the Acolyte or Tower might serve him well, but he decided to pick the Phantom as it gave him versatility and he thought it was the best card in the pack.

Booster 5 was a given as another Faerie Squadron landed on his lap.

Booster 6: This was the breaking moment for Brian's deck as a sixth pick Probe sailed over and suddenly he was u/b for good, knowing that Gary could not possibly be in those colors solidly.

So what happened to Gary and his first pick Repulse? Well, he got a second pick Rith, the Awakener and hence moved to only possibly splashing blue. His following picks were Pincer Spider, Shackles, Serpentine Kavu, Stormscape Apprentice, Treefolk Healer, Reviving Vapors and Kavu Climber.

Boosters 7 onwards: His picks were Nightscape Apprentice, Urborg Phantom, Rogue Kavu, Irrigation Ditch, Ancient Spring, Stun etc. etc. etc.

These are the colors that each of the players ended up drafting:

  • Rob van der Steenhoven: G/W splash U.
  • David Price: R/B (the Agenda made it to third pick)
  • Antoine Ruel: R/B (two red/black players next to each other!)
  • Dan OMS: G/W splash black (maybe U too?)
  • Janosch Kuhn: R/U/W
  • James Stroud: U/B splash R
  • Gary Wise: G/W splash U and R
  • Brian Davis: B/U

Second Set

Brian managed to pick up a fair number of good cards in this set: Exclude, Agonizing Demise, Recoil, Vodalian Zombie (over Tower Drake), Sleeper's Robe, Hypnotic Cloud, Vodalian Serpent. In the meantime Wise's deck seemed to be shaping up quite well next to him as he swiped: Kavu Titan, Llanowar Knight, Armadillo Cloak, Explosive Growth, Nomadic Elf, Prison Barricade, Wax/Wane, Canopy Surge.

Third Set

Again there were not many difficult decisions for Brian in this set: Exclude, Soul Burn, Repulse (he deliberated over Urborg Shambler for a while), Metathran Aerostat, Ravenous Rats (over Prohibit and Recover), Vodalian Zombie, Urborg Phantom, Ravenous Rats. Not the great cards he would have wanted, but a reasonable collection for what became quite a strong deck overall.

Gary managed to pick up a couple more tappers, an Assault/Battery, Shackles, Harrow, Tangle and a Nomadic Elf with the nice present of a Thornscape Master as a fourth pick.

Brian's deck seems quite solid and I would expect it to see him through to the Top 8. Gary's seemed to have some great cards in it, but he may experience mana problems.

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