Draft 2: Jürgen Hahn

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By Toby Wachter

Jürgen Hahn

Jurgen Hahn is a former Canadian National Team member, and he also went 6-0 during the Extended portion of Worlds in 1999. He started off 3-0 today, and is looking to build on that record to head into tomorrow with a solid record.

Jurgen was in the first seat, and opened the first pack of the draft. It contained Goham Djinn, Kavu Climber, Scorching Lava, Llanowar Knight, Glimmering Angel and Tower Drake. Jurgen decided to take the Drake, and the following picks were Scorching Lava, Goham Djinn and Glimmering Angel, which put only one potential (but likely) blue/white drafter at the table. What made this pack somewhat strange was that a Kavu Climber was drafted as an 11th pick. This was even more strange when you consider that the only other quality green card in the pack was Llanowar Knight. Any player at the table could have picked up the Climber early (or even as a later pick), which would have resulted in good signals and a good position at the table.

The next pack saw the player to Jurgen's left open and take a Scorching Lava. Meanwhile, Jurgen had a great wheel, taking Ardent Soldier and Hanna, Ship's Navigator, which confirmed him as a blue/white drafter to the rest of the table. The next few packs were fairly uneventful, as Jurgen picked up solid but unspectacular cards such as Shoreline Raider. As the packs progressed, he managed to draft a solid air force, with Kangee, Aerie Keeper, Razorfoot Griffin, and Ordered Migration. The Migration was taken over Shackles, and Kangee probably contributed greatly to that decision, as it has great synergy with the Bird tokens.

The player to Jurgen's right opened his pack, which presented a choice of Rith, the Awakener, Thornscape Apprentice or Tower Drake. Jurgen decided to take the Tower Drake, sticking to two colors for the time being. Rith was probably very tempting, but it would have forced Jurgen to go into four colors to support it. In fact, going into the Planeshift pack, Jurgen was solid blue/white, and had not gone in any direction to suggest his third color choice.

His first few Planeshift picks included two Sunscape Familiars, Gainsay, Mana Cylix and Disciple of Kangee. Jurgen was presented with a tough decision in one pack, where he could have taken Ancient Spider, Dromar's Charm or Samite Pilgrim. Both gold cards are incredibly powerful, but Jurgen decided to stick with his colors, and took the Pilgrim. Taking either of the gold cards would have committed him to a third color. This didn't downgrade his card quality in the long run, as the next three packs provided him with Silver Drake, Rushing River and Confound.

Jurgen opened the last Planeshift pack, and made a strange decision. The pack didn't have much for his colors, as the only decent blue/white cards were Sea Snidd, Disciple of Kangee and Aurora Griffin. Instead of taking one of these, and using the strategy he had committed to for most of the draft, he took a first pick Singe. The only logical explanation for this is that Jurgen wanted to go into red as a third color, since doing so would give him plenty of options in Apocalypse. Plus, his white/blue deck contained no removal, so Singe was at least a start.

However, going into red didn't quite work out. There were plenty of other white/red and blue/red drafters at the table, which meant that all the Legionnaires, Jilts and Razorfin Hunters were taken before they could get to Jurgen. The most awkward moment of the draft came when the player to Jurgen's right opened a Raka Sanctuary. Jurgen seemed convinced that he would get it, but it was counterdrafted first pick instead. This left Jurgen somewhat stunned, and he did not draft his card in time. As a penalty, he had to take a random card, which was Minotaur Tactician.

Random mistakes aside, Jargon has a decent deck. It's highlighted by three copies of Quicksilver Dagger, which will allow Jurgen to out-card advantage his opponents. Plus, they have some great synergy with Hanna. However, Jurgen's deck is lacking removal, which will make it hard to pull off a 3-0 record. 2-1 is possible, but it will require good draws and better play.

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