Draft 2: Jon Finkel

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Jon Finkel

Jon came into the draft with a 2-2 record, and hoping to draft something amazing to catapult him into day two. All the players at this table carried the same hope. Unfortunately, there were no real broken rares drafted, and there was some miscommunication between drafters, which compromised the integrity of a few decks, if not all.

Here's how the table looked:

1. Martin Scheuchenstuhl (G/R/w)
2. Alex Borteh (U/B/w)
3. Jon Finkel (G/R/w)
4. Piotr Widuch (U/W)
5. Murray Evans (B/R)
6. Kurtis Hahn (G/U)
7. Sammy Batarseh (W/B)
8. Bryan Hubble (R/G)

I'm going to now list the picks that Jon made numbered by pack, then by what his pick was. After that, I'll list the cards that Jon put in his deck.

Pack 1
Pick 3: Chainflinger
Pick 14: Dedicated Martyr
Pack 2
Pick 2: Wild Mongrel
Pick 15: Confessor

As you can see, Jon declared himself a Green-Red mage very early to the table. However, as the packs unfolded, he was deprived of the overly powerful cards that the whole table was hoping for. As you can see in pack 3, the pack that Jon opened, there was a drought in green and red cards, so an "ok" pick was taken.

Pack 3
Pick 1: Diligent Farmhand
Pack 4
Pick 8: Moment's Peace
Pick 9: Magma Vein
Pack 5
Pick 7: Rites of Initiation
Pick 10: Ravaged Highlands
Pack 6
Pick 6: Thermal Blast
Pick 11: Still Life
Pack 7
Pick 5: Reckless Charge
Pick 12: Filthy Cur
Pack 8
Pick 4: Crashing Centaur
Pick 13: Zoologist
Pack 9
Pick 6: Seton's Desire
Pick 11: Auramancer
Pack 10
Pick 5: Springing Tiger
Pick 12: Pardic Swordsmith
Pack 11
Pick 4: Thermal Blast
Pick 13: Druid's Call
Pick 12
Pick 3: Nantuko Disciple
Pick 14: Piper's Melody
Pack 13
Pick 2: Elephant Ambush
Pick 15: Woodland Druid
Pack 14
Pick 1: Diligent Farmhand

Yes folks, Jon's second pack was also devoid of anything worthwhile, and he had to first pick another Diligent Farmhand. As he opened this pack, I looked around the table, and there were head-shakes and looks of pity as Jon had to reach for his first pick.

Pack 15
Pick 8: Rites of Spring
Pick 9: Skyshooter
Pack 16
Pick 7: Refresh
Pick 10: Acceptable Losses
Pack 17
Pick 3: Flame Burst
Pick 14: Kamahl's Desire
Pack 18
Pick 2: Frenetic Ogre (This was an interesting pick, since there was a Seton's Desire, Thermal Blast, and Anarchist on the table as well... but Jon was desperate for some meaty creatures)
Pick 15: Thaumatog
Pack 19
Pick 1: Flame Burst (Finally a somewhat decent first pick)
Pack 20
Pick 8: Volcanic Spray
Pick 9: Demoralize
Pack 21
Pick 7: Halberdier
Pick 10: Rotting Giant
Pack 22
Pick 6: Druid Lyrist
Pick 11: Demoralize
Pack 23
Pick 5: Seton's Desire
Pick 12: Phantom Whelp
Pack 24
Pick 4: Flame Burst
Pick 13: Seton, Krosan Protector

Deep into the first round of packs, Players 1 & 2 started fighting over Red, and then later fighting over a little Green. This hurt Jon's deck a great deal I think, but if only one of those players stuck to Red-Green, I believe Jon would have had a better cardpool. Kurt Hahn at seed 6 drafted three Elephant Ambushes and other very powerful green spells, depriving Jon of that color when the draft was going counter-clockwise. The packs were unbalanced, though: The ones that Jon opened didn't have any substance for him, and those that the people next to him opened had little substance as well. Any of the good cards that got passed to Jon got passed three or four at a time, where he wouldn't see the other cards again because others were snatch them up before they got back around to him.

These problems were not under his control, however, it was just the luck of the draw. The choice of going into Green-Red was the only one he could make from the position he was given, and Lady Luck seemed to not turn her smile on him for this draft.

Now lets filter out all the junk and list what is actually in Jon's deck:

Jon Finkel

Download Arena Decklist

Will this be enough to squeak out a 4-2-1 record and get into day two? He'll need to go 2-0-1 in this draft to do it.

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