Draft 2: Pod 1

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By Ben Ronaldson

The Seating for Pod 1

Set 1

Booster 1

Ladislav: Aven Fisher
Oliver: Rabid Elephant
Holger: Aven Archer
Martin: Springing Tiger
Nicolai: Chainflinger
Jakub: Fledgeling Imp
Stephan: Psionic Gift
Matthias: Morgue Theft

Once again all of these players ended up playing each of their first pick colours in this draft. There was a little bit more chaos later on though, as Jakub and Nicolai started exploring each others colours - both ending up with white decks with the Norwegian splashing a fourth.

Booster 2

Oliver: Stone-Tongue Basilisk??
Holger: Hallowed Healer
Martin: Elephant Ambush
Nicolai: Cephalid Scout
Jakub: Aven Cloudchaser
Stephan: Leaf Dancer
Matthias: Patchwork Gnomes
Ladislav: Blazing Salvo
Ladislav2: Halberdier
Matthias2: Caustic Tar

I am not sure I agree with Oliver's pick here. I think he got 'lured' in by the fatty where the Elephants are probably the more efficient creatures.

Booster 3

Holger: Mystic Zealot
Martin: Overrun
Nicolai: Mystic Visionary
Jakub: Morbid Hunger
Stephan: Wild Mongrel
Matthias: Patriach's Desire
Ladislav: Millikin

Booster 4

Martin: Metamorphic Wurm??
Nicolai: Mystic Zealot
Jakub: Patriach's Desire
Stephan: Wild Mongrel
Matthias: Crypt Creeper
Ladislav: Thermal Blast
Oliver: Krosan Archer
Holger: Pilgrim of Virtue
Holger2: Standstill
Oliver2: Centaur Garden
Ladislav2: Pardic Firecat
Matthias2: Psionic Gift

Again a questionable green card pick here, with many of the top Pros preferring the Wild Mongrel in this position.

Booster 5

Nicolai: Cephalid Scout
Jakub: Whispering Shade
Stephan: Roar of the Wurm
Matthias: Psychatog
Ladislav: Blazing Salvo
Oliver: Elephant Ambush
Holger: Scrivener

Booster 6

Jakub: Ghastly Demise
Stephan: Puppeteer
Matthias: Dirty Wererat
Ladislav: Dreamwalker
Oliver: Werebear
Holger: Aven Flock
Martin: Vivify
Nicolai: Volcanic Spray

Booster 7

Stephan: Repel
Matthias: Dusk Imp
Ladislav: Escape Artist
Oliver: Diligent Farnhand
Holger: Mystic Crusader
Martin: Face of Fear??
Nicolai: Second Thoughts
Jakub: Morbid Hunger
Jakub2: Patrol Hound

I imagine the green mage took the Face if Fear over the Morbid Hunger because he was intending to splash that colour, but is it a good enough card to splash?

Nicolai was quite dissapointed when Jakub took the Patrol Hound, but Slemr had only one colour and had to move into a second at this stage.

Booster 8

Matthias: Flame Burst
Ladislav: Aven Smokechaser
Oliver: Squirrel Nest
Holger: Aven Fisher
Martin: Skyshooter
Nicolai: Seafloor Debris
Jakub: Krosan Avenger
Stephan: Refresh

Again Jakub moved into a neighbour's colours here, but in the end he dropped the idea of being a green mage.

These are the colours the players ended up playing in their decks:

Nicolai also splashed for a Mystic Enforcer.

As with the last draft I covered there were alternate blue mages round the table, but surprisingly only three green players. Of note there were three red players in a row.

Set 2

Booster 1

Matt: Filthy Cur
Steph: Repel
Jakub: Metamorphic Wurm
Nico: Aether Burst
Martin: Leaf Dancer
Holger: Divine Sacrament
Oliver: Skyshooter
Ladi: Psionic Gift

Oliver also picked up a Farmhand.

Booster 2

Steph: Nantuku Disciple
Jakub: Childhood Horror
Nico: Firebolt
Martin: Skeletal Scrying
Holger: Cephalid Scout
Oliver: Cartographer
Ladi: Pardic Fireat

Booster 3

Jakub: Ghastly Demise
Nico: Balshan Griffin
Martin: Krosan Archer
Holger: Aven Flock
Oliver: Refresh
Ladi: Scriviner
Matt: Fledgeling Imp

Matthias also picked up a Dwarven Strike Force.

Booster 4

Nico: Flame Burst
Martin: Call of the Herd
Holger: Second Thoughts
Oliver: Blazing Salvo
Ladi: Dematerialise
Matt: Gravedigger

Stephan did not really have a pick from this booster, but Jakub managed to wheel an Afflict and an Aven Cloudchaser, whilst Matthias wheeled a Diabolic Tutor.

So, at the half way point of the draft Jakub in particular was feeling a little unsure about what colours he would end up playing and it seemed like Matthias was having a little trouble too - eventually being forced into black/red.

Other interesting picks and power-cards:

Ladislav Zupancic had been drafting a red/blue deck all the way through this draft, but he made a few challenging decisions. Firstly he took a Cephalid Scout over a Broker, then he took Firebolt over Persuasion . . . go figure.

Nicolai took a third Cephalid Scout over a Syncopate. He later explained to me that his deck had way too few creatures.

Holger Meinecke went on to draft not one but two Wayward Angels!

Nicolai took a Mystic Enforcer off Jakub, but splashed to play it.

Jakub himself had a Repentant Vampire, whilst Stephan Meyer managed to pick up an Overrun.

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