Draft 2: Svend Geertsen

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Ben Ronaldson

Table 3

Well, I'd like to be able to tell you about how Svend controlled the draft magnificently and adapted properly to the changes made in the draft, but unfortunately I cannot. Instead I'll just explain how he ripped open a Crosis in his first pack and then proceeded to draft the best three cards in those colors for the rest of the draft.

Set 1 (Invasions)

Booster 1

Vodalian Zombie; Benalish Emissary; Opt; Viashino Grappler; Exotic Curse; Ravenous Rats; Harrow; Crosis, the Purger. This was not exactly a no-brainer, as some people do not like being forced into three colors from the outset, but I doubt there are many people out there with the nerve not to take it. To his right Markus took a Spite/Malice, which did not bode well for the Dane.

Booster 2

Glimmering Angel, Obsidian Acolyte, Yavimaya Barbarian, Tribal Flames, Duskwalker. Not wanting to commit to double black at that stage and knowing that Tribal Flames was a fine splash card. Markus: Benalish Heralds. So thankfully the person feeding him had moved into white.

Booster 3

Razorfoot Griffin, Soul Burn, Vodalian Zombie, Benalish Lancer, Urborg Phantom. Obviously Svend had the intention at this stage to be a red/black mage with a splash of blue for Crosis as Soul Burn is not a very strong spell in a u/b deck. Some people might have picked a Vodalian Zombie in this instance. Markus: Shackles.

Reporter Ben Ronaldson and Svend Geertsen

Booster 4

Phyrexian Reaper, Quirion Sentinel, Collective Restraint, Thunderscape Apprentice, Firescreamer. Not liking either of the two black creatures much here Svend decided to hedge his bets and take the blue card in case his red should get pushed a little. Markus: Tidal Visionary.

Other interesting Picks:

Svend took a Sky Weaver over an Urborg Phantom and a Prohibit; he also took an Alloy Golem over an Opt.

Other cards he picked up in the first set of boosters: Shoreline Raider, Obsidian Acolyte (defensive), Defiling Tears, Vodalian Serpent.

This is how the colors were set after the first set of boosters

Svend: u/r/b
Niels: b/g splash u???? - His initial intention was to be u/b.
Andreas: u/r/b - hence Niels' problem
Sondre: r/g (but moved into white in Planeshift)
Tuomo: u/w/b
Johan: b/r/g
Marcus: g/b/r (maybe splash white for a Troll?)
Markus: u/w splash b.

Set 2 (Invasions)

Booster 1

Agonizing Demise, Urborg Drake, Urborg Shambler, Plague Spores. This choice seems obvious. To his left Niels took a Duskwalker.

Booster 2

Faerie Squadron, Phyrexian Reaper, Armadillo Cloak, Ancient Kavu. Niels: Vicious Kavu

Booster 3

Phyrexian Delver, Scorching Lava, Stormscape Apprentice. This was probably a tough choice for Svend as the Delver is quite a powerful creature in this format, but he seemed to favor the removal spell again. Niels: Phyrexian Slayer.

Booster 4

Recoil, Crusading Knight. Niels: Exclude.

Other interesting picks:
Urborg Phantom over Hooded Kavu and Kavu Scout.
Mourning over Defiling Tears and Vodalian Serpent.
Opt over Cursed Flesh and Firescreamer.
Llanowar Knight (defensive) over Rogue Kavu.

Other cards picked up in the second set of boosters: 2 Sulfur Vents.

For the first 6 picks Niels took a card away from Svend's deck, but there always seemed to be a second card he could play instead.

Last set of boosters (Planeshift).

The only cards that Markus took from Svend that he might have wanted were Waterspout Elemental, Confound and Volcanic Imp.

Interesting Picks: Volcanic Imp over Crosis's Catacombs (his deck has a shaky mana base)
Stormscape Familiar over Morgue Toad
Star Compass over Kavu Recluse

Cards he picked up in Planeshift: Stormscape Battlemage, Terminate, Crosis's Charm, Volcanic Imp, Hunting Drake, Allied Strategies. Wow.

All in all, Svend has a strong deck that is most likely to go 2-1.

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