Draft 2: Table 1

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Alex Shvartsman, Ben Seck, and local hero Andrew Mitchell managed to go 2-1, 3-0, and 2-1 at table one last draft and as such retained the right to draft together at the top table again to continue their run at the top 8. Ryan Fuller slipped a bit going 1-2, knocking himself to the second table, though the consensus among pros is that Fuller ought to be easily able to sweep his table and make the top 8.

Ben Seck once again had an excellent draft, cooperating well with the surrounding players. The person feeding THE Ben Seck eased into red/green, and Andrew Mitchell, who Ben fed, slipped into red/black. Ben Seck happily settled into blue/white gobbling up goodies including a pair of Hallowed Healers, Puppeteer, Cephalid Broker, Mystic Zealot and Crusader, and Aven Flock. It seems highly questionable that he took Repel over a second Zealot, but it has been a common theme thus far in the format that people absolutely love Repel.

Mitchell in turn received the benefits of being on the other side of the color circle from Ben, and his deck will surely include the pair of Chainflingers, the triple Firebolt, the Flame Burst, the double Afflict, and the Barbarian Lunatic he drafted. He did throw Alex threw a quite loop though with an early pick Werebear, after Alex had committed heavily to green.

It worked out fine for Alex in the end though. Alex had several nice picks including a very happy Squirrel Nest, some Elephants, and Tigers, and Ivy Elemental oh my. Not only did Andrew scare Alex, but the person to Alex's left also decided to be a three-color mage, dipping into Alex's green. Alex seems like he will demolish his opponents with his two Sylvan Mights, fatties, and bolstering blue flyers and bounce, despite the antics of those surrounding him.

The biggest teeth gnashing and facial contortions came from the opposite side of the table, from one Justin Polin. Justin staked off some white territory early on with five white picks in a row, only to have the two people surrounding him hedge in on white later on. He made a good leap of faith though, choosing blue cards that came to him quite strongly late.

The top eight will probably shape up to include Alex, TBS, Justin Polin, Ryan Fuller, and Andrew Mitchell. As for the others, who knows...

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