Draft 2, Table 1

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By Randy Buehler

We're at the halfway mark of Worlds, and the perverbial wheat is being separated from the chaff. The eight players at table 1 had each proven that they could both draft and play Standard.

Cast of Characters:

  1. Jan Tomcani - Slovak National team member who finished 9th at Pro Tour Barcelona. He was the last undefeated player in the tournament, dropping his first match 2-1 to Tom van de Logt in round 9.
  2. Dave Humpherys - the Hump helped Team Your Move Games to a win at Grand Prix-Columbus a week and a half ago, coming from behind to win the third game of the final match. He's a PT champion (also as a member of Team YMG) and also has an individual PT Top 8. He went 3-0 from table 3 to earn his seat at the top table.
  3. Antoine Ruel - Ruel is more known for his achievements as one third of team Black Ops, but he and his brother Olivier have both been having individual successes as well, though mostly on the Grand Prix circuit, not the Pro Tour itself. Ruel was on table 1 for the first draft as well, and went 3-0.
  4. John Ormerod - Ormerod is widely regarded as probably the best player in England, and certainly the best drafter. He has a Top 8 at PT Mainz (which was Rochester draft) on his resume, plus a 9th place at Chicago '99 with Cocoa Pebbles. He's a crucial cog of the playtesting machine that has turned out the top deck at each of the last two constructed Pro Tours and he went 3-0 at draft Table 4 to earn his seat here. Ormerod actually hasn't lost yet this Worlds, but he does have 2 draws.
  5. Tom van de Logt - The Dutch National Champ has his country tied for first in the team competition and has himself in position to put up a second consecutive Worlds Top 8. He also went 3-0 at table 1 last draft. (Because not everyone had the same record and the Swiss pairings are based on overall records, he and Ruel weren't paired against each other and were both able to 3-0 the same table.)
  6. Jon Finkel - Um, this guy finished 3rd in the juniors portion of PT-Columbus. And he did some other stuff too, including a 3-0 record at table 2 in the first draft.
  7. George Kapalas - The Greek National Champion has led his team to a first place tie in the team competition (with the Netherlands). He went 2-1 at table 3 this morning (losing only to Humpherys) and snuck onto table 1 as the 7-2 player with the best tiebreakers. His two previous PT performances include 159th at Worlds last year and 37th at Barcelona.
  8. Gab Tsang - Tsang is defending his home turf this weekend. Not only is he Canadian, he's actually from Toronto. Tsang has two PT Top 8's on his resume along with a Worlds team title (the only year the USA didn't win it, his team Canada did). He announced his return to the Pro Tour with authority in Columbus a week and a half ago with a 3rd place performance. He 3-0ed table 5 and is the only player in the field with 22 points, good enough for 7th place.

Pack 1


*JT Agonizing Demise  
DH Zap Fight or Flight
AR Explosive Growth Llanowar Calvalry
JO Vodalian Serpent Wings of Hope
vdL Viashino Grappler Essence Leak
JF Vodalian Merchant Disrupt
GK Yavimaya Kavu Strength of Unity
GT Stun Ancient Spring

Tomcani got the only really good card from this pack, and everyone else was much more interested in signaling than actually drafting cards they intended to play with.


JT Prohibit Crosis's Attendant
*DH Faerie Squadron  
AR Harrow  
JO Shivan Zombie  
vdL Maniacal Rage  
JF Wordly Counsel Turf Wound
GK Simoon Capashen Unicorn
GT Cursed Flesh Vodalian Hypnotist

Ruel followed up his third pick Explosive Growth with a second pick Harrow and everyone at the table knew exactly what he intended to do. Humpherys predisposition toward drafting blue probably would have sent him this way even if he hadn't opened Faerie Squadron.


JT Marauding Knight Thunderscape Apprentice
DH Shackles Prison Barricade
*AR Exclude  
JO Plague Spitter  
vdL Kavu Runner  
JF Recoil Phyrexian Battleflies
GK Obsidian Acolyte Explosive Growth
GT Rainbow Crow Mourning

It's interesting that Ruel, planning to draft all five colors, felt Exclude was the best card in this pack. Plague Spitter does kill elves, I suppose. Ormerod seemed delighted at the opportunity to add it to his own red-black deck.
Finkel continued to position himself for black and blue .


JT Kavu Scout Dismantling Blow
DH Tsabo Tavoc Coastal Tower
AR Fertile Ground Hypnotic Cloud
*JO Agonizing Demise  
vdL Pincher Spider  
JF Tower Drake  
GK Llanowar Knight  
GT Trench Wurm  

Ormerod's Demise pick was pretty easy. Van de Logt had a lot of options, but with black-red on one side of him and blue-black on the other, he had a really good seat for green so he went with Pincer Spider. I and the other spectators all thought this was a wise move, though the packs never did reward him. Everyone stuck to their colors for the rest of the pack, but no one seemed to want the expensive Tsabo Tavoc until Humpherys finally drafted it, figuring it would probably end up in his sideboard.


JT Spirit Weaver Simoon
DH Vodalian Merchant Capashen Unicorn
AR Fertile Ground Urborg Skeleton
JO Mages' Contest Stun
*vdL Kavu Climber  
JF Duskwalker  
GK Glimmering Angel  
GT Phyrexian Reaper Aggressive Urge

Another straight-forward pack where everyone stuck to their gameplan. Poor Jan Tomcani didn't have much of a gameplan, though. Since he had to draft first, all he really had was that one Demise. He spent the rest of his picks just taking whatever scraps were left on the table, but there just weren't many yet.


JT Thornscape Apprentice  
DH Angelic Shield  
AR Crimson Acolyte Urborg Skeleton
JO Nightscape Apprentice Cursed Flesh
vdL Explosive Growth Aggressive Urge
*JF Pyre Zombie  
GK Power Armor  
GT Tower Drake  

Finkel had managed to stick to just two colors up to this point - black and blue. He didn't seem as excited about Pyre Zombie as he might have been, since it meant adding a third color already, but that's precisely what he did. He certainly wasn't going to pass the broken rare to someone else. Tomcani grabbed the Thornscape Apprentice that no one around him was really in a position to play. Angelic Shield 5th was just the beginning of Dave Humpherys' blue-white adventures.


JT Reckless Spite  
DH Glimmering Angel  
AR Duskwalker  
JO Recoil Rith's Attendant
vdL Kavu Scout Sunscape Apprentice
JF Wallop Quirion Trailblazer
*GK Tribal Flames  
GT Repulse  

Tomcani finally got another good card, adding Reckless Spite to his deck. The real news in this pack was Finkel absolutely destroying Tom van de Logt, savagely counter-drafting his Quirion Trailblazer. While many players think Rochester is all about playing nice, Finkel adamantly refuses to hand late pick gifts to his neighbors. He and Mike Turian got into a well-publicized argument about a very similar pick at U.S. Nationals this summer. Finkel's theory is that if you let your neighbor "bounce" cards off of you when you're the wheel, they'll take advantage of you by drafting a card of the color you share first, expecting to get back the card they really want 10th because you aren't playing that color. Here you see that van de Logt took Kavu Scout, which Finkel could in theory have played since he's black-red-blue, hoping Finkel will give him back the Trailblazer. But Finkel would have none of that.


JT Darigaaz, the Igniter  
DH Faerie Squadron  
AR Kavu Climber  
JO Zap  
vdL Armadillo Cloak Llanowar Calvalry
JF Sparring Golem Phyrexian Battleflies
GK Samite Archer Samite Ministrations
*GT Repulse  

Gab Tsang had also managed to survive to his first pick with only black and blue cards in his stack of drafted cards. He busted a dragon and spent the full 30 seconds thumbing through his cards, trying to figure out if he wanted to add not one, but two colors in order to play Darigaaz. Tsang decided the answer was "no" and suddenly Tomcani's deck had direction. Meanwhile van de Logt got an Armadillo Cloak because Ruel preferred Kavu Climber. Samite Archer lasted all the way to the wheel, and I'm not sure whether Kapalas will play it in his base-green deck or not.

By the end of Invasion the table had 4 green drafters - everyone in an odd numbered seat was green.


Pack 2

*GT Flametongue Kavu  
GK Ancient Spider Sunscape Familiar
JF Terminate  
vdL Horned Kavu Steel Leaf Paladin
JO Bog Down Thunderscape Familiar
AR Darigaaz's Charm Gaea's Might
DH Hobble Allied Strategies
JT Kavu Recluse Samite Pilgrim

Darigaaz wasn't worth adding red and green for, but Flametongue Kavu was certainly worth adding red for Gab Tsang. Kapalas preferred to keep his colors sane (and Ancient Spider is just plain good) so Finkel got a nice third pick Terminate. Van de Logt took aggression over power with Horned Kavu in his green deck, not Darigaaz's Charm. Humpherys' 7th pick Hobble may sound good, but just wait and see what's coming.


GT Death Bomb Kavu Recluse
*GK Flametongue Kavu  
JF Stormscape Battlemage  
vdL Stone Kavu  
JO Terminate  
AR Amphibious Kavu  
DH Silver Drake  
JT Lava Zombie Magnigoth Treefolk

Kapalas opened the second consecutive Flametongue-Terminate pack. Finkel preferred to draft Stormscape Battlemage, so the Terminate slid all the way to Ormerod 5th. Humpherys got 6th pick Silver Drake. This pack had some serious power - note the 10th pick Magnigoth Treefolk!


GT Allied Strategies Dralnu's Pet
GK Steel Leaf Paladin Stratadon
*JF Mire Kavu  
vdL Amphibious Kavu  
JO Bog Down  
AR Sea Snidd Sisay's Ingenuity
DH Confound Sunscape Familiar
JT Gaea's Might Aura Blast

Not much noteworthy here. A third consecutive 4-mana red kavu goes first.


GT Morgue Toad  
GK Hobble Amphibious Kavu
JF Crosis's Catacombs Stormscape Familiar
*vdL Alpha Kavu  
JO Caldera Kavu  
AR Darigaaz's Charm  
DH Silver Drake  
JT Slingshot Goblin  

The first pick kavus just keep getting weaker. Humpherys takes his second Silver Drake. Finkel loves land and couldn't ask for much better than 8th pick Crosis's Catacombs.


GT Morgue Toad Stormscape Familiar
GK Treva's Charm Death Bomb
JF Terminal Moraine Sea Snidd
vdL Amphibious Kavu Pollen Remedy
*JO Slingshot Goblin  
AR Nemata, Grove Guardian  
DH Silver Drake  
JT Rushing River  

Yet another Silver Drake for Humpherys, this one over a Rushing River, which Tomcani took, finishing his Darigaaz-deck's migration into a fully five color green build despite not having much in the way of mana fixers. Ruel was the one 5-color mage who actually seemed to have the fixers to support it, so he got to take a powerful green card.


GT Sea Snidd  
GK Horned Kavu March of Souls
JF Hobble Primal Growth
vdL Gaea's Might Stone Kavu
JO Kavu Recluse Sisay's Ingenuity
*AR Stormscape Battlemage  
DH Voice of All  
JT Slingshot Goblin  

Another good card for the 5-color Frenchman. Another great flier for Humpherys.


GT Nightscape Familiar Malicious Advice
GK Slingshot Goblin Steel Leaf Paladin
JF Mire Kavu Gainsay
vdL Aura Blast March of Souls
JO Lava Zombie Dromar's Cavern
AR Phyrexian Bloodstock Arctic Merfolk
*DH Rushing River  
JT Strafe Sleeping Potion


GT Bog Down  
GK Hobble  
JF Lava Zombie  
vdL Quirion Explorer Steel Leaf Paladin
JO Slingshot Goblin Mogg Jailer
AR Root Greevil Implode
DH Silver Drake Treva's Charm
*JT Caldera Kavu  

Yes that really is an 8th pick Silver Drake for the Hump. Yes that really is the fourth one he's drafted. It's good to be the only blue-white mage.


*JT Ebony Treefolk  
DH Jilt  
AR Kavu Howler  
JO Razorfin Hunter  
vdL Lay of the Land  
JF Zombie Boa Desolation Angel
GK Tundra Kavu Bloodfire Dwarf
GT Evasive Action Mournful Zombie

Humpherys got to Apocalypse with an amazing blue-white deck and no third color. That's the same recipe Tom van de Logt used to 3-0 table 1 in the morning draft and, like van de Logt, Humpherys dipped into red for a great power card in the first pack of Apocalypse.

Ormerod was also happy with being blue-red. Ormerod was one of three blue-black-red mages at this point. He and Finkel and Tsang each had each of those three colors.

No one at the table was capable of both casting and kicking Desolation Angel, so Finkel wound up drafting it 11th.

JT Temporal Spring Tundra Kavu
*DH Living Airship  
AR Phyrexian Rager  
JO Bloodfire Kavu  
vdL Consume Strength  
JF Evasive Action  
GK Savage Gorilla Orim's Thunder
GT Life/Death Whirlpool Rider

Humpherys' air force just keeps getting bigger. All he really needed were some random 1 and 2-drops that he could gate with Silver Drake and/or block with to buy himself time. Those are precisely what he drafted for the rest of Apocalypse and his deck looked like it was clearly the best deck at the table.

JT Standard Bearer Lay of the Land
DH Reef Shaman Vodalian Mystic
*AR Phyrexian Rager  
JO Order/Chaos  
vdL Goblin Legionnaire  
JF Vindicate Smash
GK Jungle Barrier Raka Disciple
GT Ceta Disciple Putrid Warrior

Ruel took his second straight early pick Phyrexian Rager. This one was first out of a pack that included several nice alternatives, including a Vindicate that - like the Desolation Angel - wound up in Jon Finkel's hands because no one else seemed to want it.

JT Urborg Elf  
DH Dega Disciple Orim's Thunder
AR Ana Disciple  
*JO Urborg Uprising  
vdL Goblin Legionnaire  
JF Coastal Drake  
GK Kavu Mauler  
GT Gerrard's Verdict  
JT Manacles of Decay Coalition Flag
DH Shield of Duty and Reason Bloodfire Infusion
AR Kavu Glider Putrid Warrior
JO Bloodfire Dwarf Unnatural Selection
*vdL Dead Ringers  
JF Living Airship  
GK Gaea's Skyfolk  
GT Quagmire Druid Dega Sanctuary
JT Consume Strength  
DH Gerrard Capashen  
AR Urborg Elf  
JO Kavu Glider Ana Disciple
vdL Orim's Thunder Goblin Ringleader
*JF Coalition Honor Guard  
GK Order/Chaos  
GT Coastal Drake  

Remember what I was saying about how good Humpherys' deck looked? That was before he got handed 5th pick Gerrard. I talked to Humpherys after the draft and all he could do was smile. He's usually very modest and very restrained, but he still admitted "if I don't get mana-screwed, I shouldn't lose." He wound up playing an essentially 2-color deck too - there was no reason to risk mana problems when your 2-color deck is as good as his was so all he ran was the Jilt (with Reef Shaman as his primary red source).

Finkel continued his drift into white with a first pick Coalition Honor Guard.

JT Savage Gorilla  
DH Quicksilver Dagger  
AR Ana Disciple Necra Disciple
JO Zombie Boa Gerrard's Verdict
vdL Brass Herald Orim's Thunder
JF Grave Defiler Kavu Glider
*GK Cetavolver  
GT Coastal Drake  

Kapalas got a dragon for his green deck. When you can pay all their kickers, the Volvers are just as good as the Invasion dragon legends.

JT Lay of the Land  
DH Dodecapod  
AR Penumbra Kavu  
JO Phyrexan Gargantua Raka Disciple
vdL Penumra Wurm Dwarven Landslide
JF Goblin Legionnaire Ceta Disciple
GK Squee's Embrace Angelfire Crusader
*GT Phyrexian Rager  

Rager goes first again and Tomcani follows up with a mana fixer that he desperately needed. Finkel's drift into white is complete with this late Goblin Legionnaire. The defending World Champ will be taking a 4-color non-green deck into battle for the last three rounds of Day 2. His only mana fixers are 1) a Terminal Moraine, 2) a triple land, and 3) crossing his fingers. He seemed unhappy with the packs that were opened near him, claiming that several ran out of quality picks right before they got to him. He did seem happy about the prospect of riding Desolation Angel to some splashy victories, though.

All in all Humpherys seemed to have the best deck and I expect him to be in first place when Day 2 is over. The two green decks that were drafted next to Finkel (van de Logt and Kapalas) seemed to be the weakest decks at the table, followed in weakness by Finkel's, just because of its mana problems.

There you go, folks, the best of the best showing what they can do in the toughest draft format the Pro Tour has ever seen.

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