Draft 2, Table 2

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By Anthony Alongi

This draft saw most of the table in close cooperation, and two players in fiery competition. The seating was as follows:

  1. Brian Selden (USA)
  2. Trey Van Cleave (Denmark)
  3. Wessel Oomens (Netherlands)
  4. Tommi Hovi (Finland)
  5. Markus Joebstel (Austria)
  6. Alan Comer (USA)
  7. Andrew Johnson (USA)
  8. Kai Budde (Germany)

It took the table several Invasion packs to settle down, due to irregularly high concentrations of quality in one color at a time. In the first pack, Brian Selden wisely took a Probe, and let the next seven players fight over five quality green cards (Harrow, Nomadic Elf, Sulam Djinn, Simoon, and Aggressive Urge). That first pick turned out to be the critical start to a very quiet draft for Brian.

In the second pack, red was the color to chase. Trey first-picked a Keldon Necropolis, while Tribal Flames (Tommi), Maniacal Rage (Alan), Firescreamer (Kai), and Slimy Kavu (also to Kai) all went as playable picks.

In the third pack, the focus shifted to blue: Wessel picked Tower Drake, then Tommi Crosis, and Markus Recoil. This pick of Markus's set a tone with Tommi that defined their relationship throughout the draft.

By the end of Invasion, Brian had solidified his blue-black deck with Tidal Visionary, Rainbow Crow, and Ravenous Rats, and the threat of white and/or red splash with Glimmering Angel and Shivan Emissary. Trey was in red-green, with dabbling in black for two Plague Spores and a Soul Burn. Wessel was solid blue-white, enjoying a fifth-pick Atalya, Samite Master and good Benalish defenders like the Lancer and Trapper.

Alan seemed to mirror Trey in r-g-b, and even matched the Dane's bomb (the Necropolis) with one of his own (Tsabo's Assassin) . . . but with Harrow and Nomadic Elf to boot, Alan was prepared to go four- or five-color if necessary.

Kai was already there, with picks ranging from Ruham Djinn and Thornscape Apprentice to Agonizing Demise and Firescreamer. Harrow and Quirion Sentinel served as fixers.

Andrew, like Wessel, was neck-deep in blue-white picks like Faerie Squadron, Benalish Trapper, and Repulse. The only hint of his future thoughts was the sole Scorching Lava he took third pack, which could just as easily be interpreted as a hate draft against Kai.

In Planeshift, the rivalry between Wessel and Tommi became intense, though neither player lost his cool. As Markus took Bog Down, Wessel took Slay. As Markus took Nightscape Battlemage, Wessel took Crosis's Charm. As Markus took Cavern Harpy, Tommi took Hunting Drake. And as Markus took Rushing River, Tommi took Slingshot Goblin. Even when divided by the cool piece of plastic that helps everyone remember where the bounce is, they remained firm: Tommi first-picked the next Nightscape Battlemage, while Markus had to make do with a bounce of Sisay's Ingenuity and Sleeping Potion. Then, with consecutive picks again, Markus took a Slingshot Goblin while Tommi bounced a Stormscape Familiar and Dromar's Cavern.

And wait, it wasn't over! In the seventh pack, Markus took Volcanic Imp before Tommi's Confound; and then in the last pack, when someone must have wanted to shout, "Can't we all just get along?" Markus swiped a Nightscape Familiar before Tommi took a Bog Down (yes, the same Planeshift card that started this whole mess).

Meanwhile, everyone else was running fairly smoothly. Brian also benefited from a Nightscape Battlemage (that made three through Planeshift . . . there were also three Shifting Skies, but that detail seems less impressive in retrospect), as well as a Cavern Harpy - Hunting Drake combo to go with his Tidal Visionary. Trey entered green-red heaven with access to cards like Thornscape Battlemage, Thornscape Familiar, Alpha Kavu, Horned Kavu, Sparkcaster, and Flametongue Kavu. Wessel continued to solidify his hold on blue-white, picking up Samite Elder and the (presumably younger) Samite Pilgrim, as well as flyers like Silver Drake and Aurora Griffin. Both he and his counterpart across the table openly showed a willingness to splash red . . . each of them gladly took a first-pick Magma Burst.

Alan continued to find quality picks despite the squabble to his right, including two Mire Kavu and Terminate. He also found some good green, including Quirion Dryad and Magnigoth Treefolk. The other green-x mage at the table, Kai, found two Stone Kavus, a Magma Burst of his own, Lashknife Barrier, and Mirrorwood Treefolk.

In Apocalypse, both Tommi and Markus seemed to drift a bit, perhaps both realizing that their decks were getting profoundly hurt. While other players were able to easily pick up enhancements (Planar Despair to Brian, AEther Mutation and two Savage Gorillas to Kai, Illuminate to Andrew, and Spectral Lynx to Wessel), it's hard to see what Tommi either player will do with the Jungle Barriers they picked up. (After Markus picked one, Tommi took a moment in a later pack to hate-draft a the second one away . . . which inspired Markus to take the Temporal Spring immediately after. This reporter wondered just how many colors they were going to fight over.)

Alan made some interesting choices in the last expansion. While a fifth-pick Desolation Angel for him was not at all astonishing (he will already have enough black to run Tsabo's Assassin, and has Harrow, Fertile Ground, Quirion Sentinel, Nomadic Elf to help him with the white), second- and fourth-pick Bloodfire Infusions were a bit surprising. He passed up the always reliable Dodecapod, Phyrexian Rager, and Dead Ringers to acquire these New-Age Ruptures; so he may have been worried about his removal capacity beyond the Assassin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Brian Selden Trey van Cleave Wessel Oomens Tommi Hovi Markus
Alan Comer Andrew Johnson Kai Budde
United States Denmark Netherlands Finland Austria United States United States Germany


Probe Harrow Tidal Visionary Nomadic Elf Sulam Djinn Simoon Wings of Hope Planar Portal
  Aura Shards Llanowar Vanguard Rogue Kavu Capashen Unicorn Firescreamer Barrin's Unmaking Aggressive Urge
Prohibit Keldon Necropolis Benalish Trapper Tribal Flames Phyrexian Slayer Maniacal Rage Riptide Crab Firescreamer
Vodalian Merchant   Protective Sphere Teferi's Care Bloodstone Cameo Scarred Puma Restrain Slimy Kavu
Glimmering Angel Kavu Runner Tower Drake Crosis the Purger Recoil Nomadic Elf Scorching Lava Explosive Growth
Reviving Vapors Urborg Phantom   Whip Silk Scouting Trek Scavenged Weaponry Restrain Slimy Kavu
Tidal Visionary Kavu Aggressor Stand/Deliver Faerie Squadron Plague Spores Ancient Kavu Shackles Ruham Djinn
Juntu Stakes Scavenged Weaponry Restrain   Bog Initiate Llanowar Cavalry Shivan Harvest Sunscape Apprentice
Hypnotic Cloud Elfhame Palace Benalish Lancer Hooded Kavu Recoil Harrow Benalish Trapper Quirion Sentinel
Sulfur Vent Prison Barricade Ardent Soldier Cursed Flesh   Shivan Harvest Samite Ministration Desperate Research
Rainbow Crow Soul Burn Sway of Illusion Frenzied Tilling Firescreamer Tsabo's Assassin Repulse Thornscape Apprentice
Shimmering Wings Protective Sphere Holy Day Slimy Kavu Tinder Farm   Overload Troll-horn Cameo
Ravenous Rats Plague Spores Atalya Samite Master Ancient Kavu Salt Marsh Viashino Grappler Faerie Squadron Harrow
Vigorous Charge Dismantling Blow Ardent Soldier Phyrexian Battleflies Disrupt Urborg Phantom   Chaotic Strike
Shivan Emissary Plague Spores Crusading Knight Pincer Spider Tidal Visionary Fertile Ground Rith's Attendant Agonizing Demise
Shimmering Wings Tranquility Strength of Unity Traveler's Cloak Sulfur Vent Quirion Sentinel Wallop  


Disciple of Kangee Sparkcaster Samite Elder Slay Bog Down Terminate Samite Pilgrim Magma Burst
Kavu Recluse Gaea's Might Root Greevil Star Compass Steel Leaf Paladin Falling Timber Insolence  
Hobble Horned Kavu Rushing River Crosis's Charm Nightscape Battlemage Slingshot Goblin Magma Burst Stone Kavu
Stormscape Familiar Morgue Toad Heroic Defiance Sunken Hope Malicious Advice Fallen Timber   Shifting Sky
Nighscape Battlemage Thornscape Familiar Samite Pilgrim Hunting Drake Cavern Harpy Mire Kavu March of Souls Stone Kavu
Daring Leap Shifting Sky Heroic Defiance Razing Snidd Shriek of Dread   Sinister Strength Falling Timber
Sea Snidd Thornscape Battlemage Silver Drake Slingshot Goblin Rushing River Quirion Dryad Gainsay Rith's Grove
Morgue Toad Death Bomb Heroic Defiance Keldon Mantle   Horned Kavu Pollen Remedy Ampibious Kavu
Phyrexian Bloodstock Amphibious Kavu Aurora Griffin Nightscape Battlemage Sleeping Potion Nightscape Familiar Confound Quirion Explorer
Shifting Sky Daring Leap Surprise Deployment   Sisay's Ingenuity Skyship Weatherlight Sunscape Familiar Steel Leaf Paladin
Hunting Drake Strafe Magma Burst Stormscape Familiar Slingshot Goblin Magnigoth Treefolk Sea Snidd Rushing River
Warped Devotion Malicious Advice   Dromar's Cavern Morgue Toad Keldon Mantle Pollen Remedy Honorable Scout
Cavern Harpy Flametongue Kavu Terminal Moraine Confound Volcano Imp Thornscape Familiar Hobble Lashknife Barrier
Heroic Defiance   Singe Destructive Flow Maggot Carrier Root Greevil Insolence Steel Leaf Paladin
Volcano Imp Alpha Kavu Sunscape Familiar Bog Down Nightscape Familiar Mire Kavu Dromar's Cavern Mirrorwood Treefolk
  Amphibious Kavu Sisay's Ingenuity Sunken Hope Keldon Mantle Hull Breach Malicious Advice Falling Timber


Coastal Drake Urborg Uprising Gerrard Capashen Hero Bloodfire Kavu Jungle Barrier Urborg Elf Goblin Legionnaire Dega Disciple
  Soul Link Shield of Duty and Reason Coalition Flag Bog Gnarr Quagmire Druid Jaded Response Bloodfire Dwarf
Reef Shaman Penumbra Kavu Coastal Drake Phyrexian Gargantua Savage Gorilla Desolation Angel Quicksilver Dagger Angelfire Crusader
Kavu Glider   Soul Link Squee's Revenge Tranquil Path Last Caress Minotaur Tactician Helionaut
Grave Defiler Night/Day Living Airship Dead Ringers Gaea's Skyfolk Bloodfire Infusion Angelfire Crusader Urborg Elf
Quagmire Druid Temporal Spring   Index Illusion/Reality Dwarven Landslide Strength of Night Powerstone Minefield
Dodecapod Savage Gorilla Jaded Response Living Airship Consume Strength Phyrexian Rager Coalition Honor Guard Aether Mutation
Quagmire Druid Temporal Spring Coalition Flag   Bog Gnarr Dwarven Landslide Shield of Duty and Reason Powerstone Minefield
Gaea's Skyfolk Manacles of Decay Angelfire Crusader Legacy Weapon Phyrexian Gargantua Bloodfire Infusion Living Airship Dead Ringers
Strength of Night Necra Disciple Putrid Warrior Dega Sanctuary   Index Dwarven Landslide Sylvan Messager
Phyrexian Rager Kavu Glider Standard Bearer Jungle Barrier Temporal Spring Consume Strength Coalition Honor Guard Savage Gorilla
Dragon Arch Necra Disciple Strength of Night False Dawn Haunted Angel   Index Dwarven Landslide
Minotaur Illusionist Urborg Elf Spectral Lynx Evasive Action Goblin Legionnaire Tundra Kavu Illuminate Urborg Uprising
Strength of Night Soul Link Dega Disciple Orim's Thunder Whirlpool Rider Ana Disciple   Minotaur Tactician
Planar Despair Ceta Sanctuary Coastal Drake Quicksilver Dagger Necra Disciple Strength of Night Helionaut Savage Gorilla
Suppress Dragon Arch Dwarven Landslide Standard Bearer Jaded Response Squee's Embrace Kavu Glider  

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