Draft 2: Tom van de Logt

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

Sometimes a bomb defines what colours you are going to play and sometimes not. Some players prefer to pass a real good card like Overrun or Shower of Coals in order to apply their strategy. Tom van de Logt is not one of them so it seems. Tom opened a very good uncommon: Squirrel Nest. Although it is not as powerful as a Shower of Coals or Overrun it can most often win game single handedly.

But, when he was passed two consecutive Ghastly Demise there was no doubt that black would be a colour he would be playing. Crashing Centaur and Werebear joined his pile. Although he didn't know he suspected there was hardly anyone on his right side drafting his colours. And he was right! Immediately next to him a player was drafting Red and Blue and had three copies of Chainflinger and the player right to this pyro-mage was drafting white and blue so that he could draft his colours without anything in his way.

The second booster brought him a Faceless Butcher, Basking Rootwalla, Centaur Chieftain and Soul Scourge as important picks. This time though he was experiencing some resistance and it seemed the player on his left was into his colours. That didn't wreck the Dutchman at all since he was able to pick before the other player all through Judgment.

Another very important creature for his deck is the powerful Guiltfeeder. Judgment rounded up his deck with solid creatures such as Forcemage Advocate, Phantom Tiger and a very well enjoyed Phantom Nantuko.

His draft went pretty smoothly and he should be able to pull off at least two wins should he not win the table.

Tom van de Logt

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