Draft 2: Wolfgang Eder, Gunnar Refsdal, and Kai Budde

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By by Kim Eikefet

After the three first rounds of play, Wolfgang Eder, Gunnar Refsdal and Kai Budde all sat down by table seven to draft again. They three of them were all 2-1 after the first draft and looking for a good deck that could put them in a good position before the Standard portion of the German Nationals. Budde sat in seat two, drafting after Ken Mannert. Refsdal was in seat three, while Eder was drafting from seat four. Boris Engels was in seat five, Mark Henke sat in seat six, Sebastian Marquardt was in seat seven and finally, Tobias Bosselmann drafted from seat eight. The first picks of Eder, Refsdal and Budde are in bold in the following text.

Invasion, pack one

The very first Invasion pack contained a Yawgmoth's Agenda, a Benalish Trapper, a Smoldering Tar, a Pouncing Kavu and a Trench Wurm. Ken Mannert picked the Yawgmoth's Agenda. Kai then picked the Benalish Trapper, clearly stating that he wanted to stay out of black and red. Refsdal chose the Smoldering Tar, signalling that he wanted black and red, while Eder was willing to fight for the red and picked the Pouncing Kavu. Engels then picked the Trench Wurm. None of the picks after the wheel were notable, except from that Refsdal got a Stun that possibly could make it into his deck.

Invasion, pack two

Kai Budde's first pack held another Benalish Trapper, a Goham Djinn, a Phyrexian Slayer and a Tribal Flames. Kai chose to take the Benalish Trapper, going deeper into white. Refsdal followed up by taking a Tribal Flames, graciously giving Eder the Goham Djinn.

Invasion, pack three

Refsdal was definitely not sad when he saw the Blazing Specter that popped out of his first pack. The other picks, which included an Assault/Battery, a Duskwalker and an Armadillo Cloak, were not that interesting anymore, so Refsdal scooped up the Blazing Specter when the judge ordered him to draft. Eder continued drafting black and took the Duskwalker, while the Armadillo Cloak unexpectedly went all the way to Budde. Budde also got a Kavu Climber as the wheel, and suddenly found himself into green and white.

Invasion, pack four

Eder's first pack gave him an Agonizing Demise. The pack also contained a Plague Spores, a Tsabo's Web, a Quirion Elves, a Ravenous Rats and a Kavu Aggressor. Kai got the Quirion Elves, while Gunnar picked the Kavu Aggressor and a Firescreamer as the wheel.

Invasion, pack five

Boris Engels had been picking blue from the start, but when he opened a pack that contained Void, Recover, Tower Drake, Horned Cheetah, Lobotomy, Galina's Knight and Glimmering Angel, he chose to take the Void. The Glimmering Angel went all the way to Kai though. Gunnar picked a Recover, and Eder got an Urborg Phantom and a Vodalian Hypnotist as the wheel, suggesting that he might go into blue and black.

Invasion, pack six

Mark Henke opened a pack that contained a Crimson Acolyte, a Voracious Cobra, a Blind Seer, a Strength of Unity, an Exclude and an Ancient Kavu. Kai picked the Crimson Acolyte, Gunnar got a Viashino Grappler and Eder picked a Phyrexian Reaper. He also got the Cobra as his second pick. Gunnar's second pick was another Stun, while Kai got the Strength of Unity.

Invasion, pack seven

Sebastian Marquardt's pack was very powerful. It contained a Serpentine Kavu, a Duskwalker, an Armadillo Cloak, a Crimson Acolyte and a Rout. The Rout disappeared on the way to Kai, but he could add a second Armadillo Cloak to his deck. Refsdal picked a Phyrexian Reaper, while Eder suggested that he wanted green by taking the Serpentine Kavu.

Invasion, pack eight

Tobias Bosselman's first pack gave him an Angel of Mercy. It also contained an Exotic Curse, a Benalish Lancer and a Pincer Spider, and Kai picked the Pincer Spider. Gunnar then took the Exotic Curse before Eder chose a Phyrexian Battleflies.

After the first eight packs, all the players had fallen into specific colours. The players were drafting the following colours:

  1. Mannert - black, red and blue
  2. Budde - green and white
  3. Refsdal - red and black
  4. Eder - black and green
  5. Engels - blue, red and black
  6. Henke - red and green
  7. Marquardt - blue and black
  8. Bosselman - blue and white

Invasion, pack nine

Bosselman's second pack contained a Soul Burn, a Repulse, a Stormscape Apprentice and a Thornscape Apprentice. He picked the blue apprentice. The Soul Burn went all the way to Eder, while Refsdal took a Firescreamer. Budde picked a Quirion Sentinel, and got an Angelic Shield after the wheel. Refsdal's second pick was an Alloy Golem.

Invasion, pack ten

Marquardt's second pack held a Tower Drake, an Armadillo Cloak, a Glimmering Angel, a Smoldering Tar and a Scorching Lava. The Smoldering Tar went to Eder who then went into black and red just like Refsdal. Refsdal took a Nightscape Apprentice before Budde could add a THIRD Armadillo Cloak to his deck. He also got a Benalish Emissary as the wheel.

Invasion, pack eleven

Henke opened a Lightning Dart, a Scorching Lava, a Glimmering Angel, a Tsabo Tavoc and a Cinder Shade. Eder picked another red spell, the Cinder Shade, while Refsdal took the Scorching Lava. Budde chose speed and went for a Nomadic Elf over the Glimmering Angel.

Invasion, pack twelve

Engels opened a Voracious Cobra, a Probe, a Razorfoot Griffin, a Zap, a Wings of Hope, a Marauding Knight and a Wallop. Eder then chose the Marauding Knight, Refsdal took the Zap and Budde got the Razorfoot Griffin. Budde also got the Wallop after the wheel.

Invasion, pack thirteen

Eder's second pack held a Duskwalker, a Tribal Flames, a Trench Wurm, a Hooded Kavu, a Glimmering Angel and a Wax/Wane. He picked the Tribal Flames, giving Refsdal the Trench Wurm. This time, Kai chose tricks and went for the Wax/Wane over the Glimmering Angel.

Invasion, pack fourteen

Refsdal's second pack was rather weak in his colours. A Sulam Djinn, an Exclude, a Shackles and a Galina's Knight stared back at him from the table, and he took a first pick Ravenous Rats. Kai chose to go for the at that point off-coloured Exclude, touching into blue. Eder picked a Thunderscape Apprentice from the pack.

Invasion, pack fifteen

Budde's second Invasion pack held a Pincer Spider, a Llanowar Knight, a Tribal Flames and a Slinking Serpent. Again, Budde went for speed, and he chose the Llanowar Knight. Neither Eder nor Refsdal got strong picks out of this pack. Eder picked a Devouring Strossus, while Refsdal took a Chromatic Sphere.

Invasion, pack sixteen

Only one player was really happy when the last Invasion pack was bust open - Mannert. While the other people made unhappy sounds, he could pick a card that would go well with his Yawgmoth's Agenda - a Ghitu Fire. The rest of the pack contained an Exclude, a Phyrexian Slayer and a Kavu Climber, but it all disappeared before Eder could pick, and so he took a Treva's Attendant. Refsdal went for an Urborg Skeleton, while Budde got the best deal out of it - he got a Quirion Trailblazer and then a Kavu Climber as the wheel.

Most of the players continued in the colours they had chosen during the second set of cards. Eder, on the other hand, had chosen to go into red even though Refsdal to his right was with red and Engels to his left was splashing red for Void.

  1. Mannert - black, red and blue
  2. Budde - green and white
  3. Refsdal - red and black
  4. Eder - black, red and green
  5. Engels - blue, black and a touch of red
  6. Henke - red and green
  7. Marquardt - blue and black
  8. Bosselman - blue and white

Planeshift , pack one

Budde was quite happy when the first Planeshift pack was opened. The pack contained a Questing Phelddagrif, a Confound, a Strafe and a Thornscape Familiar, and Budde was passed the Questing Phelddagrif. Refsdal took the Strafe while Eder went for the Slingshot Goblin.

Planeshift, pack two

Budde's Planeshift pack wasn't exceptional. It held a Slingshot Goblin, a Pollen Remedy, a Hobble, a Sea Snidd and a Gaea's Might that went into Kai's draft pile. Refsdal chose the Slingshot Goblin, while Eder got a rather weak pick, a Keldon Mantle.

Planeshift, pack three

Refsdal's Planeshift pack contained a March of Souls, a Rushing River, a Fleetfoot Panther, a Cavern Harpy, a Mire Kavu and a Stone Kavu, and Refsdal chose to go for the Mire Kavu. Eder then picked a second Slingshot Goblin while the Fleetfoot Panther went all the way to Budde.

Planeshift, pack four

The first Terminate came in Eder's pack. In addition to the Terminate that Eder picked, the pack held a Thornscape Familiar, a Cavern Harpy, a Confound, a Volcanic Imp and an Alpha Kavu. The Thornscape Familiar ended up with Budde, and Refsdal went for a Singe.

Planeshift, pack five

Pack five of Planeshift held the first Magma Burst of the draft, and Engels, who was already splashing red for Void, picked it over a Terminate. Kai's pick was pretty weak, he took a Steel-Leaf Paladin. Refsdal got a Mogg Jailer while Eder chose a Kavu Recluse and a Terminal Moraine.

Planeshift, pack six

Henke's Planeshift pack held a Thunderscape Familiar, a Sawtooth Loon, a Horned Kavu, a Hobble and a Gainsay. Budde picked the Hobble while Refsdal went for a Phyrexian Bloodstock. Eder got a Singe.

Planeshift, pack seven

A Dromar's Charm, a Volcanic Imp, a Lashknife Barrier, a Silver Drake, a Magma Burst, a Quirion Dryad, a Thornscape Familiar, a Mire Kavu and a Hull Breach stared up at the players when the seventh Planeshift pack was opened. Budde ended up taking the Quirion Dryad, while Refsdal got the Volcanic Imp. Eder picked the Stone Kavu, and he took the Silver Drake on the way back. Refsdal scooped up the Hull Breach, and, unbelievably enough, Budde could add a Samite Pilgrim to his deck as well.

Planeshift, pack eight

The very last pack of the draft contained an Amphibious Kavu, a Gainsay, an Aurora Griffin, a Sunscape Battlemage and a Terminate. Budde got the Sunscape Battlemage while Refsdal picked a Caldera Kavu. Eder then settled for a Darigaaz's Caldera.

"In the third pack, I wheeled Armadillo Cloak and Kavu Climber. That shouldn't happen. I didn't want to touch green at all, but when I got that as an eight pick, I went for it," Kai Budde says after beating Wolfgang Eder in the first round of the draft. Budde figured that he and Bosselman got the best two decks of the table. "I have eight two-casting cost guys and three Cloaks, that is good. But he has Rout, two Hobbles and Angel of Mercy, and the Hobbles are good against me. I'm happy with the deck , and I hope to go 5-1, but 4-2 is good too - I lost in the first round to a four-colour deck," Budde says.

Eder thought that Kai ended up with the best deck of the table. "I think so. Three Cloaks, that's so much," he complains. Eder figured that his own deck was okay, but not really good. "The player to the right of me played the same colours. I knew that, but I had no choice, there were almost no other good colours in the first ten picks or something. In the beginning I was mainly black, then I took a little bit of green, then blue, and then I had to pick red."

Refsdal agreed that Kai had a really good deck. "There was only one guy drafting white and green, so he got all the Cloaks. Too many people took red, so I didn't get as many good cards as I thought I would. There were also a lot of black cards in the first boosters," he explains. Still, he thinks he has an okay deck, and he figures that he will go 4-2 after losing to Kai. "I had hoped for 3-0 in the first draft, I had a really good blue and black deck and lost to topdecking. That's Magic, you always lose some matches to screw or bad luck. But you also win because of that, so it evens out."

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