Draft 3: David Price

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Tony Tsai

The King of Beatdown sits down at his seven person table between Alex Shvartsman and Frederic Courtois. With a 4-2-1 record, he needs a good deck to remain in contention for top 8. Price drafted R/G in both drafts yesterday, and shows a high inclination towards the beatdown.

The first pack goes decently as he starts with a Roar of the Wurm. Price is given several chances to delve into Black, with a Morbid Hunger, Crypt Keeper and Skeletal Scrying, but stays firm in mono Green. He seems to want to force Red, but with only a reckless charge and seeing no other good Red cards from the right it may not be the best of ideas. He also shows how high he values Muscle Burst by taking it over the board controlling Nantuko Disciple.

Roar of the Wurm, Afflict, Elephant Ambush
Nantuko Disciple, Patchwork Gnomes, Chatter of the Squirrel, Krosan Avenger, Twigwalker
Repel, Kirtar's Desire, Rites of Initiation
Muscle Burst, Morbid Hunger, Nantuko Disciple
Reckless Charge, Scrivener, Paradic Firecat, Crypt Keeper
Seton's Desire
Escape Artist, Skeletal Scrying, Timberland Ruins
Krosan Archer, Refresh
Words of Wisdom

The second pack does not offer Price any bomb quality cards, so he settles for another Muscle Burst. At this point, Price doesn't have many creatures, and none that are aggressive (1-2 casting cost), so the Muscle Burst seems like an interesting choice for an aggressive deck. The key color decision point comes in pack 4 where Price must choose between Red and Blue for his second color. Price decides that Reckless Charge, Flameburst, and Lithatog are better than Repel, Escape Artist and Balashan Griffin/ Psionic Gift. Once again the second pack is weak on creatures.

Muscle Burst, Twigwalker, Diligent Farmhand
Elephant Ambush, Anarchist
Flame Burst, Lithatog
Lithatog, Epicenter, Balashan Griffin, Psionic Gift
Blazing Salvo, Moment's Peace, Nimble Mongoose
Moment's Peace, Mossfire Egg
Blazing Salvo, Timberland Ruins, Mossfire Egg, Afflict
Ravaged Highlands
Blazing Salvo

After 2 packs, Price's deck is mediocre as he has a lot of creature enhancement spells but very few low casting cost creatures, staples in a R/G deck. Torment is generally weak for R/G especially if low casting cost creatures are needed, as the majority of Torment picks in R/G will be 4 casting cost. This holds true for Price as he is able to get 1 one casting cost creature and 4 four casting cost creatures. The Llawan that was drafted could also be important as a splash versus Blue Mages.

Basking Rootwalla, Breakthrough, Pardic Lancer
Pardic Arsonist, Anurid Scavanger, Acorn Harvest, Crackling Club, Petravark, Krosan Constrictor
Temporary Insanity
Pertravark, Acorn Harvest, Centaur Veteran
Krosan Contrictor, Cackling Club
Llawan, Cephalid Empress, Circular Logic, Pardic Lancer
Overmaster, Pyromania, Flaming Gambit, Kahmal's Sledge
Parallel Evolution, Accelerate
Krosan Constrictor, Crackling Club
Centaur Veteran, Centaur Veteran

With a 7 person table, Price is will get at least one win with a bye. Unless it happens the first round, however, a bye would not be a good sign for his top 8 hopes. Slow R/G decks generally do not fare well without bombs to back it up. He also lacks Tier 1 Green creatures such as Wild Mongrel, Springing Tiger, Rabid Elephant, Gorilla Titan etc. Price is optimistic though and hopes for at least a 2-2 record for this draft.

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