Draft 3: Object of Affection vs. Cleeman’s Fan Club

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Mark Wraith

The Punisher players in Object of Affection would definitely be in if they won the round, whereas Cleeman's fan club, named after Denmark's Jonas Cleeman also needed results to go their way. Object of Affection are Tomi Walamies, Jens Thoren and Anton Jonsson, the Fan Club are Lasse Nørgaard, Martin Dang, and Jens Balsby. They were the ones to pick first.

The first pack had two stand out cards, Pacifism and Solar Blast. The Danes defied what had seemed to be the usual convention and gave the Blast to the middle and the Pacifism to the left. Most teams had been giving White to their middle seat since it's one of the colors that's strong in each of the three sets.

Tomi got Elvish Warrior, Jens got Grassland Crusader, and Anton took Skittish Valesk, a more usual arrangement of colors. The second pack had another Pacifism and a Goblin Sharpshooter. Initially Jens wanted to take his second Pacifism, but some angry gesturing from Lasse persuaded him to take the Goblin instead. Tomi continued in green with an Elvish Warrior, Jens got the Pacifism, and Anton defended a Battlefield Medic.

As Onslaught continued the teams color-choices became clearer. Lasse Nørgaard started off with only black cards, but when he opened a pack with Wirewood Savage he was happy to take green as his second color, especially since it was good against Tomi's green-black deck. Martin Dang went blue-red, against Jens Thoren's predominantly white deck. Jens Balsby was white-red on the strength of his Sharpshooter, but possibly has a bad color match-up against Anton Jonsson's black-red deck.

In Legions, both the Green-black decks got good cards against each other. Tomi Walamies got a pair of Skinthinners, a Noxious Ghoul and a Caller of the Claw as his highlights. Regardless of this it seems like Lasse has a reasonably large advantage. He picked up two Canopy Crawlers and a Hollow Specter. Since Tomi doesn't have a Gourna, the Hollow Specter is going to cause him problems. At least he has removal to deal with the Canopy Crawler. In addition Lasse has an Anurid Murkdiver, Dirge of Dread, Wirewood Savage, and Venomspout Brackus, each of which is going to cause Tomi problems.

On the other hand, the match-up between Anton Jonsson and Jens Balsby seems to be in the Swede's favor. Jonsson has a fair amount of removal including Slice and Dice, Chain of Plasma, Infest and Skirk Marauder. Jens has a reasonable amount of Soldiers but only a Gempalm Avenger to take advantage of the tribal side. Since they put white on the left hand side the Danes can't be too unhappy not to get Daru Stingers and such as they only had one shot at them. Jonsson has an absolute bomb as well with Form of the Dragon. Jens can't get rid of it and he only has three or four flyers. Jonsson's red-black deck is splashing blue for Rush of Knowledge.

It seems like the middle match between Jens Thoren and Martin Dang will be the closest one and the match that decides it. Jens has a predominantly white deck splashing blue for Pemmin's Aura and Ascending Aven. Martin has a red-blue deck but without some of the key cards that make the color combination so strong. Both players have a Zombie Cutthroat to make blocking decisions more difficult. Jens has a big advantage if he can make a large enough Daru Stinger since Martin has a Shock, Solar Blast and Torrent of Fire as his only removal spells. Jens has a couple of Provoke men to use with his Stinger. Martin has a Lavaborn Muse and a few flyers in his deck, but overall I'd have to say that Jens has the advantage and that Object of Affection will win the match 2-1

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