Draft 4:

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

In a stunning reversal, Peter Szigeti has been getting attention this weekend because he's earning it. He rattled off seven wins in a row and sat down at table two Saturday afternoon to draft with Top 8 on the line. Not only has he been playing well, but he's also been relatively well behaved. Having fully established himself as Magic's new bad boy he no longer seems compelled to be quite as loud or obnoxious. He still seems just as glib as ever, though, telling everyone "I'm winning the Fantasy Pro Tour too – I've got Ed Fear and Gary T. [both drafting on table 1] ... cost me one point. Huh-ha!"

Pack number one had some goodies: Gorilla Titan, Flame Burst, Muscle Burst, and Repel. He took the fatty, even though there was another good green card in the pack. His second pack was awful ... Shvartsman had first picked a Dirty Wererat and Szigeti wound up with a second pick Millikin. The third pack had Aether Burst, Firebolt, Springing Tiger, and Hallowed Healer. Szigeti took the Firebolt. That Springing Tiger went next, which came back to haunt him in the second set of packs. The fourth pack had Nantuko Disciple, Krosan Avenger, Muscle Burst, and Shelter. Szigeti seemed happy that green was flowing through to him, but he once again had to pass a good green card to Artem Kozachuk. The rest of pack one included Pardic Firecat, Barbarian Lunatic, Thermal Blast, and Anarchist so switching into red for that Firebolt worked out in the obvious way.

Szigeti himself summed up the second Odyssey pack pretty well, saying "I got the deep *#@!ing." He got stuck with Chatter of the Squirrel (over Nut Collector) from his first pack and then he did get passed an Elephant Ambush second, but that was it for green – the next best green cards he even got to look at were Refresh and Rites of Spring. There wasn't much red either – just a Liquid Fire and, later, a Demoralize. He did take a third pick Ghastly Demise in case black somehow started to come to him, but when he reviewed his deck between packs he can't have been happy. His red-green deck had just six real creatures, but made up for it by having mediocre spells too. He pretty much had to hope that the packs on the other side of the table were as bad as the ones that were passed to him. It wasn't clear how much of his terrible deck was his own fault. The one color he could have gone into would have been white (Divine Sacrament and a bunch of good white creatures flowed through him in Odyssey), but he didn't even seem to consider white because he had gone just 1-2-1 as one of the two white mages on his first table.

He did pick up some creatures in Torment, but no real winners. His first pick was a Sickening Dreams that he wound up splashing along with his Demise. He then drafted (in order) Basking Rootwalla, Petravark, Nantuko Blightcutter, Krosan Constrictor, Barbarian Outcast, Centaur Veteran, and a pair of Longhorn Firebeasts. All in all, I don't like his chances at making the Top 8, but I still expect him to leave France feeling good about making his first Pro Tour Day 2 and winning money for the first time.

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