Draft 4: Alan Comer

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Ben Ronaldson

Alan sat down at table three knowing he had to go 3-0 to make top 8. Unlike some of his Godzilla teammates he was not actively forcing white this Pro Tour, but the opening booster really made him think hard.

The table:

Bill Stead
  Alan Comer Gabriel Nassif  
Louis Boileau   Anton Jonsson
  Wolfgang Eder Tomas Rosholm  
Nicolai Herzog

Set 1 (Actual picks boldfaced).

Booster 1: Hallowed Healer, Standstill, Roar of the Wurm, Wild Mongrel, Master Apothecary, Aven Archer.

"Master Apothecary is one of the few cards that will push me into white. It makes so many other bad white cards playable."

Booster 2: Chlorophant, Mystic Visionary, Chanflinger, Aven Windreader, Dreamwinder.

Booster 3: Aven Flock, Mirari (spent a while thinking about this one), Centaur Garden, Ember Beast, Liquid Fire, Werebear.

Booster 4: Deluge, Angelic Wall, Nibbler, Mystic Zealot.

Booster 5: Peek, Psionic Gift

Booster 6: Phantom Whelp, Auramancer.

Booster 7: Pilgrim Of Virtue

Booster 8: Pilgrim of Virtue

Booster 9: Standstill, Phantom Whelp, Auramancer, Aven Archer.

Alan also managed to pick up a Mystic Visionary before the cards ran dry in set 1.

I imagine Alan was feeling reasonably confident at this stage as he had picked up that 9th pick Aven Archer, and had certainly established himself as the white mage.

Red/Blue, Black/Green, Alan (blue/white), Blue/Black, Green/Red. These were the colours of the players sitting around Alan. Not a white mage in sight, whilst blue his position on blue was not great, but was not awful.

During the review period after the first set of boosters Wolfgang Eder received a match loss for looking at Nicolai's cards repeatedly.

Set 2

Booster 1: Braids, Cephlaid Looter, Nomad Decoy, Shelter, Barbarian Lunatic, Psionic Gift. (Alan was hoping that the Shelter might make it round to him 9th pick.)

Booster 2: Kirtar's Desire, Embolden.

Booster 3: Hallowed Healer, Firebolt.

Booster 4: Aven Flock, Lieutenant Kirtar.

Booster 5: Angelic Wall, Mystic Crusader, Phantom Whelp.

Booster 6: Aven Cloudchaser, Tattoo Ward.

Booster 7: Angelic Wall, Testament of Faith.

Booster 8: Extract, Abandoned Outpost.

Booster 9: Angelic Wall, Soulcatcher.

Booster 10: Seafloor Debris.

There was nothing else of much relevance left in the remaining packs.

Set 3 – Torment.

Booster 1: Deep Analysis, Militant Monk, Strength of Isolation, Liquify, Circular Logic. He explained later that he thought that Deep Analysis was left quite late normally and he thought he might pick one up from the other packs.

Booster 2: Strength of Isolation, Faceless Butcher, Fiery Temper. Later he told me that he just did not want to have to face the Butcher as he did not have a Shelter or anything like that. This was pretty much the first pick that I might have made differently - as he had a Looter and very little removal I might have taken the Fiery Temper. He replied that he was not intending to splash a third colour in his deck due to the Apothecary – the sac. lands were to achieve threshold.

Booster 3: Mystic Familiar, Aquamoeba, Teroh's Faithful, Liquify.

Booster 4: Fiery Temper, Churning Eddy. For a long time he thought he was going to take the Eddy, but took the Temper in the end.

Booster 5: Floating Shield.

Booster 6: Ghostly Wings.

Booster 7: Spirit Flare over Coral Net.

Booster 8: Liquify.

Booster 9: Circular Logic.

Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing left of value to Alan. This last set of boosters had been utterly savage to him and changed what looked like a 3-0 or 2-1 deck into one that might go as low as 1-2.

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