Draft 4 Feature: B.I.G. vs. Outland

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Sideboard Staff

Tsang opens the first pack. He takes a Thermal Glider, and Frayman takes Trap Runner. This is somewhat strange, as the first two picks are in the same color for the teammates. Jocumsen takes a Lunge, Herzog takes Highway Robbers and Nitter picks Muzzle. Team Outland made sure to not give Lunge to Herzog, whose opponent (Tsang) already had a Thermal Glider. Hacker is able to wheel a Corrupt Official and Wall of Distortion.

The second pack is filled with bombs, and Frayman takes a huge one in Thrashing Wumpus. This is bad news for Outland, but the other cards flesh out the beginnings of their deck well. Jocumsen takes Shock Troops to couple with his Lunge, Herzog picks up Sever Soul and Nitter gets a Thermal Glider. BIG manages to wheel incredibly, with Hacker picking up Lunge and Chambered Nautilus. Tsang picks Afterlife and Ramosian Sergeant, which is a great start for a Rebel deck considering it is only the second pack.

The next pack gives Jocumsen his second Shock Troops, and Herzog picks up a Waterfront Bouncer. This leans him heavily towards blue as his second color. BIG picks up some solid cards, with Frayman getting a Vendetta.

The turning point of the draft happens in Herzog's pack. He opens Volcanic Winds and Forced March, among other great cards. Herzog takes the March, and Nitter grabs Volcanic Winds, which locks him into red. Even though Team Outland managed to get two mass removal spells in the pack, BIG gets some decent picks. Hacker drafts Blockade Runner, Tsang picks an Undertaker, and Frayman gets Maggot Therapy.

At this point Frayman is black, with a good number of removal spells and Wumpus, and Hacker is locked into Red/Blue. He first picks a Battle Rampart, showing he is looking to draft a tempo control deck. Tsang has the beginning of a good Rebel base, but no second color. This is fixed in the next pack, where Tsang picks up Silverglade Elemental, and Frayman gets yet another black removal spell in Snuff Out. The first pack of Nemesis is open, giving Hacker an Arc Mage. This card is always good, but incredible in his type of deck. Nitter takes Seal of Fire, Herzog gets Wandering Eye and Jocumsen picks up Flowstone Crusher. Frayman wheels a Rathi Intimidator and Sivvi's Ruse, and Tsang gets a Treetop Bracers and Reverent Silence, locking him into green.

Nitter opens and gets his second Seal of Fire, Herzog picks Rathi Fiend and Jocumsen drafts Belbe's Armor. Frayman wheels strong, picking up Belbe's Percher and a Vicious Hunger. Tsang also drafts an Avenger en-Dal. Herzog then opens the next pack, which gives him a gift in Massacre. This will be incredibly strong against the Rebel deck Tsang has been drafting. Going back around to BIG, Frayman gets another Percher and Tsang drafts Lightbringer, which will be great against Herzog's heavy black deck.

Jocumsen opens a pack filled with incredible cards and takes a Rupture. BIG gets the next three picks, which gives Frayman a second Intimidator, Tsang a Defiant Falcon and Hacker an Ensnare, which is amazing in his deck. BIG now opens a Nemesis pack in which they will get the first three picks. Frayman first picks a Rathi Fiend, which raises his Mercenary curve. Tsang picks a Blastoderm over another Defiant Falcon, perhaps noting the Massacre Herzog has. Hacker then takes a Flowstone Thopter. Nitter wheels a Topple and Defiant Falcon, locking him into white for a second color. Jocumsen also picks up a monster in Laccolith Titan.

Tsang opens his Nemesis pack, and is presented with a tough decision. He can either take a Lightbringer, Defiant Falcon or counterdraft a Battlefield Percher. Hacker could also counterdraft the Percher, although he is likely to take Seal of Fire. Tsang decides on the Bringer, and Hacker takes the Seal. This leaves Herzog to take the Percher, although Tsang has the Bringers to handle it. Nitter picks up the Defiant Falcon, solidifying his white.

The first Prophecy pack is opened and Frayman takes a Spiketail Drake, therefore choosing Blue as his second color. Jocumsen takes a Zerapa Minotaur, and Herzog gets a Withdraw. A Thresher Beast manages to find its way around the table to Tsang. Frayman opens the second pack, and takes a first pick Troubled Healer. This is likely to be a counterdraft, although it is not too late for Frayman to start drafting white. He could even splash white for the Healer, which is one of the most desired cards for limited in this block, regardless of rarity. Jocumsen takes a Squirrel Wrangler, Herzog gets Pit Raptor and a Thresher Beast goes to Nitter. A Reveille Squad finds its way to Tsang, and a Death Charmer is counterdrafted.

Jocumsen opens a bomb in Alexi, Zephyr Mage. He takes a Rib Cage Spider for his deck, and Herzog takes the game shifting Alexi. Nitter takes the solid Silt Crawler, which allows Hacker to get a Spiketail Drake. Tsang wheels Diving Griffin, and counterdrafts a Stormwatch Eagle, as Hacker will wheel a Ribbon Snake. Frayman gets two picks, and takes Steal Strength and Greel's Caress.

Herzog opens the next pack, which gives him a Coastal Hornclaw. Nitter drafts next, taking a Troubled Healer. Hacker takes a Fault Riders, Tsang gets a second Reveille Squad, and Frayman takes his second Steal Strength. Jocumsen gets a strong wheel in Thrive and Keldon Berserker.

Nitter now opens an incredible pack, taking a Copper Leaf Angel first. BIG gets the next three picks, and pulls some great cards. Hacker gets Scoria Cat, Tsang takes Spitting Spider and Frayman drafts Trenching Steed. Jocumsen gets a Rhystic Lightning as the draft comes around, and Herzog picks up his second Withdraw.

Hacker opens his Prophecy pack, which contains Withdraw and Avatar of Fury among others. Hacker signals that he wants the Withdraw, and Tsang signals towards the Avatar. Frayman signals towards the Withdraw, which Hacker finally takes. Tsang drafts Living Terrain, and Frayman drafts the Agent of Shauku his deck was practically begging for. This leaves Jocumsen to take the Avatar of Fury. Herzog wheels a Drake Hatchling and Rhystic Scrying, and Jocumsen gets a Keldon Berserker.

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