Draft 4 Feature: Your Move Games vs. Car Acrobatic Team

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Kim Eikefet and Dave Meeson

Team Your Move Games from Boston is the reigning Team Pro Tour champion, with Duelist Invitational champion Darwin Kastle, Rob Dougherty, and Dave Humpherys. Car Acrobatic Team is made up of Pro Tour veterans Aaron Forsythe, Andrew Cuneo, and Andrew Johnson.

The Car Acrobatic Team won the coin toss, and elected to open first. Aaron Forsythe opened his pack and took the Two-Headed Dragon, cementing himself in Red, and Andrew Cuneo took a Waterfront Bouncer, starting himself in Blue. Darwin Kastle looked to want to draft black, taking the only black creature in the pack, a Deepwood Legate. Rob Dougherty took a Giant Caterpiller and a Spidersilk Armor, setting himself up to take Green, and Dave Humpherys took a Drake Hatchling. Andrew Johnson took the best card left, a Wild Jhovall.

In the second pack, Cuneo took Snuff Out to set himself up as blue/black. Darwin took a Snorting Gahr, seemingly conflicting with the green picks by Rob in the first pack. Johnson also continues to pick up red over Aaron, taking a Battle Rampart and leaving a Deepwood Drummer for Aaron. The third pack had Darwin taking a first-pick Rappelling Scouts and Rob taking a Muzzle, again splitting the colors. Humpherys took Highway Robber to start black, and continued with the black, taking Cateran Brutes from both packs four and five and an Alley Grifters in pack six. Andrew Johnson continued to split the red with Aaron, taking a Kris Mage and opening a Volcanic Winds in the final Masques pack, passing a Cinder Elemental to Aaron.

After the Masques packs, Andrew Johnson definitely was playing red with the Winds, but still needed a second color to work in. Aaron Forsythe was set up well in red/green, having taken a Squallmonger to add to his collection. Andrew Cuneo was solidly blue/black, taking two Gushes early in packs five and six, as well as a Sapprazan Outrigger. Darwin Kastle was green/white, picking up two Silverglade Elementals and a Steadfast Guard. Rob Dougherty was green/red, getting passed two Vine Trellises after Darwin's Elementals, as well as a Gerrard's Irregulars and a Kris Mage. Dave Humpherys was expanding his black Mercenary base, backing it up with blue.

Andrew Johnson opened the first pack of Nemesis and took a first-pick Lawbringer. Humpherys took removal in Vicious Hunger, and Darwin and Rob split the green again, with Rob taking Woodripper and Darwin taking Seal of Strength. Rob opened the third pack and hate-drafted an Ensnare away from Cuneo, and passed Lin-Sivvi to Darwin. This left a Defiant Falcon for Andrew Johnson, who drafted it and three more Lawbringers in packs four through six. Darwin opened a Dominate, but passed it to Cuneo to take a Topple. Humpherys continued to pick up solid blue and black creatures, with a Rootwater Commando in pack four, a Rathi Fiend in pack five, and a Battlefield Percher in pack six. Both Rob and Darwin picked up Stampede Drivers, and Darwin picked up a Blastoderm to add to his already-impressive army. Aaron opened a bomb with the first Prophecy pack. He took a Troubled Healer and passed Avatar of Woe to Andrew Cuneo, who then opened up an Alexi, Zephyr Mage for his blue/black deck. Rob added to his green/red creature base with Thresher Beast and Fault Riders. Dave continued to build a well-curved blue/black weenie deck, adding two Fen Stalkers, two Stormwatch Eagles, and a Windscouter. Andrew Johnson added two Diving Griffins and a Trenching Steed, and split two Rhystic Lightnings with Aaron.

Aaron Forsythe will probably splash white for the Troubled Healer, and will take his red/green/white deck up against Rob Dougherty's red/green deck. Forsythe has the edge due to the Healer and the Two-Headed Dragon. Darwin Kastle will put his green/white Rebel deck up against Andrew Johnson's red/white deck, and Darwin will use Lin-Sivvi to win the match despite missing all four Lawbringers. Andrew Cuneo's unbelievable black/blue deck (which also contains an Avatar of Will) will go up against Dave Humperys black/blue Mercenary engine, and will be the deciding match of the series. If Dave can build enough speed before Andrew can get out his big guns, he might be able to pull it out.

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