Draft 4: Kai Budde and Kyle Rose

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By Toby Wachter

The first pack, which would set the tone for the draft included Plague Spores, Probe, Zap, Kavu Runner and Serpentine Kavu. The first three picks were Serpentine Kavu, Plague Spores and Probe. Already, we see that two neighboring drafters are sharing Black. Rose took Kavu Runner, which was followed by Tek being drafted. Analyzing the remaining options, Budde picked Zap.

In the second pack, Tribal Flames and Duskwalker were picked consecutively, cementing those players in Black/Red and Black/Blue. Rose picked Charging Troll, signaling that he intends to draft Green/White/Red. The player between Rose and Budde took Glimmering Angel, and Budde picked Shivan Zombie, cementing his spot as a Black/Red drafter. Things became strange when the player to Rose's right opened Pyre Zombies, and took it. This changed his deck from Black/Blue to Black/Blue/Red. This meant that out of the four players to Budde's right, three were drafting Red. This would prove to be detrimental later. Rose picked up a Thornscape Apprentice, and Budde happily took a 5th pick Plague Spores.

Rose opened a pack heavy in great Blue spells, such as Recoil and Exclude. Rose decided to 1st pick Obsidian Acolyte, and Budde stayed on target with his second Shivan Zombie. The colors being drafted at the table became painfully obvious when Shackles and Elvish Champion were left, with five cards remaining. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Elvish Champion was actually picked 15th!

The next pack was opened, with Budde receiving the second pick. The player to his right was firmly cemented into Blue/White, but 1st picked Annihilate. This changed his deck to Blue/White/Black, and brought the number of Black drafters at the table up to five. Budde's second pick was a no-brainer, as he took Darigaaz, the Igniter, switching to Black/Red with a splash of Green. Rose had the last pick in the draft, and wheeled Rage Weaver and Orim's Cure.

Budde now had his opportunity to draft first, and opened a pack that was great for everyone else. Probe, Treva, the Renewer and Angel of Mercy were all present, and Budde picked Shivan Zombie. Rose had some great late picks, getting Serpentine Kavu and Prison Barricade. In the next pack, Rose got a 6th pick Crimson Acolyte, and Budde wheeled Quirion Elves and Hunting Kavu, going deeper into Green. Rose continued to get great late picks with a Wax/Wane, and Budde picked up Phyrexian Battleflies and Might Weaver. The player to Rose's right hate drafted Quirion Elves.

Budde continued to go deeper into Green with an Explosive Growth. It was clear that Budde was not happy with taking Green cards, but with five Black drafters and four Red drafters, the packs were not yielding what he needed to draft a solid Black/Red deck. Rose took a Yavimaya Barbarian, and a late Teferi's Response, which may prove to be good against the multiple Plague Spores at the table if Rose wants to splash Blue. Budde got a solid pick with Soul Burn in the next pack, and Rose took another Serpentine Kavu. Budde opened the next pack and took a bomb in Skizzik, while Rose took Pincer Spider. When the draft came back to Rose, he was able to take a 14th pick Treefolk Healer.

In the following pack, Rose had the second pick and took yet another Serpentine Kavu. Budde wheeled a Mage's Contest, and counterdrafted a Galina's Knight. Rose opened the next pack, which was filled with some amazing cards. Rose's choices included Armadillo Cloak, Sunscape Master and Fact or Fiction, which would require a stretch into four colors. He chose the Cloak over the Master, and Budde took a Phyrexian Battleflies.

Budde looked at the next pack, and shook his head with a frustrated look on his face. It was filled with cards which were not in his colors, and he had to settle for Maniacal Rage. Rose wheeled a Sunscape Apprentice, and Teferi's Care. Crosis, the Purger was opened in the next pack, bringing the number of Dragons at the table up to three. Budde simply stared as all the good Black and Red cards were taken, and settled for a Rogue Kavu. Rose took a Llanowar Knight, and a Capashen Unicorn.

For the third pack in a row, Budde was left with few options as there were only one or two good cards in his colors, and they were taken by the time the pack got to him. He took a Cursed Flesh, and Rose picked up his second Llanowar Knight. With the direction of packs reversing, Rose picked up another solid creature in Kavu Aggressor. It was more of the same for Budde, as he took an unimpressive Ravenous Rats. Rose continued to build the ideal Green/White based deck with another Thornscape Apprentice, while Budde took Recover over Alloy Golem, and wheeled Cursed Flesh.

The next pack was filled with quite a few great cards. Power Armor, Agonizing Demise, Razorfoot Griffin, Recoil and Zap were all present, and Rose took the Griffin. Budde followed up with his second Zap. Rose opened the next pack, which contained Armadillo Cloak, Power Armor, Repulse Pouncing Kavu, Stormscape Master and Probe. Rose first picked his second Cloak, while Budde drafted Pouncing Kavu. The next pack was a hard decision for Budde, as he had a decision between either Pouncing Kavu or Plague Spores. Surprisingly, he took the Kavu. Rose had some solid picks as the pack came around, picking up Aggressive Urge and Fertile Ground.

Budde opened the next pack, and received a gift in Agonizing Demise. Rose picked up Quirion Elves and Stun. As the packs ended, Rose drafted another Sunscape Apprentice, and Budde picked up an Urborg Phantom and his second Mage's Contest. In the last pack Rose took a Viashino Grappler and Seashell Cameo, and Budde drafted another Pouncing Kavu and Phyrexian Battleflies.

If you were watching this draft, the look on Kai Budde's face would tell the story. He signaled towards Black/Red very early and the packs caused those colors to be heavily drafted. Additionally, the packs simply didn't work in his favor. In three straight packs where Budde had early picks, he was forced to take cards that normally go 7th-10th. His deck turned out to be decent in the end, but could have been better if the packs had cooperated with him.

To compare, Kyle Rose signaled Green/White/Red very early, with his Charging Troll serving the purpose of a very loud signal. While the three players to his right all fought over Black, Blue and Red, he was able to clean up and get some very solid picks. Players tend to overlap in their colors in Invasion draft, and Rose was able to take full advantage of the situation. His first match is against Budde, and he clearly has the matchup advantage due to Llanowar Knights, Acolytes in both colors and Armadillo Cloaks. If a Cloak is played on a Llanowar Knight, Budde has almost no chance to win. Budde will need well-timed Zaps to take down Rose's Apprentices, and a fast start to overwhelm Rose before his fat creatures come out.

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