Draft 4: Table 2

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1 Noah Weil
2 Jeff Fung
3 Franck Canu
4 Eric Froehlich
5 Federico Dato
6 Tommi Hovi
7 Justin Polin
8 Nicolai Herzog

The math is simple for the competitors at Table 3 - Win 'em all and you're in the Top 8, anything less and you're out.

Pack 1:
NW - Squirrel Nest
JF - Mystic Zealot
FC - Morbid Hunger
EF - Rabid Elephant
FD - Gravedigger
TH - Muscle Burst/Nimble Mongoose
JP - Aura Graft/Seafloor Debris
NH - Pardic Firecat/Last Rites

Pack 2:
JF - Mystic Enforcer
FC - Aven Fisher
EF - Flame Burst
FD - Diligent Farmhand (a mistake, as Froehlich to his right and Hovi to his left were both Green)
TH - Krosan Avenger
JP - Deluge
NH - Mad Dog
NW - Steamclaw/Timberland Ruins

Pack 3:
FC - Werebear (Yes, Franck Canu actually followed up Morbid Hunger and Aven Fisher with Werebear. This set the stage for what I can only guess will be a 3-color special with Sealed Deck mana.)
EF - Springing Tiger
FD - Shelter
TH - Dirty Wererat/Morgue Theft. Tommi attempts to make Black his second color downstream from Dato's Gravedigger.
JP - Gallantry
NH - Crypt Creeper/Zombify
NW - Blazing Salvo

Pack 4:
EF - Overrun
FD - Aether Burst. Dato wisely abandons the Farmhand from Pack 2.
TH - Nantuko Disciple
JP - Cephalid Scout
NH - Frightcrawler
NW - Anarchist. Weil seems to want Red as his second color, despite Herzog to his right.
JF - Embolden/Angelic Wall
FC - Infected Vermin/Whispering Shade

Pack 5:
FD - Ghastly Demise
TH - Nantuko Disciple
JP - Nomad Decoy
NH - Springing Tiger (Herzog takes his first Green card over Innocent Blood; it would be his only green card)
NW - Syncopate (Weil is starting to think Blue, though in fairness the pack had no Red)
JF - Shelter

Pack 6 featured little of note other than Canu's questionable choice of Famished Ghoul over the highly underrated Sadistic Hypnotist, while Pack 7 saw Fung choose Mystic Visionary over Kirtar's Desire (signaling an aggressive U/W strategy) and Canu sinking further into 3-color with Chatter of the Squirrel. The last of the first set of packs gave Noah Weil a 2nd pick Cephalid Retainer, solidifying his abandonment of Red in favor of heavy Blue.

As the draft direction switched, Nicolai Herzog opened his second consecutive Ghastly Demise, while Justin Polin got Iridescent Angel, one of the best possible win conditions for slow Blue/White. Franck Canu took 6th pick Careful Study over Still Life, signaling he hadn't abandoned Blue and was still thinking 3-color. The next pack gave Polin a Broken Broker, Hovi a Thermal Blast (he would abandon Black entirely in favor of Red), and Dato a Looter. Franck Canu got a much-needed Darkwater Egg but had to pass a Dreamwinder to get it.

The third set of packs is where things got crazy. In four consecutive packs, rare bombs were opened. Jeff Fung scored an Aboshan, Canu snagged a Mortivore, Froehlich busted a Kamahl, and Hovi opened a Kirtar's Wrath that he shipped to Polin.

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