Draft Analysis – Scott Wills

Posted in Event Coverage on May 1, 2003

By Mark Wraith

Scott, who has made two Worlds teams in the past, found himself in pod 2 going into the last draft of day two. With a record of 6-1-2 for a total of 19 points, he had to get at least two wins and a draw to make it into the top eight for a fourth time.

The draft pod was as follows:

  1. Kevin O’Connor
  2. Martyn Cooper
  3. Scott Wills
  4. Mark Glenister
  5. Oliver Schneider
  6. Nick Clark
  7. Neil Rigby
  8. Steve Barltrop

Kevin O’Connor opened the first pack, a fairly weak affair with only three or four reasonably good cards. Kevin took the Barkhide Mauler, and Martyn took Battlefield Medic. This immediately caused Scott some problems, as like many of the top players here this weekend he has a preference for drafting Clerics. Wills took a Gluttonous Zombie, explaining afterwards that since Martyn is likely to want to go black as his second color with a Medic, he might be able to push Cooper off his Cleric without starting an open fight.

The fight wasn’t avoided for long though, as Martyn opened his booster, and took Swat over another Medic. Although this immediately sets up a clash there wasn’t much wrong with the pick since he wants to go black and by showing strength he might persuade Scott to give it up. Wills was happy to compete for colors with the person to his right and took the Medic.

Scott had another difficult decision to make in his pack. He opened Daunting Defender and Shared Triumph and took neither. With a black-white drafter to his right he decided to take the Shock as there wasn’t a red player for a couple of seats in either direction (Mark Glenister had only green cards at that point)

The Shock didn’t turn out to work very well as Mark Glenister opened a decidedly weak pack and took a Sparksmith. Scott got to wheel a Shieldmage Elder. At this point the table was very white heavy, with five people showing some interest in a color that traditionally can only support three. At this point, Scott was pretty much set in his colors. He was in a straight fight with Martyn to his right for black-white, but was hoping that Cooper’s inexperience would cause him to take the wrong cards and still pass Scott a good deck.

Indeed, in pack 8, Martyn took an Ironfist Crusher over a Battlefield Medic. There was a fair number of shifty picks around the table such as Boneknitter over Swat. All chaos broke out in pack 10, as a booster is opened with 10 red cards in it – 7 commons, 2 uncommons and the rare. The players who weren’t playing red complained to the head judge that the pack wasn’t possible and the booster is changed – much to the chagrin of Mark Glenister who was about to get his choice of Shock or Solar Blast. Luckily for all concerned the new pack contained a Dragon Roost and noone missed out.

Scott took a Daunting Defender over Pacifism in the 12th pack, and is then forced to pass another Pacifism to Martyn as he opened the ‘nut-high’ Rotlung Reanimator. Martyn opens in pack 13, taking Daru Lancer. I personally still wasn’t sure if Cooper was attempting to draft Clerics, Soldiers, or some sort of generic Black-White deck, but in any case Scott Wills got a very nice wheel of Battlefield Medic and Profane Prayers.

In Legions, Martyn is again passing to Scott. Scott gets quite a nice selection of cards to round out a solid looking Cleric deck, although this time it wasn’t because Martyn did anything wrong. His only questionable pick was taking a Daru Sanctifier over a Vile Deacon which Scott was happy to take. He also gets an Akroma’s Devoted and Defender of the Order. In the end Scott ended with a more than satisfactory deck which was more than capable of giving him the two wins he needed to make top 8.

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