Draft Report:

Posted in Event Coverage on January 16, 2004

By Paul Sottosanti

TableSix's draft order went a little something like this;

1 Nicolai Herzog [NOR]
2 Christophe Haim [FRA]
3 Osamu Fujita [JPN]
4 Pab Galache Fernandez [ESP]
5 David Brucker [DEU]
6 Mark Zadjner [CAN]
7 Jose Pabon [USA]
8 Marc Le Campion [ESP]

Herzog kicked off the draft with a pack containing the following playable cards: Goblin Dirigible, Domineer, Annul, Goblin Replica, Skeleton Shard, Blinding Beam, Copper Myr, Viridian Longbow, and Seat of the Synod. He chose the shard and Christophe selected the powerful Domineer. Fujita, to Haim's left, strangely chose the Longbow over all of the colored cards. On Herzog's right, Le Campion took Goblin Dirigible and then Power Conduit, signaling that he wasn't interested in Blue as he left both Seat and Annul on the table.

Christophe first picked Fangren Hunter and showed his intent to go Green/Blue. Herzog wheeled Disciple of the Vault and Wall of Blood. To his right, Le Campion seemed unsure of each and every pick, but at least was staying out of Black.

Out of Osamu's pack, Herzog picked up a Talisman and a second Disciple of the Vault, both staples of an affinity based deck. .Haim received only a Battlegrowth.

Oblivion Stone

Fernandez opened a pack with both Oblivion Stone and Icy Manipulator, which went in the obvious order. Zadjner took a Fangren Hunter, seemingly ignoring the fact that Brucker was already Green directly in front of him. Herzog picked up a Pewter Golem and a Welding Jar.

Out of Brucker's pack Herzog got Rustspore Ram and Haim picked up a Talisman and a Wurmskin Forger. Le Campion seemed to have decided on Red as one of his colors, but it didn't seem like he had chosen another and Herzog was in no hurry to commit either.

Zadjner opened and took another Fangren Hunter, which prompted raised eyebrows from Brucker, who had just first picked Plated Slagwurm. Nicolai then took Vulshok Berserker after Le Campion selected Serum Tank in front of him, signaling a possible fight for Red. Haim picked up a Cobalt Golem.

Out of Pabon's pack Warhammer of course went first. Le Campion stayed mono-Red with Lodestone Myr, giving Terror to Nicolai and Deconstruct to Haim. Brucker then wheeled Blinding Beam, which was either a hate draft a signal that he was looking to move into White.

Le Campion, in seat eight, opened and took Shatter. Herzog grabbed a Bonesplitter and Haim received his second Domineer (over Somber Hoverguard).

At the end of the first round of packs, the color distribution looked something like this:

1 Nicolai Herzog - B
2 Christophe Haim - G/U
3 Osamu Fujita - B/R
4 Pab Galache Fernandez - W/U
5 David Brucker - G/w
6 Mark Zadjner - G
7 Jose Pabon - U/W/r
8 Marc Le Campion - R

Marc took Crystal Shard out of his second pack and Pabon was happy to receive a Clockwork Dragon. Herzog received a gift in the form of eighth pick Irradiate along with a perfect counterpart of Great Furnace. Haim, on the other hand, seemed to be in trouble, as he was consistently getting nothing out of his late picks.

Platinum Angel

Pabon took Domineer over Quicksilver Elemental, leaving Zadjner to scoop up Deconstruct in front of a frustrated Brucker. Haim finally got a reprieve in the form of the sixth pick Quicksilver Elemental, while Herzog only got an off-color artifact land. Le Campion started showing thoughts towards Green with Turn to Dust and Tel-Jilad Exile.

Zadjner was forced to first pick a Myr out of his pack, while Haim got Cobalt Golem and Nicolai received a Bottle Gnomes to go with his Skeleton Shard.

Brucker opened yet another Fangren Hunter and took it without much hesitation. Haim was stuck with Clockwork Vorrac. Nicolai hesitated between Krark-Clan Grunt and Myr Retreiver, but finally took the Grunt while looking rather agitated.

Platinum Angel was taken by Fernandez from an otherwise uninspiring pack. Haim picked up Tel-Jilad Archers and Herzog got only a Copper Myr with his fourth pick.

Osamu was happy to receive a Shatter, and Haim picked up yet another Domineer. With this being his third, it was now at the point where his opponents might sideboard out as many artifact creatures as possible. Still, his only other choice was Wizard Replica, so the pick made sense.

Haim opened Broodstar and takes a quick look through his pile. The other options were Deconstruct, Bonesplitter, Tel-Jilad Exile and Somber Hoverguard. He doesn't see enough artifacts and ended up taking the Deconstruct. Nicolai was happy to take his second Bonesplitter, and Le Campion selected the Broodstar, finally cementing himself in Blue. At this point he was probably regretting not taking the Seat of the Synod earlier.

Herzog's pack presented him with the options of Pyrite Spellbomb, Leaden Myr, Vault of Whispers, Duskworker, or Nim Replica. He took the fiery potion and Haim received a Turn to Dust to finish things up for the second round.

Interestingly, not a single Spikeshot Goblin had been opened yet.

1 Nicolai Herzog - B/r
2 Christophe Haim - G/U
3 Osamu Fujita - B/R
4 Pab Galache Fernandez - W/U
5 David Brucker - G/w
6 Mark Zadjner - G
7 Jose Pabon - W/U/r
8 Marc Le Campion - R/U


Herzog quickly remedied that by busting one open in his third pack. He also opened a gift for Haim in the form of Viridian Shaman. Osamu seems happy to receive Granite Shard and Zadjner picked up an Elf Replica while staring pointedly at Haim and his three Domineers.

Haim had the choice between Neurok Spy and Predator's Strike and selected the blue card. Brucker surprisingly took Clockwork Condor over the Predator's Strike so it landed in the hands of Zadjner. Herzog wheeled Great Furnace and Moriok Scavenger.

Osamu looked unhappy with his pack and made an unorthodox pick of Granite Shard over Bonesplitter. Fernandez, of course, couldn't be happier as the equipment fits right into his White deck. Zadjner then took Somber Hoverguard and seems to be thinking about adding blue to his deck.

Out of Fernandez's pack Herzog has the choice of Nim Shrieker or Irradiate and quickly selected the Shrieker as it's an important part of Black-based affinity decks. Haim's bad luck continued as he only finds another Talisman.

Brucker opened a boatload of White and Black cards, but stuck to his guns and took a Tel-Jilad Chosen. Promise of Power makes its way into Herzog's deck fifth, while Haim again only gets a mediocre card. Osamu selected Woebearer, hoping to wheel Consume Spirit off of Pab. It worked and he gets it back ninth.

Zadjner made a rude gesture or two towards his final pack after he saw the contents. He took Neurok Spy. Herzog takes Irradiate over the powerful but situational Barter in Blood, perhaps thinking of his two Disciples. Osamu then took Vulshok Berserker over it. With Fernandez and Brucker both respectfully leaving it alone, Osamu finally takes it tenth. Insanity

Speaking of insanity, Pabon's pack included Crystal Shard, Pentavus, and Spikeshot Goblin. He took the consistently ridiculous Shard. Marc thought as long as he could but finally took Pentavus and Herzog happily kept his monopoly on Spikeshot Goblins. Haim got a Tel-Jilad Chosen. Osamu is rewarded with a late Relic Bane that should fit nicely into his aggressive Black/Red deck.

The final booster saw Marc selecting Thirst for Knowledge and Herzog taking Frogmite. Haim found a much-needed Neurok Spy waiting for him.

1 Nicolai Herzog - B/r
2 Christophe Haim - G/U
3 Osamu Fujita - B/R
4 Pab Galache Fernandez - W/U
5 David Brucker - G/w/r
6 Mark Zadjner - G/u
7 Jose Pabon - W/U/r
8 Marc Le Campion - R/U


"A bad day for affinity," said Nicolai at the close of the draft. No Myr Enforcers, few Frogmites, no Shriekers, and few Spellbombs meant that the potential for that strategy was definitely hurting. Still, double Bonesplitter and double Spikeshot with solid support should pave the way to at least a 2-1 record.

Haim seemingly had nothing going his way except for his ability to take control of enemy artifact creatures. His deck is far from exciting and probably won't result in better than 1-2.

As for the rest, both of the White/Blue drafters seemed to pick up solid decks complete with bombs: Crystal Shard and Clockwork Dragon for Pabon, Oblivion Stone and Platinum Angel for Fernandez. Sharing Green worked out for the most part for Brucker and Zadjner, so both of them should have the chance to pick up a couple wins. The only player whose deck may not have come together was Le Campion, as he seemed unsure and unfocused with many of his picks. Still, Broodstar and Pentavus certainly have a way of winning games.

Only time (and three rounds of Magic) will tell who wins this table.

Nicolai Herzog

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Christophe Haim

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