Draft Report:

Posted in Event Coverage on March 28, 2004

By Duncan McGregor

Top 8 Drafting with Brock Parker

Brock has been around on the pro circuit for some time, but lacked a signal success until last year. At Pro Tour Boston, though, the Brockefellers (himself, William Jensen and Matt Linde) won the whole tournament. Matt Linde has done quite well for himself here in Columbus, but Brock was the lone 12-3 to make it into the top 8 draft. Despite being slightly behind the other players in Swiss standing, there's nothing now to stop Brock from winning this tournament on his own.

Brock's first pack offered a wide variety of playable cards, with Blinding Beam, Slith Firewalker, Terror, Lodestone Myr, One Dozen Eyes and Tel-Jilad Archers all available. After thinking for a while, Brock took the Terror. The second pack was a noticable drop in quality, as Brock ended up taking Goblin Replica over Copper Myr and Myr Retriever. The third once again offered choices, and between Disciple of the Vault, Isochron Scepter, Goblin Dirigible, Slith Bloodletter, Skyhunter Cub, Leonin Scimitar and Sword of Kaldra, Brock chose the Slith, solidifying himself in black.

Having made that choice, the fourth pack had no good black, and Brock waffled between Creeping Mold and Vulshok Berserker, finally choosing the Mold. The next pack was also very shallow, and Brock wasted no time taking a Serum Tank. The sixth pack offered Vault of Whispers, Annul, Nuisance Engine and Scale of Chiss-Goria, and Brock finally took the Engine.

Brock then selected an Aether Spellbomb over a Clockwork Condor, and then a Tree of Tales over a Dragon's Blood. He grabbed an Ancient Den next, and was gifted with a twelfth-pick Disciple of the Vault and a fourteenth pick Fabricate to round out the pack. He had a lack of playable spells at the end of the first pack, and no second color to speak of.

Opening his second pack of Mirrodin, Brock's choices were between Fireshrieker, Neurok Spy, Nim Lasher and Vulshok Berserker, and after thinking about the Fireshrieker he settled on the Spy. The pack he was passed by Mike Turian, on his left, was very good, with Fangren Hunter, Vulshok Battlegear, Cathodian, Disciple of the Vault, Skyhunter Cub and Frogmite all making appearances, along with several other reasonable cards. Brock grabbed the Frogmite, which should go nicely with the artifact lands he has already drafted. His third pick offered him the choice between white and green mana Myr, another Serum Tank, another Frogmite, or another Slith Bloodletter, and he chose the Slith.

His fourth pick was a Sun Droplet, chosen over Pewter Golem and Disciple of the Vault, and his next pick was an obvious choice of a Leaden Myr over artifact lands. His sixth pack offered Aether Spellbomb, Nim Shambler, and Chrome Mox, and the Shambler made its way into his pile.

Brock took a Vault of Whispers over a Nim Replica, and then selected a Hemetite Golem out of an unexciting pack. The pack he had opened came back around with the Nim Lasher still in it, which he took over a Steel Wall, and the pack after gave him a choice between Cathodian and Disciple of the Vault. He selected the Disciple, and finished the pack with nothing more of note.

The pick out of Brock's Darksteel pack was looking like a Spire Golem until he made it to the end of the pack and found Memnarch waiting for him. He visibly shook himself, then added it to his pile with a quickness. The next pack showed him Carry Away, Vedalken Engineer, and Vulshok Morningstar. He took the Engineer, which will go will with Memnarch. He picked Chittering Rats over Leonin Bola third, and then Essence Drain over Dross Golem fourth. A second Engineer jumped out at him next, with no other real choices in the pack.

His sixth pick was between Scavenging Scarab and Darksteel Brute, and in the end he chose the indestructible artifact. Next he was given Neurok Prodigy and Spawning Pit, and drafted the Pit. He closed out the draft by collecting Darksteel Ingot, Arcane Spyglass, and two Darksteel Pendants.

Brock was overall happy with his deck. He had hoped for a bit more removal, but didn't think that he had any cause to complain. He is having a little trouble with his mana, though, as the Slith Bloodletters don't combo well with the off-colour artifact lands he wants to play. The Memnarch was very good for him to see, though, and he thinks that may win some games by itself.

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