Draft Report: :B vs. Truly Lazy Men

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Michael Thicke

Both of these teams were at 24 points heading into the last round. As tiebreakers were not available, they were unsure if either or both of them were in contention for the top four. However, they just had to assume the best and play to win, hoping for good news about tiebreakers after the draft.

Truly Lazy Mean is a cross-Canada team with Gabriel Tsang from Toronto, David Rood from Montreal, and Terry Tsang from Vancouver. All have had success at the Pro Tour, with individual top eights for the Tsang "brothers" and a second place finish for Rood as a member of team 2020. Tim Aten is a popular writer for StarCityGames.com.

  Tim Aten John Pelcak Gadiel Szleifer Gabriel Tsang David Rood Terry Tsang
Pack 1 Lifespark Spellbomb Blinding Beam Electrostatic Bolt Arrest Pyrite Spellbomb Detonate
  ?       Tree of Tales Dragon Blood
Pack 2 Wail of the Nim Tel-Jilad Chosen Icy Manipulator Leonin Skyhunter Spikeshot Goblin Mindslaver
  Thoughtcast Leonin Scimitar   Tel-Jilad Exile ? ?
Pack 3 Disciple of the Vault Raise the Alarm Sunbeam Spellbomb Fangren Hunter Krark-Clan Grunt Hematite Golem
  ? Roar of the Kha Ogre Leadfoot Neurok Hoversail ? ?
Pack 4 Silver Myr Auriok Bladewarden Tel-Jilad Archers Loxodon Punisher Myr Enforcer Goblin Replica
  Neurok Familiar Moriok Scavenger Slith Firewalker Frogmite Scale of Chiss-Goria Slagwurm Armor / Ogre Leadfoot
Pack 5 Thoughtcast Serum Tank Vulshok Berserker Rustpore Ram Steel Wall Promise of Power
  Wall of Blood Titanium Golem Malachite Golem Regress Cobalt Golem  
Pack 6 Pentavus Auriok Transfixer Viridian Shaman Tel-Jilad Chosen Elf Replica Consume Spirit
        Pearl Shard Welding Jar Titanium Golem

At this point :B had Tim Aten (A seat) in blue-black without anything remarkable besides Pentavus, John Pelack (B) in white without a certain second color, and Gadiel Szleifer (C) in green-red. Truly Lazy Men had Gabriel Tsang (A) in green-white, David Rood (B) in red-artifact (looking towards red-blue), and Terry Tsang in red-black. In the early-going, :B looked to have a slight edge, with John's deck probably being the strongest overall, and Gadiel also having an edge over his opponent in card quality.

For the second set of packs, the pick order reverses.

Draft Coverage - :B vs. Truly Lazy Men
Michael Thicke

  Terry David Gab Gadiel John Tim
Pack 7 Clockwork Dragon Shatter Viridian Shaman Iron Myr Skyhunter Patrol Skeleton Shard
  ? Great Furnace Tooth of Chiss-Goria Goblin Dirigible Chromatic Sphere Regress
Pack 8 Talsiman of Dominance Vedalken Archmage Fangren Hunter Krark-Clan Grunt Vulshok Battlegear Bottle Gnomes
        Hematite Golem Auriok Transfixer Inertia Bubble
Pack 9 Pewter Golem Skeleton Shard Trolls of Tel-Jilad Vulshok Berserker Soldier Replica Disciple of the Vault
  Wail of the Nim     Yotian Soldier Razor Barrier Neurok Familiar
Pack 10 Detonate Thoughtcast Clockwork Dragon Spikeshot Goblin Mirror Golem Nim Shrieker
Pack 11 Moriok Scavenger Atog Wizard Replica Bonesplitter Skyhunter Patrol Myr Enforcer
  ? Great Furnace Turn to Dust     Myr Retriever
Pack 12 Nim Shrieker ? Needlebug Soldier Replica Spikeshot Goblin Domineer

The cards continued to fall well for :B in the second set of packs. Gab pulled ahead of Tim in their matchup, but John continued to get very solid picks. Rood's Skeleton Shard and Archmage were quite good, but overall the advantage still looked to be solidly for Gadiel. Terry continued to accumulate expensive spells, with Clockwork Dragon and Pewter Golem. If Gadiel could draft some more speed, Terry would have a lot of trouble keeping up.

For the final set of packs, the order again reverses.

  Tim John Gadiel Gab David Terry
Pack 13 Darksteel Citadel Skullclamp Murderous Spoils Echoing Courage Spire Golem Essence Drain
  Vedalken Engineer Hallow Karstoderm Loxodon Mystic Myr Matrix Scavenging Scarab
Pack 14 Dross Golem Arcbound Hybrid Barbed Lightning Tel-Jilad Outrider Leonin Bola Echoing Decay
  Arcbound Bruiser Specter's Shroud   Arcbound Lancer Krark-Clan Stoker Shunt
Pack 15 Spire Golem Pteron Ghost Arcbound Stinger Oxidize Chromescale Drake Echoing Decay
  Vedalken Engineer Arcbound Worker Deathmask Duplicant      
Pack 16 Spawning Pit Auriok Glaivemaster Shunt Vedalken Engineer Spire Golem Darksteel Golem
  Scavenging Scarab Arcbound Worker Unforge Whispersilk Cloak    
Pack 17 Echoing Decay Vulshok Morningstar Tanglewalker Pteron Ghost Vedalken Engineer Murderous Spoils
    Scavenging Scarab ? Drill-Skimmer Arcbound Worker  
Pack 18 Murderous Spoils Barbed Lightning Tangle Spider Tanglewalker Vedalken Engineer ?
    Turn the Tables ? Echoing Courage Quicksilver Behemoth ?

Truly Lazy Men seemed more more collected during the draft, generally agreeing on picks and acting confidently. :B were, in contrast, wild. They often appeared to disagree on card evaluations, and the directions their decks were going. Even when Tim was picking good cards he looked ready to throw up in disgust. In the end, though, I think :B came out slightly ahead. John's deck was probably the best at the table, and Terry's deck was so slow that his powerful effects might be too late in coming. He did pick up a couple of Echoing Decays in the last pack to help out with that issue, so the match looks fairly close. Tim looked to be at a slight disadvantage to Gab, although Gab's deck was by no means amazing. Overall it should be a close match, with the slight edge to :B.

As the draft ended, the judges showed up with the accurate standing information, and it turned out that these two teams had very poor tiebreakers, and would be unable to make the top four even with a win. In the end they decided to draw.

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