Draft Report: Zabutan Nemonau vs. Shenanigans

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Ted Knutson

Neither team was particularly happy with this CMU-Togit mirror match, since according to Osyp, "I thought we were supposed to meet in the finals." Unfortunately, that was what the pairings dictated, with Osyp kicking off in the B seat for Shenanigans.

Seat A - Adam Horvath
Seat B - Osyp Lebedowicz
Seat C - Patrick Sullivan

Zabuton Nemonaut
Seat A - Mike Turian
Seat B - Gary Wise
Seat C - Eugene Harvey

Packs 1 through 6 and 13 through 18 from left to right, while packs 7 through 12 go from right to left. The first pick of each pack is denoted in bold.

.OsypPat SullivanMike TurianGary WiseEugene HarveyAdam Horvath
Pack 1Betrayal of FleshArrestTerrorCopper MyrGold MyrFrogmite
....Roar of the KhaGoblin War Wagon
Pack 2ThoughtcastBetrayal of FleshSpikeshot GoblinVedalken ArchmageViridian LongbowLeonin Scimitar
Clockwork Condor....
Pack 3ThoughtcastFangren HunterBetrayal of FleshMask of MemoryEmpyrial PlateVulshok Berserker
Cobalt GolemBlinding Beam...
Pack 4Nim ShriekerPredator's StrikeSoldier ReplicaDomineerSkyhunter PatrolSomber Hoverguard
.Slith PredatorElf Replica..
Pack 5ThoughtcastClockwork VorracVulshok BerserkerCobalt GolemRaise the AlarmIrradiate
...Slith Predator.
Pack 6Looming HoverguardTaj-Nar SwordsmithWoebearerSomber HoverguardTel-Jilad ArchersIron Myr
...Pyrite Spellbomb.
Pack 7FrogmiteVulshok GauntletsMask of MemorySpikeshot GoblinOne Dozen EyesTriskelion
Nim Shrieker....
Pack 8Aether SpellbombFangren HunterKrark-Clan GruntIcy ManipulatorSkyhunter CubDisciple of the Vault
.....Necrogen Spellbomb
Pack 9Leaden MyrDeconstructMirror GolemLeonin Sun StandardThirst for KnowledgeNim Replica
Pack 10Silver MyrLuminous AngelSkeleton ShardGreat FurnaceSkyhunter PatrolGoblin Replica
...Moriok ScavengerFireshrieker
Pack 11Silver MyrMask of MemoryTitanium GolemCobalt GolemRaise the AlarmVulshok Berserker
....Auriok Transfixer
Pack 12DomineerTel-Jilad ExileCopper MyrMyr EnforcerTel-Jilad ArchersClockwork Vorrac
.Rustspore RamMoriok Scavenger..
Pack 13Spire GolemLoxodon MysticEssence DrainDismantleArcbound StingerWirewood Hive
....Tangle SpiderQuicksilver Behemoth
Pack 14UnforgePulse of the ForgeEmissary of DespairEchoing RuinTalon of PainGrimclaw Bats
Darksteel Citadel...Oxidda Golem
Pack 15Spire GolemPurgeEssence DrainLeonin BolaLoxodon MysticNim Abomination
Quicksilver BehemothTangle Spider...
Pack 16UnforgeWhispersilk CloakArcbound BruiserEchoing RuinTest of FaithVulshok War Boar
Pack 17Carry AwayNeurok ProdigyOxidda GolemMephitic OozeSurestrike TridentChittering Rats
..Krark-Clan StokerWhispersilk Cloak.
Pack 18Arcbound BruiserEmissary of HopeDrill SkimmerBlinkmoth NexusTel-Jilad WolfGrimclaw Bats
...Darksteel CitadelDarksteel Brute

According to the both teams, the drafted ended up a little strange, since each team was using the same draft strategy. Betrayal of Flesh was the pick for the first two players, but Turian's pack was ridiculous, as he grabbed yet another Betrayal for himself, leaving a Mask of Memory for Gary and an Empyrial Plate for Eugene, but there was still enough left to yield an incredible wheel of Fangren Hunter and Blinding Beam for Pat. Eugene continued to pick up solid cards throughout Mirrodin, ending up with three Raise the Alarm, two Skyhunter Patrol, and two Tel-Jilad Archers to go along with his Viridian Longbow and Empyrial Plate.

His teammates decks didn't end up being quite as deep, with Turian drafting some strong, colored removal spells and Skeleton Shard, but was forced to play platinum hits like Drill-Skimmer and the always-maligned Titanium Golem to fill out his creature slots. Gary's deck was also a bit creature deficient, with two Cobalt Golems, Elf Replica, and Wanderguard Sentry comprising a significant portion of his army. He had Icy Manipulator, Spikeshot Golem, and Leonin Bola to help slow Osyp down, but the overall quality of his deck was probably not as high as he would have wished.

The Shenanigans faired a little better in terms of creature depth, with Sullivan ending up with two Fangren Hunters, a Luminous Angel, and numerous other solid men. Horvath's men were unspectacular, but they were generally better than Turian's scrubby artifact creatures, and he played a bunch of them, opting to try and overpower Mike before he could setup Shard recursion. Osyp's flier depth definitely looked like they could be a problem for Gary, provided he could avoid being shut down by Wise's tap effects.

When asked about the draft afterwards, here's what the teams had to say:

Osyp - I'm kind of slow and I don't have enough artifacts, but my deck isn't bad. If I had another Myr, I'd actually be pretty happy. Thankfully, Gary's on their team, and I'm sure he'll make plenty of mistakes to help me out. Nah, don't tell him I said that. Ah hell, go ahead… I love Gary.

Pat - We got out-opened pretty badly. The pick where I had to take Pulse of the Forge to keep it away from Mike was awful. If we had opened almost any other bomb rare at that point, I could have splashes it, but instead I got stuck with a hate draft.

Gary - I have a pretty good matchup. Spikeshot is great against him, since it kills like half of his team. I only had two Equipment, and he ended up taking Carry Away over Mephitic Ooze just to try and counteract my Bola and Mask of Memory.

Mike - My draft went okay, but my creatures are pretty underpowered.

Adam Horvath

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Osyp Lebedowicz

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Patrick Sullivan

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Mike Turian

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Gary Wise

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Eugene Harvey

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