Draft Two, Pod One: Antoine Ruel

Posted in Event Coverage on February 25, 2001

By Friedrich Rademacher

With an incredible record of 11-0 having only lost one game to the German Wolfgang Eder, Antoine Ruel did not just sit back having to do nothing to get into the Top 8. Although many player would be tempted to draft every rare possible, this wasn't the case. Antoine drafted a very good Blue/Black/Red deck.

He started off with Exotic Curse after having considered taking the Shivan Zombie. He then took Vodalian Zombie followed by Andradite Leech and Repulse. He seemed to have his colors chosen till he picked a Shivan Zombie, which definitely was a good choice. So he was going Black/Blue/Red. All his other picks for this booster were pretty decent, so that nine of the first fifteen cards made the cut into his deck. The second booster he was rewarded for having taken all good blue as well as black cards by getting two Probe's in a row. Again he got lots of playable cards off the second booster. At the end of this booster he had eleven creatures and six spells that would all make his deck.

Antoine couldn't believe his eyes as he saw what was to come in Planeshift.

The booster pack he opened contained a Strafe, Bog Down and a Nightscape Familiar. Needing some more removal he chose Strafe. His next pick revealed a lot, since it showed how good players are always thinking about their mana curve. The pack he got had a Nightscape Familiar, Bog Down, Confound and a creature Antoine loves to play, Mire Kavu. Instead of taking a good playable creature like the Kavu, he took the Familiar, which is equally playable as the Kavu but not very aggressive. But a card should not be judged by its power or it's toughness, but by it's synergy in the deck, and the Familiar was probably the best thing that could happen to the Frenchman. Antoine had been taking larger casting cost spells, but with this Familiar his Mana Curve was enhanced and he would be able to play more aggressively.

Since he had not drafted removal for some time he chose to draft Singe over Morgue Toad, Phyrexian Bloodstock and Stormscape Familiar. Antoine had drafted two Vodalian Zombies and a Shivan Zombie, which only made his life more difficult when he saw a Lord of the Undead. The Frenchman laughed at it and took the Stormscape Battlemage. His next two picks were dedicated to two Cavern Harpies. That was all he needed.

Antoine Ruel

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