Draft Two, Pod Two: Franck Canu

Posted in Event Coverage on February 25, 2001

By Mark Wraith

The players in pod two were in a position where they needed to go 2 -1 to probably make the Top 8. I concentrated on Franck Canu and Bram Snepvangers, who was feeding Franck in the second set of boosters.

Franck set his stall out early for his colors in the first few picks, with an Armadillo Cloak, a Benalish Trapper, and an Exclude. Interestingly he passed up on Meteor Storm to first pick the Cloak, so either he doesn't rate it particularly highly, or just prefers white/green to red/green.

Either way it seemed to pay off for him since he picked up another Armadillo Cloak fourth pick, and a third Cloak on his sixth pick. Bram was settling into a three color deck as well, although this one didn't look quite as promising. He took an Exotic Curse first pick, and then took the Meteor Storm, which Franck had passed him. Another Exotic Curse followed by a Quirion and a Nomadic Elf set him into Black/Green/Red.

It was Franck who get the better picks late in this first booster with a Llanowar Knight and a Ruham Djinn, whereas Bram just got a Hunting Kavu and a Mourning.

Bram was passing to Franck in the second set of boosters, and Bram took a few red cards with Halam Djinn and Tribal Flames. Prior to this he didn't have any red spells except for the gold Meteor Storm and Hunting Kavu - so these picks may have strengthened his spells whilst weakening his mana base. He soon fixed this by immediately picking up another Nomadic Elf and a Quirion Sentinel.

Meanwhile, Franck was continuing to build on his promising deck - he took a Benalish Trapper then a Thornscape Apprentice, a couple of flyers - Razortooth Griffin and Glimmering Angel - and some late creatures - Quirion Elf, Nomadic Elf, and Might Weaver, as well as an Aggressive Urge.

Bram picked up also a Tribal Flames and an Explosive Growth before they moved on to the third booster of Planeshift.

This is where Franck's color choices really began to shine. In order, he got Rushing River, Fleetfoot Panther, Sunscape Battlemage, Hunting Drake, another Fleetfoot Panther, and a Questing Phelddagrif. Note particularly how the Battlemage and the giant Hippo are perfect for his color selection. It is very unusual to pick up such a fantastic array of creatures from this set.

As long as Franck has reasonable draws and doesn't run his Armadillo Cloaked creatures into too many Terminates - he should certainly have a good chance to go the 2-1 he needs.

Franck Canu

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