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Posted in Event Coverage on February 15, 2013

By Trick Jarrett

Patrick "Trick" Jarrett oversees web content and social media for Magic, and acts as the publisher of DailyMTG.com and Magic content on the web. He's an ardent Commander player and lover of the game he's played since Ice Age.
Pro Tour Gatecrash, Draft 1 Pod 272/15/2013 Gatecrash Gatecrash Gatecrash Andreas Nordahl Don Van Ravenzwaaij Ben Stark Lennart Lindeman Reid Duke Patrick Chapin Gaudenis Vidugiris Olivier Ruel One Thousand Lashes Balustrade Spy Grisly Spectacle Orzhov Guildgate Assault Griffin Corpse Blockade Horror of the Dim Agoraphobia Purge the Profane Riot Gear Corpse Blockade Midnight Recovery Adaptive Snapjaw Crackling Perimeter Island Ogre Slumlord Consuming Aberration Foundry Champion Boros Guildgate Boros Guildgate Orzhov Keyrune Orzhov Charm Millennial Gargoyle Shielded Passage Keymaster Rogue Tin Street Market Midnight Recovery Voidwalk Structural Collapse Mountain Kingpin’s Pet Killing Glare Killing Glare Smite Undercity Informer Basilica Guards Vizkopa Confessor Orzhov Keyrune Smite Knight Watch Boros Keyrune Syndicate Enforcer Slate Street Ruffian Skygames Island Rubblehulk Molten Primordial Slaughterhorn Crocanura Bomber Corps Towering Thunderfist Ember Beast Ivy Lane Denizen Act of Treason Scorchwalker Primal Visitation Armored Transport Primal Visitation Mark for Death Forest Ghor-Clan Rampager Skarrg Guildmage Viashino Shanktail Frontline Medic Disciple of the Old Ways Disciple of the Old Ways Scorchwalker Ruination Wurm Towering Thunderfist Shattering Blow Skullcrack Primal Visitation Nav Squad Commandos Primal Visitation Island Skinbrand Goblin Homing Lightning Pit Fight Bomber corps Skinbrand Goblin Martial Glory Burning-Tree Emissary Greenside Watcher Boros Guildgate Boros Keyrune Furious Resistance Midnight Recovery Ruination Wurm Tin Street Market Forest Smite Killing Glare Urbis Protector Deathcult Rogue Simic Fluxmage Adaptive Snapjaw Hands of Binding Simic Fluxmage Clinging Anemones Gridlock Wildwood Rebirth Forced Adaptation Merfolk of the Depths Hold the Gates Island Cloudfin Raptor Prophetic Prism Elusive Krasis Shambleshark Shambleshark Elusive Krasis Nimbus Swimmer Scab-Clan Charger Furious Resistance Cartel Aristocrat Naturalize Hydroform Verdant Haven Predator’s Rapport Island Simic Fluxmage Adaptive Snapjaw Master Biomancer Duskmantle Seer Adaptive Snapjaw Metropolis Sprite Biomass Mutation Hands of Binding Prophetic Prism Tower Defense Mark for Death Tower Defense Scatter Arc Shattering Blow Swamp Consuming Aberration Bane Alley Broker Devour Flesh Corpse Blockade Duskmantle Guildmage Sapphire Drake Dimir Keyrune Totally Lost Slate Street Ruffian Scatter Arc Midnight Recovery Millennial Gargoyle Structural Collapse Wildwood Rebirth Island Drakewing Krasis Totally Lost Death’s Approach Balustrade Spy Sage’s Row Denizen Horror of the Dim Psychic Strike Clinging Anemones Scatter Arc Gutter Skulk Voidwalk Dying Wish Contaminated Ground Tin Street Market Forest Devour Flesh Deathcult Rogue Grisly Spectacle Metropolis Sprite Clinging Anemones Crypt Ghast Call of the Nightwing Devour Flesh Deathcult Rogue Beckon Apparition Psychic Strike Mortus Strider Forced Adaptation Slate Street Ruffian Mountain Stolen identity Killing glare Shadow slice Metropolis sprite Dimir guildgate Rapid hybridization Metropolis sprite Dimir guildgate Spell rupture Gruul guildgate Coerced confession Shielded passage Midnight recovery Shielded passage Swamp Wight of precinct six Sage’s row denizen Sage’s row denizen Death’s approach Mortus strider Hands of binding Devour flesh Paranoid delusions Frilled oculus Scatter arc Act of treason Hydroform Way of the thief Guildscorn ward Island Grisly spectacle Crypt ghast Angelic skirmisher Totally lost Syndicate enforcer Way of the thief Orzhov guildmage Diluvian primordial Orzhov guildgate Gift of orzhova Boros guildgate Syndicate enforcer Corpse blockade Crackling perimeter plains Frontline Medic One Thousand Lashes Warmind Infantry Warmind Infantry Angelic Edict Prophetic Prism Gutter Skulk Warmind Infantry Massive Raid Boros Guildgate Foundry Street Denizen Immortal Servitude Predator's Rapport Predator's Rapport Swamp Blind Obedience Knight of Obligation Daring Skyjek Dutiful Thrull Pit Fight Aerial Maneuver Zarichi Tiger Armored Transport Angelic Edict Angelic Edict Verdant Haven Razortip Whip Guildscorn ward Dying Wish Forest Knight of Obligation Truefire Paladin Knight of Obligation Firefist Striker Assemble the Legion Warmind Infantry Syndic of Tithes Cinder Elemental Assault Griffin Midnight Recovery Orzhov Guildgate Zarichi Tiger Assault Griffin Boros Keyrune Plains Fathom Mage Metropolis Sprite Deathcult Rogue Metropolis Sprite Miming Slime Drakewing Krasis Leyline Phantom Nimbus Swimmer Gruul Guildgate Last Thoughts Hydroform Hydroform Hydroform Forced Adaptation Island Fathom Mage Mystic Genesis Greenside Watcher Crowned Ceratok Shambleshark Unexpected Results Shambleshark Skyblinder Staff Metropolis Sprite Incursion Specialist Clinging Anemones Forced Adaptation Razortip Whip Skygames Forest Pit Fight Slaughterhorn Rapid Hybridization Greenside Watcher Shambleshark Bioshift Armored Transport Millennial Gargoyle Executioner's Swing Adaptive Snapjaw Adaptive Snapjaw Slate Street Ruffian Midnight Recovery Dutiful Thrull Mountain Hellkite Tyrant Mugging Wojek Halberdiers Homing Lightning Skyknight Legionnaire Riot Gear Pit Fight Foundry Street Denizen Frilled Oculus Foundry Street Denizen Righteous Charge Armored Transport Wildwood Rebirth Ruination Wurm Mountain Wojek Halberdiers Undercity Informer Daring Skyjek Hellraiser Goblin Foundry Street Denizen Court Street Denizen Boros Charm Massive Raid Fortress Cyclops Mark for Death Horror of the Dim Guildscorn Ward Structural Collapse Structural Collapse Plains Skyknight Legionnaire Warmind Infantry Holy Mantle Bomber Corps Ember Beast Foundry Street Denizen Cinder Elemental Foundry Street Denizen Boros Charm Shadow Slice Boros Guildgate Last Thoughts Primal Visitation Contaminated Ground Forest

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