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Posted in Event Coverage on May 17, 2013

By Trick Jarrett

Patrick "Trick" Jarrett oversees web content and social media for Magic, and acts as the publisher of DailyMTG.com and Magic content on the web. He's an ardent Commander player and lover of the game he's played since Ice Age.
Pro Tour Dragon's Maze, Draft 1 Pod 2605/17/2013 Dragon's Maze Gatecrash Return to Ravnica Sean Giese Oliver Polak-Rottmann Martin Juza Denniz Rachid Thomas Rickarby Luis Scott-Vargas Pablo Criado Gabriel Nassif Flesh // Blood Trostani's Summoner Zhur-Taa Druid Kraul Warrior Gruul Cluestone Boros Guildgate Golgari Guildgate Thrashing Mossdog Steeple Roc Armored Wolf-Rider Haazda Snare Squad Mutant's Prey Maze Sentinel Boros Cluestone Maze Sentinel Zhur-Taa Swine Skarrg Guildmage Prophetic Prism Pit Fight Pit Fight Zarichi Tiger Nimbus Swimmer Debtor's Pulpit Boros Keyrune Nav Squad Commandos Primal Visitation Alpha Authority Tin Street Market Paranoid Delusions Forest Arrest Risen Sanctuary Avenging Arrow Golgari Guildgate Korozda Monitor Gatecreeper Vine Transguild Promenade Aerial Predation Axebane Stag Trained Caracal Selesnya Guildgate Grim Roustabout Search the City Cremate Island Turn // Burn Warped Physique Breaking / Entering Haunter of Nightveil Warped Physique Rakdos Guildgate Rakdos Cluestone Ubul Sar Gatekeepers Gruul Guildgate Pilfered Plans Izzet Cluestone Dimir Cluestone Uncovered Clues Drown in Filth Protect / Serve Grisly Spectacle Duskmantle Seer Homing Lightning Dimir Guildgate Simic Guildgate Bane Alley Broker Prophetic Prism Simic Fluxmage Towering Thunderfist Spire Tracer Orzhov Guildgate Whispering Madness Wildwood Rebirth Spell Rupture Forest Annihilating Fire Ogre Jailbreaker Frostburn Weird Dead Reveler Dead Reveler Goblin Electromancer Viashino Racketeer Pursuit of Flight Trestle Troll Trestle Troll Cremate Terrus Wurm Treasured Find Catacomb Slug Plains Pyrewild Shaman Viashino Firstblade Zhur-Taa Druid Zhur-Taa Druid Thrashing Mossdog Boros Mastiff Runner's Bane Steeple Roc Boros Mastiff Runner's Bane Drown in Filth Hired Torturer Render Silent Wake the Reflections Mending Touch Syndic of Tithes Aurelia, the Warleader Bomber Corps Syndic of Tithes Basilica Guards Assault Griffin Basilica Guards Martial Glory Zarichi Tiger Boros Charm Last Thoughts Dimir Guildgate Aerial Maneuver Skyblinder Staff Island Vassal Soul Knightly Valor Seller of Songbirds Concordia Pegasus Faerie Impostor Armory Guard Paralyzing Grasp Ethereal Armor Concordia Pegasus Rogue's Passage Paralyzing Grasp Downsize Grisly Salvage Urban Burgeoning Forest flesh // blood korozda gorgon armed // dangerous kraul warrior kraul warrior give // take rakdos guildgate hired torturer maze abomination drown in filth selesnya cluestone mutant's prey drown in filth clear a path crypt incursion slaughterhorn experiment one holy mantle syndicate enforcer skinbrand goblin sepulchral primordial greenside watcher rust scarab adaptive snapjaw psychic strike spire tracer leyline phantom paranoid delusions skygames swamp dreg mangler auger spree wild beastmaster sewer shambler trestle troll golgari charm dreg mangler rites of reaping centaur healer slitherhead risen sanctuary death's presence heroes' reunion axebane stag mountain Pyrewild Shaman Rakdos Drake Fatal Fumes Rakdos Drake Orzhov Guildgate Orzhov Guildgate Tithe Drinker Toil / Trouble Sunspire Gatekeepers Debt to the Deathless Sin Collector Debt to the Deathless Showstopper Pilfered Plans Bane Alley Blackguard Devour Flesh Killing Glare Grisly Spectacle Luminate Primordial Gutter Skulk Daring Skyjek Boros Guildgate Smite Midnight Recovery Court Street Denizen Dutiful Thrull Shadow Alley Denizen Mental Vapors Murder Investigation Forest Trostani's Judgment Seller of Songbirds Lobber Crew Armory Guard Coursers' Accord Tavern Swindler Deviant Glee Slum Reaper Dark Revenant Selesnya Sentry Axebane Stag Cancel Catacomb Slug Survey the Wreckage Plains Savageborn Hydra Krasis Incubation Scab-Clan Giant Gruul Cluestone Zhur-taa Druid Nivix Cyclops Give // Take Beetleform Mage Opal Lake Gatekeepers Simic Cluestone Maze Glider Gleam of Battle Mutant's Prey Goblin Test Pilot Sinister Possession Drakewing Krasis Mugging Zhur-Taa Swine Scab-Clan Charger Stomping Ground Urban Evolution Slaughterhorn Naturalize Agoraphobia Burst of Strength Orzhov Guildgate Bioshift Hands of Binding Skygames Island Frostburn Weird Annihilating Fire Voidwielder Steam Vents Tower Drake Soulsworn Spirit Inaction Injunction Korozda Monitor Centaur's Herald Golgari Charm Epic Experiment Survey the Wreckage Soul Tithe Sphere of Safety Swamp Turn / Burn Krasis Incubation Armed / Dangerous Runner's Bane Murmuring Phantasm Renegade Krasis Izzet Cluestone Weapon Surge Maze Behemoth Dimir Cluestone Murmuring Phantasm Saruli Gatekeepers Dimir Cluestone Mindstatic Sinister Possession Rubblehulk Cinder Elemental Frilled Oculus Keymaster Rogue Deathcult Rogue Drakewing Krasis Greenside Watcher Biomass Mutation Simic Guildgate Totally Lost Orzhov Guildgate Verdant Haven Serene Remembrance Skygames Forest Annihilating Fire Necropolis Regent Gatecreeper Vine Pursuit of Flight Isperia's Skywatch Goblin Electromancer Rubbleback Rhino Batterhorn Centaur Healer Sundering Growth Axebane Stag Dark Revenant Oak Street Innkeeper Destroy the Evidence Mountain Rubblebelt Maaka Weapon Surge Rubblebelt Maaka Spike Jester Riot Piker Riot Piker Weapon Surge Riot Piker Alive // Well Dimir Guildgate Ubul Sar Gatekeepers Izzet Cluestone Awe for the Guilds Pilfered Plans Clear a Path Homing Lightning Ember Beast Madcap Skills Foundry Street Denizen Bomber Corps Elusive Krasis Bomber Corps Mark for Death Dimir Guildgate Slate Street Ruffian Boros Elite Midnight Recovery Slate Street Ruffian Serene Remembrance Mountain Rakdos's Return Ash Zealot Annihilating Fire Launch Party Rogue's Passage Deviant Glee Bellows Lizard Batterhorn Inspiration Selesnya Keyrune Deviant Glee Skull Rend Skull Rend Rakdos Ringleader Swamp

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