Duplicate Limited Cards

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Creatures CreaturesCreatures
Flying Camel *Cloud SpriteCarnophage
Icatian JavelineersFledgling OspreyCircling Vultures
Icatian MoneychangerReef ShamanDeath Mage*
Icatian ScoutRootwater DiverMaggot Carrier
Mtenda HerderRootwater MysticSewer Rats
Netter en-DalShrieking DrakeSleeper Agent
Nomads en-KorTeferi's Pet Serpent*Vebulid
Resistance FighterTrickster MageZombie Cannibal
Tireless Tribe
Tragic PoetSpellsSpells
 Aboshan's DesireCursed Flesh
SpellsAnnulDark Ritual
Aura of Need*BrainstormEbony Charm
Capashen StandardEnchantment AlterationFatal Blow
Coalition FlagEssence FlareNasty Spite*
FylgjaMana ChainsReanimate
Holy StrengthPartial Recall*Sadistic Glee
Hope CharmSapphire CharmSarcomancy
SmiteSigil of SleepUnholy Strength

Flying Camel - W - Creature - Spirit - 0/1 - Flying, banding All creatures attacking in a band with Flying Camel are immune to damage done by Deserts.
Aura of Need - W - Enchant Creature - Whenever any player plays an enchant creature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on the creature Aura of Need enchants.
Teferi's Pet Serpent - U - Creature - Serpent - 3/3 - Phasing, Teferi's Pet Serpent can't attack unless defending player controls an island.
Partial Recall - U - Instant - Name a non-land card. Reveal the top three cards of your library to all players. If at least one of the revealed cards is the named card, put all three cards in your hand. If it is not, put the three cards on the bottom of your library in any order.
Death Mage - B - Creature - Spellshaper - 0/1 - Shadow, B,T, Discard a card from your hand: When target creature attacks this turn, destroy it at end of turn. Play this ability before attackers are declared.
Nasty Spite - B - Sorcery - Destroy target non-black creature. You lose 4 life.

Duct CrawlerBrown OuphePhyrexian Dreadnaught
Dwarven GruntDruid LyristSoldevi Sentry
Goblin Balloon BrigadeElven Enchanter*Straw Golem
Goblin SoothsayerHarvest Mage
Goblin Thaumaturgist*Llanowar EliteSpells
Goblin WelderMwonvuli OozeJuju Bubble
Jackal PupSkyshroud RidgebackMana Cyclix
Laccolith WhelpSpike DroneMeekstone
Primordial OozeVillage ElderThe Rack
 Wall of WoodThran Turbine
SpellsWild Dogs
Crown of FlamesWoodland Druid
Flowstone Blade
Hearth CharmSpells
Mob MentalityBriar Shield
Reckless ChargeElven Palisade
SingePredatory Hunger
Static Shield*Seedling Charm
VertigoSilkwood Armor*

Goblin Thaumaturgist - R - Creature - Goblin Spellshaper - 1/1 - R,T, Discard a card from your hand: Switch power and toughness of target creature until end of turn. Effects that alter that creature's power alter its toughness instead, and vice versa, until end of turn.
Static Shield - R - Enchant Creature - Enchanted creature gets +1/+1. Whenever enchanted creature becomes blocked, Static Shield deals 1 damage to enchanted creature's controller.
Elven Enchanter - G - Creature - Elf Spellshaper - 1/1 - G,T, Discard a card from your hand: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each creature enchantment enchanting it.
Silkwood Armor - G - Enchant Creature - Enchanted creature gets +0/+2. Sacrifice Silkwood Armor: Destroy target creature enchantment.

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