Eighth Edition

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By Toby Wachter

Not many people realize this, but Wizards of the Coast Research and Development has a lot of things to consider when they design a set. Between Draft, Sealed, Standard, Extended and Block Constructed, every set must be well balanced to make sure each environment is healthy and competitive. On top of all that, the cards must always introduce new, exciting mechanics and concepts that will be interesting to players. Plus, it's necessary to cater to all types of players, from the most cutthroat Pro Tour competitor to the most casual group gamer.

Balance issues aside, what cards do players like the most? Every Magic player has a soft spot in his or her heart for a few cards, and misses playing them in formats where they may have been rotated out or banned. I decided to walk around the Pro Tour area and ask Pro Tour players and non-R&D Wizards of the Coast employees the following question:

If you could put one card into Eighth Edition, what card would that be?

It came as no surprise to me that almost every person who was asked this question spent quite a bit of time thinking it over. Looking over this list reveals a few interesting things. For starters, there is a surprising amount of diversity with the cards named. Very few cards were named by more than one player. In some cases, the card named tells you something about that player. It's fairly obvious why Alan Comer would choose Aluren, and it's easy to see why Chris Pikula would want Meddling Mage to be rotated into the basic set. Reading over this list will give you some insight into which cards Pro Tour players miss using, and will perhaps tell you something interesting about some of the Pro Tour's more intriguing personalities.

fact or fiction

Kai Budde- Fact or Fiction
Zvi Mowshowitz- Yavimaya Coast
Chris Pikula- Meddling Mage
Alex Shvartsman- Steel Golem
Peter Szigeti- Royal Assassin
Scott Johns- Avalanche Riders
Scott McCord- Evil Eye of Orms-By-Gore
Alan Comer- Aluren
Brian Kibler- Ophidian
Becky Hiebert- Mons Goblin Raiders
Dirk Baberowski- Fact or Fiction
Matt Vienneau- Erhnam Djinn
Brian Hacker- Capsize
Ben Rubin- Tradewind Rider
Dan Bock- Tortured Existence
Mike Turian- Overrun
Aaron Forsythe- Arc Lightning
Chris Benafel- Avalanche Riders
William Jensen- Firestorm
Gabriel Nassif- Ophidian
Matt Linde- Hypnotic Specter
Ryan Fuller- Hymn to Tourach
Collin Jackson- Grizzly Bears
Josh Bennett- Stunted Growth
Michael Gurney- Triskelion
Ben Bleiweiss- Hand of Justice
Andrew Stokinger- Island
Kamiel Cornelissen- Intuition
Eric Taylor- Triskelion
Tomi Walamies- Fact or Fiction
Jeff Donais- Hammer of Bogardan
Justin Gary- Force of Will
Jeff Fung- Fungus Elemental
Sol Malka- Phyrexian Plaguelord
Raphael Levy- Wall of Blossoms
Gary Krakower- Peacekeeper
Osyp Lebedowicz- Flametongue Kavu
Justin Polin- Cursed Scroll
Gary Wise- Brainstorm
Michael Pustilnik- Wall of Blossoms
Pat Chapin- Impulse
Dave Humpherys- Force of Will

squirrel nest
Sheldon Menery- Squirrel Nest
Tom Van de Logt- Wall of Roots
Keita Mori- Armageddon
Jon Finkel- Impulse
Gab Tsang- Juggernaut
Bryce Currence- Necropotence
Jeff Cunningham- Living Death
Brian Davis- Savannah
Craig Wescoe- Force of Will
John Ormerod- Tradewind Rider
Darwin Kastle- Living Death
Thomas Pannell- Tsabo's Decree
Chad Ellis- Avalanche Riders
Rob Dougherty- Terror
Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz- Brainstorm
Toby Wachter- Battle of Wits
Eric Kesselman- Pygmy Hippo
Nicholas Labarre- Gaea's Blessing
Bob Maher- Incinerate
Danny Mandel- Seal of Cleansing
Tom Guevin- Savage Twister

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