Extended Metagame Breakdown, Day Two

Posted in Event Coverage on September 4, 2010

By Rashad Miller

The dust had settled after five rounds of the brand new Extended format and three rounds of Magic 2011 Booster Draft; 165 players emerged with at least five wins. When we looked at the decklists of the continuing players, we found that four of the top five archetypes had held their positions.

Scapeshift - 24
Seventy-two players were cut to twenty-four, yet the power of Scapeshift and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle still loomed throughout over fifteen percent of the room.

Doran – 19
Nineteen of the original forty-five Doran decks were still summoning Treefolk to the battlefield.

Angel's Grace/Ad Nauseum – 17
Seventeen of the original forty-one players continued to draw every card in their deck with the explosive combination of Angel's Grace and Ad Nauseam.

Pyromancer Ascension – 17
This powerful enchantment carried seventeen of thirty-eight participants to a spot on Saturday.

White Weenie - 13
Coming in as the second true aggro-deck in this metagame, White Weenie rounded out our top five archetypes with thirteen of the twenty-three Day One players continuing on.
With five more rounds of Extended still to come, we would soon see which decks would come forth as the ones to beat. The complete Day Two metagame percentages are here for your leisure. You can also check out the Day One archetype breakdown here.

Archetype# Day 2% Day 2# Day 1% Making Day 2
Ad Nauseum1710.30%4141.46%
Pyromancers Ascension1710.30%3844.74%
White Weenie137.88%2356.52%
Mono Red63.64%3417.65%
Living End53.03%1729.41%
5 Color Control42.42%1136.36%
Blue-Green-Red Junk42.42%666.67%
Green-White Mana ramp31.82%837.50%
Restore Balance21.21%450.00%
Black-White Tokens10.61%1100.00%
Red-Green LD10.61%128.33%

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