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By Monty Ashley

The 2001 Pro Tour Barcelona Fantasy Pro Tour had over 1000 people participated, of which 47 picked Champion Zvi Mowshowitz (who cost 62 Pro Points). The final standings are available here. (or the money-winners are listed farther down on this page with how many people picked each player).

The winning team earned $45,000 and was owned by someone giving their name only as "Jordan". In addition to Budde, Jordan had third-place finisher Dan Clegg. Also on the team were John Kenny, Carles Rod Martinez, Collin Hedegard, and Dan Bridy. Two potential slots were empty.

Two teams tied for second, with $43,000, both of them having Budde and Patrick Mello, who also made the Top 4. Gabriele Sikora's team was filled out with Michelle Bush, Daniel Zink, John Davis, Diego Pereira Gimenez, Gabriele Pisicchio, and Ignacio Sanchez. Marc Nübling had Xavier Curto, Daniel Zink, Papp Gabor, Jimmy Oman, Ottmar Keil, and one open slot.

In fourth place, Eric Turnquist picked Budde and Brad Swan from the Top 8, adding Abraham Snepvanger's 51st-place finish to his $39, 645 total. Kyle Rose, Kurtis Hahn, Ed Linskey, Michael Katz, and Shawn "Hammer" Regnier were also on the team.

The most popular pick was Matt Vienneau, with 237 picks Vienneau's winning streak at Limited events ran into his losing streak at European events, and the losing streak won; Vienneau finished 225th. For the second Pro Tour in a row, Olle Rade was the second-most-popular pick (190 picks, 40th place).

Fantasy Pro Tour Results Chart

RankNameWinnings# Picks
1Kai Budde$30,00047
2Alan Comer$20,00013
3Daniel Clegg$15,0007
4Patrick Mello$13,0008
5Brad Swan$9,00017
6Albertus Hui Chin Law$8,5009
7Yuri Kolomeyko$8,00032
8Chad Ellis$7,50077
9Jan Tomcani$5,6002
10Markus Joebstl$5,2009
11Jon Finkel$4,80052
12Kamiel Cornelissen$4,40027
13Lars Dam$4,10015
14Justin Gary$3,80015
15Benedikt Klauser$3,5008
16Alexander Witt$3,25010
17Jelger Wiegersma$3,00022
18Franck Canu$2,75014
19Christoph Lippert$2,5503
20Stewart Shinkins$2,40011
21Raphael Gennari$2,2505
22Robert Stead$2,10013
23Trey Van Cleave$2,00027
24Peter Leiher$1,9006
25Matt Severa$1,80011
26Jens Thoren$1,70030
27Oyvind Odegaard$1,60010
28Darwin Kastle$1,50045
29Ken Ho$1,4000
30Scott Johns$1,35010
31Jeff Cunningham$1,30026
32Tatsuo Yoshii$1,2500
33Sol Malka$1,20040
34Neil Reeves$1,1508
35Michael Pustilnik$1,10025
36Brock Parker$1,05015
37George Kapalas$1,0006
38Chris Benafel$95038
39Tuomo Nieminen$90023
40Olle Rade$875190
41Tomoharu Saito$8501
42Olivier Ruel$82527
43Nicolas Olivieri$8005
44Tom Van de Logt$77515
45Tony Tsai$75080
46Christopher Manning$73019
47Roger Miller$7105
48Gary Rush$69021
49Eric Kesselman$67583
50Karl Schmidt$6609
51Abraham Snepvangers$645172
52Holger Meinecke$6305
53Andrew Johnson$61515
54Wong Keen Meng Nicholas Jonathan$6005
55Toshiharu Niwa$5905
56Hector Fuentes$58011
57Dustin Stern$57049
58Tomas Rosholm$56024
59Andre Delere$5503
60Brian Kibler$54073
61Noah Boeken$53020
62Ryan Fuller$520155
63Robert Dougherty$51011
64Casey McCarrel$50022

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