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Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2012

By Event Coverage Staff

On Thursday, Hall of Famer Brian Kibler joined us on CoverItLive to participate in an interview where viewers at home asked all the questions. Below, you can find the complete transcript of that interview.

Brian Kibler:
Hello everyone!

Comment From ChampBlankman:
Brian Kibler, how do you have time to sleep between testing Magic, playing Magic, jetting about the world for electronic dance music festivals, and designing your own games?

Brian Kibler:
It's hard to find the time to sleep, so I drink lots of caffeine :) . I've actually been on the road for two and a half weeks now. I'm getting home just in time for my birthday next week.

Comment From Hugh:
Hello Brian Kibler, how did you begin playing Magic: the Gathering?

Brian Kibler:
I played a ton of games as a kid, both video games as well as paper games like Dungeons & Dragons. I went to a game convention and saw some people playing this cool looking card game, so I picked up some packs to try it, and then pretty much fell in love with it.

Brian Kibler:
That was about eighteen years ago!

Comment From Ithilanor:
Happy birthday!

Brian Kibler:
Thanks, though I'm past the age of even looking forward to cheaper car insurance. :-P

Comment From Sean:
@Brian Kibler, I enjoyed seeing you on Fantasy Factory. Anymore plans to be on
tv? The world needs more of you.

Brian Kibler:
I don't have any plans to return to TV soon, but I'd be happy to do it. Clearly we need a gamer reality TV show.

Comment From Shane:
Brian Kibler, If you could be one card (planeswalker or creature) what would you

Brian Kibler:
Well my favorite card is Knight of the Reliquary, but I'd probably want to be something a bit more powerful like Karn. If you can be Karn, always be Karn.

Comment From LLCoolDave:
Which card would you most like to be good in post-rotation standard?

Brian Kibler:
Daybreak Ranger? I still have about a hundred. :)

Comment From TheMasterTactician:
What was it like to test with Jon Finkel?

Brian Kibler:
Jon and I actually go way back. We tested with each other as early as 1997. I was the only other person who played the Prison deck he made his first Top 8 with at Pro Tour Chicago. It was cool to reconnect and play together after so long. He's a cool guy to hang out with, and obviously super insightful when it comes to Magic.

Comment From Brian KiblerFan:
How would you compare your preparation for this tournament with your preparation for a typical Pro Tour? More? Less? Same?

Brian Kibler:
Nice username! :) I probably tested less for this tournament specifically largely because of the timing. I was on the road at the World Magic Cup and Grand Prix Worcester the past few weeks, so it was hard to focus as much testing on this event. I ultimately felt really comfortable in all of the formats, though, so it was enough.

Comment From cobo:
What do you think of Alexander Hayne?

Brian Kibler:
I haven't really played with or against Alex, but from watching him play in Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, he definitely has the kind of analytical and deliberate play style that it takes to be a top player. He also played werewolf with us at Grand Prix Atlanta, and I don't think he ever voted to kill me, so I appreciate that.

Comment From Mannequin:
What reprint from the original Ravnica block would you like to see in Return to Ravnica?

Brian Kibler:
I didn't play a ton during Ravnica. That was during one of my breaks from Magic, so I don't have the same attachments to cards from the block that a lot of people do. Maybe Watchwolf? He was pretty sweet.

Comment From Guest:
What was was the hardest match you played in this tournament?

Brian Kibler:
Owen Turtenwald definitely gave me a serious run for my money in our match. I was incredibly far ahead on board in game 2 after winning game 1, and he made a sick play with Primal Command that completely wiped my board and reshuffled my Moment's Peace into my deck. I managed to win the match by peeling my sideboarded Decree of Pain on the last possible turn in game 3, so I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten out of that one with a win.

Brian Kibler:
One more question and then I've gotta run guys. :)

Comment From Guest:
If you had to choose, who would you have building your deck, Sam Black or Shouta Yasooka?

Brian Kibler:
Well I generally prefer to build my own decks, but if I had to hand over control I'd say Sam Black, if only because I actually understand the decks he builds, while Shouta shows up with Doran, the Siege Tower/Cryptic Command decks that confuse me as to how they're even supposed to ever work.

Brian Kibler:
And with that I'm out. Thanks for the questions, and thanks for rooting for me!

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