Feature: CoverItLive Chat with Luis-Scott Vargas

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2012

By Event Coverage Staff

On Thursday, Pro Tour Berlin champion Luis Scott-Vargas joined us on CoverItLive to participate in an interview where viewers at home asked all the questions. Below, you can find the transcript of that interview.

Luis Scott-Vargas:

Luis Scott-Vargas:
I am here to entertain you.

Comment From Guilherme:
Luis Scott-Vargas, who do you think is going to win this?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Shoota Mcgavin (Shouta Yasooka).

Comment From Sean:
Who are you most afraid to face in Modern?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Nobody really, we picked Zoo because of its mostly balanced matchups. The worst though is probably Kibler/Finkel's White-Blue (Tzu-Ching Kou's deck).

Comment From Ithilanor:
What's the best/worst pun you've heard today?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
I said that I'd take a Wild Guess and say my deck's good. (hint: I'm playing Wild Guess).

Comment From Glued to Magic:
Luis Scott-Vargas - What do you think about knowing your opponent's list before the match (and conversely him knowing yours). Does it make a big difference to how you play?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Yeah, it's huge. Playing around their cards, bluffing your own. It's a really big difference.

Comment From asharris:
What happened to Garvas Elscott?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
He retired.

Comment From Oliver:
What would you play in Vintage right now?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Snapcaster Mage/Dark Confidant/Jace blue control.

Comment From JelgerW:
Are you working on recruiting Shouta Yasooka for ChannelFireball?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Not currently in the works. It's more fun when we have no idea what he's bringing anyway.

Comment From Ithilanor:
Are you surprised that no one played Pod, Storm, or other combo decks in Modern?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Not really, we didn't expect many of those decks. We did think more Loam would show up.

Comment From Faith:
Luis Scott-Vargas, I just have to say, earlier today on this chat we had the questions: what's your favorite draft archetype in M13 (to which I answered blue-red lots-of-spells), which M13 card do you like most (to which I answered Helion crucible) and which player are you rooting for (obviously you). So when I saw your decklist, I felt that the stars had aligned :) Thanks!

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Awesome. I picked Oblivion Ring, then Searing Spear, then right into Divination.

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Needs more Divinations.

Comment From Guest
Luis Scott-Vargas, is it much harder to predict the meta of 16 top players than 450
random good players?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
It's different, but both are tricky. We decided to not get too far ahead of ourselves, and just play Zoo...like always. We went 7-1 in modern though!

Comment From dv8r:
What would you play in Modern if you could have seen everyone's else's decklists before this tournament?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Our Birthing Pod deck. 4 Kitchen Finks, Knight of the Reliquary, no combo, just value.

Comment From Senortangerino89:
Luis Scott-Vargas - I know you were tinkering around with Battle of Wits, do you think that
or one of the other alternate win cards will be viable post rotation?

Luis Scott-Vargas:

Luis Scott-Vargas:
They will be a ton of fun though, and I'll keep trying.

Comment From Pam A:
Luis Scott-Vargas, do you think Kai Budde is the best magic player ever?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Jon Finkel.

Comment From Kris:
What's you favorite card?

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Juzam Djinn.

Luis Scott-Vargas:
Pairings are up, wish me luck!

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