Feature: CoverItLive Chat with Shuhei Nakamura and Shouta Yasooka

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2012

By Event Coverage Staff

On Wednesday, Pro Tour superstars Shuhei Nakamura and Shouta Yasooka joined us on CoverItLive to participate in an interview where viewers at home asked all the questions. Below, you can find the transcript of that interview.

Hey guys, we've got Shuhei Nakamura and Shouta Yasooka here for an interview, so make with the

Comment From Eugene:
How did the Japanese team help with preparations for this event?

Shuhei Nakamura:
Yuuya Watanabe, Martin Juza, and I went to the Grand Prix to practice Modern. Any other Japanese team member that could help had a job, or had to go back to Japan. :(

Comment From Andy:
How has the Japanese Magic scene developed in recent years? How does it differ from the US scene?

Shuhei Nakamura:
Most Japanese pros are now gotten, as they have jobs. In my generation I guess it was time for things to change, but new players will come soon, like Yukuhiro, Kadooka,and Ryota Endo.

Comment From Kenji:
Hello from Japan! :)

Shuhei Nakamura:
hi Kenji ! are you coming to Seattle?

Comment From ShoutaFan:
Shouta, what's your inspiration for all of your cool decks?

Shouta Yasooka:
Nothing. I just make them and add all the cards I like.

Comment From Ranka:
Shuhei, what guild will you choose in Return to Ravnica?

Shuhei Nakamura:

Shuhei Nakamura:
Iyanaga likes Izzet.

Jon Hickey:
Alright, that is the last question. Unfortunately we had to end it a little early because they have to get
ready for the next round.

Jon Hickey:
Any other questions that you all have for them, feel free to send to us and we'll ask sometime this weekend!

Comment From Miracle:
Sending good luck for both of you from Tokyo. :)

Comment From Eugene:
Shouta did you try Tezzeret in Modern as well? And thanks for signing my Tezzerets in Grand Prix Brisbane! :)

Jon Hickey:
@Eugene - We asked as he was walking away, and he said yes, he did try it...but he didn't like it very
much in the current Modern metagame.

Comment From Eugene:
Sweet, thanks Jon! :)

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