Feature: Day 2 Block Constructed Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on May 29, 2010

By Rashad Miller

The dust had settled after five rounds of Zendikar Block Constructed and three rounds of Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Draft; 141 players emerged with at least five wins. When we looked at the decklists of the continuing players, we found that the top five archetypes had held their positions.

Blue-White Control - 38

Ninety-five players were cut to 38, yet the power of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Gideon Jura still looms throughout over one quarter of the room.

Devastating Red – 21

Twenty-one of the original 57 red decks were still winning.

Monument Green – 20

This was the breakout deck of this weekend. The combination of token generators, Eldrazi Monument and Beastmaster Ascension had carried almost half of the players who chose to play it onward to Day Two.

Green Eldrazi – 9

We were still seeing Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and his crew of Eldrazi monstrosities, fueled by Eldrazi Spawn, annihilating most things in their paths as nine of the original thirty-four players battled Day Two.

Koros - 9

Coming in as the third aggro-deck in this metagame, Koros rounded out our top five archetypes with nine of the 28 Day One players continuing on.

With five more rounds of Zendikar Block Constructed still to come, we would soon see which decks would come forth as the ones to beat. The complete Day Two metagame percentages are here for your leisure. You can also check out the Day One archetype breakdown here.

ArchetypeDay 2 Decks% of Day 2Day 1 Decks% Making Day 2
UW Control3826.95%9540.00%
Devastating Red2114.89%5736.84%
Monument Green2014.18%4346.51%
Green Eldrazi96.38%3426.47%
UWG Control74.96%1741.18%
Summoning Trap64.26%2030.00%
UGR Comet Storm64.26%1833.33%
GW Ramp53.55%2025.00%
UB Control32.13%650.00%
UGR Landfall32.13%742.86%
White Eldrazi21.42%366.67%
Mono Red Lodestone10.71%250.00%
RG LD10.71%1100.00%
UBG Landfall10.71%425.00%
UR Control10.71%616.67%
White Weenie10.71%1100.00%

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