Feature: Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on May 24, 2008

By By Bill Stark

Feature Day 2 Metagame Breakdown by Bill Stark

Many came and many were conquered. That’s the story of Pro Tour–Hollywood, and as we follow up yesterday’s look at the Friday metagame, there are some interesting contrasts. Percentage-wise, Faeries makes up less of the Day 2 field than it did on Day 1, comprising roughly 22 percent of matchups Saturday compared to 27 percent on Friday. Black-Green Elves, the second highest percentage deck through the first day of competition, stumbled into fifth place with 13 of 47 Day 1 Elves players marching their Wren’s Run tribe members into Saturday. Doran, Merfolk, and Mono-Red rounded out that top 5 decks just as they did during the first day of competition. It would seem after all that there is a reason those decks are considered tops in the format.

Of course there are some oddities coming into Day 2 as well. While several of the French players were doing battle with their “Quick ‘n Toast” deck, named after a convenience store chain and created by Manuel Bucher of Switzerland, Gabriel Nassif utilized a strategy that may have never been seen on the second day of battle at a Pro Tour: his black-red deck is made up entirely of creatures and lands. On top of that, it includes such Constructed hits as Mudbutton Torchrunner… but don’t let appearances fool you. Resident American curmudgeon Tim Aten (apologies to Jon Becker) piloted a nearly identical list to the Top 8 of the LCQ Thursday night before conceding to allow someone else a chance to play the Pro Tour.

You can check back to the Pro Tour–Hollywood coverage for Day 2 decklists, continuing stories, and more all weekend as we continue bringing the latest news straight from the floor of Pro Tour–Hollywood.

ArchetypeDay Two CountPercent
Black-Green Elves139.77%
Red-Green Ramp64.51%
Red-Green Aggro64.51%
Quick ‘n Toast43.01%
Green-White Ramp43.01%
Black-Red Tokens43.01%
Kitchen Finks Control32.26%
Mono-Green Elves32.26%
Greater Gargadon Combo32.26%
Red-Black Aggro21.50%
Mono-Green Elves10.75%
Black-Green Ramp10.75%
Red-Black All Creatures10.75%
Juniper Order Ranger Combo10.75%

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