Feature: Day Two Standard Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on February 11, 2011

By Rashad Miller

Deck Number %
Valakut 35 20.35%
UB Control 30 17.44%
Caw-Go 30 17.44%
Kuldotha Red 13 7.56%
Boros 13 7.56%
Vampires 12 6.98%
Quest 10 5.81%
RUG 6 3.49%
Tempered Steel 4 2.33%
UW Control 3 1.74%
GW Aggro 3 1.74%
Infect 3 1.74%
Mono Red 2 1.16%
URb Tezzeret Control 2 1.16%
BUG 1 0.58%
Eldrazi Ramp 1 0.58%
Mono Green Ramp 1 0.58%
Mass Polymorph 1 0.58%
White Weenie 1 0.58%
Allies 1 0.58%
Elves 0 0.00%
Bant Aggro 0 0.00%
Grixis Control 0 0.00%
Mono Black 0 0.00%
Naya 0 0.00%
RG Aggro 0 0.00%
Total 172  

The dust had settled after five rounds of Standard and three rounds of Mirrodin Besieged/Scars of Mirrodin Booster Draft; 172 players emerged with at least five wins to make the cut to Day Two. Of these Standard deck, ten posted impressive undefeated records. Three Caw-Go , two Valakut Ramp, and one each of Blue-Black Tezzeret, Tempered Steel, Kuldotha Red, Green-White Quest and Blue-Red-Black Tezzeret were guaranteed a spot on Friday with 5-0 starts.

With five more rounds of Standad still to come, we would soon see which decks would come forth as the ones to beat. The complete Day Two metagame numbers are here for your leisure. You can also check out the Day One archetype breakdown here.

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