Feature: Deck Tech -- It's Hammer Time!

Posted in Event Coverage on May 24, 2008

By By Ted Knutson

Paul “Neon” Cheon and Luis Scott-Vargas are two names on the Magic scene that have been intertwined since U.S. Nationals in 2006, when both of them made the team and kicked off what have turned out to be impressive Magic careers. Since that time, the two Californians have continued to work together on formats and this weekend came up with a doozy of a metagame choice. Granted, the two tell us that it might not exactly be a good deck, but it’s certainly something different, and it’s a lot of fun to play. I sat down with them to pick their brain (they share one really big one) on exactly what the deck is, where it came from, and how they thing it will fare against the field here this weekend.

Deck Name: Hammer Time. (Cheon wanted to note that Luis names the decks, so don’t blame him.)

Paul Cheon and Luis Scott-Vargas

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Deck Plan: It originally started out as a green-white control deck, but they noticed that in most matches they boarded out Wrath of God in testing. Those got plopped into the sideboard and in came Loxodon Warhammers and more big creatures. “It’s basically a little kid deck where we just play fatties, attach a Warhammer to them and swing!”

Key Cards: “Obviously Loxodon Warhammer. Oversoul of Dusk is a big one, then Chameleon Colossus and Primal Command.”

Does it beat faeries? “It’s about 50 percent,” said Luis, “which may be as good as any deck gets prior to sideboarding. We do have four maindeck Cloudthreshers and board in nine cards against them.”

How does it do against the rest of the field? “We really expected to face either Faeries or aggressive decks designed to beat Faeries. We have great matchups against most of the aggro decks like Elves, mono-red, and even red-green. We could be in trouble if there are a bunch of Reveillark decks running around though.”

Why was this your choice this weekend? “Well, I really didn’t want to play a bunch of mirror matches like I would have with Faeries, because I really don’t think you can get a big edge in those matchups. Meanwhile, this lets us gobble up the other decks in the field and just seemed like a really good metagame choice.”

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