Feature: Extended Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on December 10, 2010

By Rashad Miller

Day 3 of Worlds rolled around and Extended was the format. Let's take a look at the more popular archetypes.

ArchetypeNumber% of Field
Vivid Control4112.97%
GW Hideaway288.86%
White Weenie216.65%
Red Aggro134.11%
Pyromancer Ascension72.22%
Tempered Steel72.22%
Mythic Conscriptions51.58%
Ooze Combo41.27%
UBR Control30.95%
BW Tokens10.32%
Esper Control10.32%
Prismatic Omens10.32%

Coming in at first was Jund with 48 decks. Bloodbraid Elf and Putrid Leech returned to the main stage after their dominance of the not-so-distant past Standard format.

Vivid lands and Reflecting Pool enabled control players to cram all the best answers together in Vivid Control decks. Forty-one players were able to assemble cards with mana requirements that ranged from Runed Halo to Cruel Ultimatum with relative ease.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle got a little boost from Scapeshift. This "one-card" combo became even more potent as 32 competitors combined Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle with Prismatic Omen. A turn-five Scapeshift could easily deal up to 45 damage to an unprepared opponent.

Bitterblossom and Cryptic Command were seen in the fourth-place archetype as 30 players sleeved up Faeries. Mistbind Clique, Spellstutter Sprite and the rest of the gang were terrorizing the skies while preventing opponents from resolving key spells.

The green-white ramp decks from the past were retooled to take advantage of Windswept Heights and Mosswart Bridge. The green-white Hideaway deck, piloted by 28 people, was regularly casting Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for a much lower cost than 15 mana.

Rounding out the top six decks was White Weenie. Twenty-one players decided on this breakout deck from Pro Tour–Amsterdam.

This was only six of the 25 archetypes seen on Saturday. Extended was showing itself as a very wide open format. We would see next year if the upcoming Pro Tour Qualifier season would support this observation..

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