Feature: JSS Wrap-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2005

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on DailyMTG.com, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Two hundred ninety-nine players aged 16 and younger came to Baltimore, Maryland to compete for $100,000 in college scholarship and the title of Junior Super Series Champion. The format was Standard and they played 13 rounds over two day before cutting to the Top 8 players.

In addition to the scholarship awards for the top finishers, there were trophies handed out for the top finishing players in four age categories. The 15-and-older category would not be settled until the Top 8 bracket was filled in, but the others were clear after the Swiss rounds.

Andrew Levine, 12-and-under champion.

The winner in the 12-and-under category was Andrew Levine from Scarsdale Park, New York. Pranay Mohan from Austin, Texas won the 13-year old division, and Top 8 competitor Sean Inoue from Santa Fe, New Mexico won the 14-year old division.

Pranay Mohan, 13-and-under champion.


Bret Farrell (Monoblue Tron) vs. Sean Pottenger (Monoblue Control)

Bret Farrell, left, and Sean Pottenger.

Sean won the first game after both players kicked up a cloud of dust over Sean's Vedalken Shackles. After a protracted counterwar, Sean's Shackles resolved, he stole Meloku, and never gave it back. Game 2 was also about Meloku. Bret ripped through his deck with Serum Visions to find Mindslaver after Mindslaver but really couldn't find anymore pressure than a lone Stalking Stones. Sean's hand was strictly reactive and the Mindslavers ended up being little more than Mana Shorts. Eventually, Sean countered a Meloku from Bret and untapped to play his own.

Brett Blackman (Medium Green w/Godo) vs. Jason Rosellini (Tooth and Nail)

Jason Rosellini, left, and Brett Blackman.

The first game was a fast and brutal affair with Brett locking Jason's mana down with three Plow Unders thanks to a little help from Eternal Witnesses. He topped it all off with a heaping plate of Godo smackdown. In Game 2 the Tooth player had the full Urzatron in play on turn four despite mulliganing to five and having one of the pieces Creeping Molded. This was Jason's turn to get the Witness/Plow Under action going and eventually Brett conceded the game. Game 3 was simple, old-fashioned mana screw as Brett kept a hand with one land, Bird, Top on the play. He didn't draw into anything for a couple of turns and Jason punished him with Reap and Sow and Creeping Mold for the win.

Sean Inoue (Tooth and Nail) vs. Arthur Stewart (Tooth and Nail)

Sean Inoue, left, and Arthur Stewart.

All three games came down to who got their mana control cards online first. In the final game Arthur punished Sean with Creep, Reap, and Plow Under but was only drawing land after land after land. Sean drew out of his problems and looked like he would advance to the finals when an entwined Tooth and Nail led to a hasty Colossus token smacking Arthur down to 11. He had enough mana in play that when he Topped into his own Tooth and Nail, Arthur was able to cast Tooth and Nail twice – he put an Eternal Witness into play with the first one. I'm not exactly clear on the details but he cast Tooth and Nail TWICE on one turn. How could he lose?

Jeff Rabovsky (White Weenie) vs. Julian Cheng (Aggro Red)

Jeff Rabovsky, left, and Julian Cheng.

Jeff got out a pair of Damping Matrices early on but was a little light on the weenies his deck is famous for. Arc-Slogger may not have had any abilities to speak of but Julien found him more than up to the task of beating down. What happened in Game 2? Auriok Champion. In Game 3 Julian was faced with a pair of Glorious Anthems, COP Red, and an Auriok Champion with some other beaters. He was holding a pair of Seething Songs and was looking for a Goblin Charbelcher in the hopes of the "fluky win" right up until the end but he drew only land on the very last turn.


Sean Pottenger (Monoblue Control) vs. Jeff Rabovsky (White Weenie)

Jeff got out early threats under Sean's countermagic and beatdown with a couple of guys – Suntail Hawk and Auriok Champion – augmented by Glorious Anthem. Jeff double mulliganed in the second game and made a fair game of it but could only get Sean to 9 before Pottenger drew and played Meloku. Game 3 saw Savannah Lion, Savannah Lion, and Lantern Kami before Sean was able to stem the bleeding by countering Isamaru. There was really nothing that Sean could do and Jeff advanced to the finals.

Arthur Stewart (Tooth and Nail) vs. Jason Rosellini (Tooth and Nail)

I wasn't able to watch these games, but having seen the Tooth mirror countless times this weekend I can only assume it came down to which player drew into the best package of land destruction. Jason won in two games and advanced to face White Weenie in the finals.

Finals: Jason Rosellini (Tooth and Nail) vs. Jeff Rabovsky (White Weenie)

Jeff Rabovsky is congratulated by Richard Garfield after winning the JSS Championship.

Game 1 was won by Jeff despite a double mulligan; his two Lantern Kamis and a Blinkmoth Nexus found no more resistance than a couple of Plow Unders. In Game 2 Jason's mana flowed smoothly and Tooth and Nail resolved into Mephidross Vampire and Triskelion. Game 3 looked a like Jeff's first Game 3 in the Top 8 that had a pair of Lantern Kamis and a Leonin Skyhunter going all the way. Jason had the mana to do anything his deck wanted – he just didn't have any action cards to put it to use.

Congratulations to new JSS Champion Jeff Rabovsky of Naperville, Illinois. In addition to being the 2005 Junior Super Series Champion and the 15-year old division winner he banked $10,000 in college scholarship money. Perhaps the only person more excited than Jeff was his mom!

Tune into The Week That Was on Friday for a detailed look at the decklists and interviews with the players in the finals of the 2005 JSS Championships!

JSS Final Standings

RankNameScholarship Awarded
1Rabovsky, Jeff [15+]$10,000
2Rosellini, Jason [15+]$8,000
3Inoue, Sean [14=]$6,500
4Stewart, Arthur [15+]$5,000
5Farrell, Bret [15+]$3,750
6Blackman, Brett [15+]$3,500
7Cheng, Julian [15+]$3,250
8Pottenger, Sean [15+]$3,000
9Hawkins, Jesse [14=]$2,500
10Verhey, Gavin [15+]$2,350
11Mohan, Pranay [13=]$2,200
12Sandler, Josh [13=]$2,100
13Greenberg, Harrison [15+]$2,000
14Ling, Justin [15+]$1,900
15Alesi-mullen, John [14=]$1,850
16Izzo, Anthony [14=]$1,800
17Woo, Travis [15+]$1,750
18Berse, Sam [13=]$1,700
19Smith, Preston [15+]$1,650
20Leckie, Shamus [15+]$1,600
21Farabakhsh, Hooman [14=]$1,550
22Marro, Eric [15+]$1,500
23Butterworth, Tyler [15+]$1,450
24Yackley, Keith [15+]$1,400
25Schmidt, Jed [14=]$1,350
26Massey, Shane [15+]$1,300
27Mccarthy, Kegan [15+]$1,250
28Sondike, Daniel [14=]$1,200
29Hatab, Blaine [15+]$1,150
30Parrish, Joby [15+]$1,100
31Mansfield, Selene [13=]$1,050
32Lukas, Ben [15+]$1,000
33Williams, Caleb [15+]$950
34Hemwall, Taylor [15+]$900
35Leedy, Ben [15+]$850
36Thompson, Gavin [15+]$800
37Ostergaard, Henrik [15+]$750
38Kandebo, James [15+]$700
39Stuart, Jim [15+]$650
40Beach, Harrison [13=]$600
41Arnold, Tommy [15+]$550
42River, Jesse [14=]$525
43Carter, Michael [14=]$525
44Chamberlain, Mat [15+]$500
45Matthews, Toby [15+]$500
46Seetharam, Aneil [15+]$500
47Zimmerman, Alex [15+]$500
48Jacobson, Mark [15+]$500
49Cohen, Debbie [15+]$500
50Raczka, David [15+]$500
51Briscoe, Dillon [15+]$500
52Klinstiver, Peter [15+]$500
53Gay, Randy [15+]$500
54Gribble, Dylan [15+]$500
55Batista, Alex [14=]$500
56Boehner, Samuel [15+]$500
57Perry, Alex [15+]$500
58Burns, Ross [14=]$500
59Robertson, Erik [14=]$500
60Sheppard, Brad [15+]$500
61Saypoff, Mathew [14=]$500
62Hart, Ian [15+]$500
63Aye, Gareth [14=]$500
64Tietze, Harrison [14=]$500
65Seidman, Max [15+]24
66Hill, Alison [15+]24
67Del Degan, Colin [15+]24
68Pohling, Ross [14=]24
69Levine, Andrew [12-]24
70Reifsteck, Nathan [15+]24
71Bonham, Bryson [15+]24
72Levin, Julian [15+]24
73Messick, Eddie [15+]24
74warra, Jeff [14=]23
75Baker, Trevor [15+]22
76Abalos, Sam [15+]22
77Darkeff, Gregory [15+]22
78Kenna, Patrick [15+]22
79Weil, Stephen [15+]22
80gensler, ryan [15+]21
81Gilley, Jonathan [14=]21
82Yan, Tommy [15+]21
83Williger, Max [14=]21
84Boisvert, Jordan [14=]21
85Hopkins, Michael [15+]21
86Christiano, Paul [15+]21
87Spring, Ryan [15+]21
88todd, samuel [14=]21
89Tran, Armand [15+]21
90O'Brien, Tom [15+]21
91Newill, Jason [15+]21
92Logan, Colin [15+]21
93Jones, Josh [15+]21
94Moore, Devon [15+]21
95Tapal, Abbas [14=]21
96Pendleton, Adam [13=]21
97Emmons, Thomas [14=]21
98Gold, Seth [15+]21
99Cassell, Mark [14=]21
100Hill, Cory [15+]21
101Reiter, Zack [15+]21
102Hopkins, Eric [15+]21
103Cusson, James [15+]21
104Lambaz, Khair [15+]21
105Fish, Jordan [14=]21
106Blum, Tyler [15+]21
107Maybee, Jared [15+]21
108Thanakit, Kevin [14=]21
109Andersen, Aren [13=]21
110Clinton, Jaron [12-]19
111Falvo, Michael [13=]19
112Rudd, Shawn [13=]18
113Turnbull, Trent [14=]18
114Coale, Hunter [14=]18
115Mancinelli, Matthew [15+]18
116Zuluaga, Sebastian [13=]18
117Tepper, James [15+]18
118lingelbach, Chase [14=]18
119Nigam, Armaan [13=]18
120Garmon, Andrew [15+]18
121Verhey, Tanner [12-]18
122Depew, Alex [15+]18
123Berryhill, Ellison [15+]18
124Sondike, Jeffrey [12-]18
125Haughey, Damian [15+]18
126Gerbic, James [15+]18
127Meek, Robbie [15+]18
128Moore, Grayson [13=]18
129rand, justin [15+]18
130Coyne, Cullen [15+]16
131Muszynski, Stan [15+]15
132Green, John [15+]15
133Nelson, Chris [15+]15
134Mahoney, Aaron [13=]15
135Kronenberger, Chris [13=]15
136Bower, Ross [15+]15
137clark, cliff [15+]15
138Steinbach, Ian [13=]15
139Olsman, Noah [15+]14
140Guilbault, Kelvin [14=]13
141Gaudio, Patrick [15+]13
142Ahmad, Camran [15+]13
143Zappacosta, Joey [14=]13
144Schneier, Michael [13=]13
145Mijanovich, Burns [15+]13
146Pederson, Michael [14=]13
147McDonald, Nick [15+]12
148Delossantos, Julian [14=]12
149Falk, Andy [15+]12
150Benson, Jordan [12-]12
151Peel, Scott [13=]12
152Schneider, Chris [14=]12
153Gottstein, Jeff [15+]12
154Eisenhauer, Mike [15+]12
155Hetrick, Michael [14=]12
156O'Connor, Keifer [12-]12
157Northrop, Justy [13=]12
158Valenti, Christian [14=]12
159Chen, Peter [13=]12
160Woodman, Jonathan [15+]12
161Nye, Ben [15+]12
162Frink, Jimmy [13=]12
163Dudley, Robert [15+]12
164Henson, Tom [14=]12
165Landes, Joseph [15+]12
166Crosley, Kyle [15+]12
167Lingelbach, Cody [13=]12
168Schwartz, Jeremiah [15+]12
169Wyly, Teddy [14=]12
170Goldberg, Brian [15+]12
171Malman, Dave [14=]12
172Corpe, Blake [12-]12
173Riddle, Blake [13=]12
174Dracoulis, Garth [14=]12
175Garrett, Lincoln [15+]12
176Crellin, Forrest [13=]12
177Jensen, Warren [15+]12
178Wernette-Leff, Leonard [14=]12
179Bundy, Dylan [14=]12
180Ross, Andrew [15+]12
181Cleary, Alexander [15+]12
182Benson, Jonathan [15+]12
183Duarte, Arnold [15+]12
184lewis, matt [14=]12
185McCourt, Ethan [15+]12
186Funk, Owen [15+]11
187Hom, Jonathan [13=]11
188Woelk, Rob [15+]10
189Landale, Tim [15+]10
190Reyes, Rommel [15+]10
191Kessler, David [14=]10
192Rocke, James [15+]10
193Shirek, Cameron [13=]10
194Berkenbile, Sam [14=]9
195Mason, Shane [15+]9
196Sebrechts, Peter [15+]9
197Lomangino, Fred [15+]9
198Shiels, Brian [15+]9
199Qadir, Aadil [15+]9
200Garmon, Daniel [12-]9
201Schleiffer, Scott [15+]9
202Schneider, Brian [14=]9
203Kinney, Ryan [15+]9
204Moran, Joseph [14=]9
205Laver, Greg [15+]9
206Riiper, Lucas [15+]9
207Phraner, Ryan [15+]9
208Epstein, Justin [15+]9
209Trepanier, David [15+]9
210Geweniger, Cam [15+]9
211Pricola, Daniel [13=]9
212Jordan, Danny [13=]9
213Bailey, Spencer [15+]9
214Girardeau Dale, Andrew [15+]9
215Butler, Nathaniel [15+]9
216Visconti, Michael [15+]9
217Goldstein, Alex [13=]9
218Fyffe, Colin [15+]9
219White, Josh [14=]9
220Paterson, Bobby [15+]9
221Cassel, Matt [14=]9
222Boisvert, Todd [14=]9
223Kim, Alex [15+]9
224Pesch, Ryan [15+]9
225Benson, Stuart [14=]9
226Armstrong, Tim [13=]9
227Williams, Patrick [15+]9
228Camper, Tony [15+]9
229Pripstein, Eric [14=]7
230Khosla, Nathan [14=]7
231Sweetnam, Cameron [14=]7
232Palamar, Max [15+]7
233Sorensen, Joshua [15+]7
234Hallberg, Josh [13=]7
235Kohanim, Michael [15+]7
236Simpson, Brad [13=]7
237Taylor, Joshua [14=]6
238Taylor, Sam [15+]6
239Staton, Mike [14=]6
240Johnson-Epstein, Jaspe [15+]6
241Tretsven, Daniel J [15+]6
242Nickolai, Matt [13=]6
243Varesko, Jonathan [15+]6
244Schoerner, Mike [15+]6
245Schnieders, Jacob [15+]6
246Rogers, Christopher [14=]6
247Yang, Louis [15+]6
248Notartomaso, Garrett [15+]6
249Duerr, Eric [15+]6
250Mitchell, Nathan [15+]6
251Findlay-Abitbol, James [14=]6
252Le, Michael [15+]6
253Goldstein, Max [15+]6
254Lax, Ari [14=]6
255Zogopoulos, Gary [15+]6
256Harris, Roger Harris [15+]6
257Wittkopf, David [15+]6
258Gerhandt, Dan [15+]6
259Murphy, Matt [14=]6
260Snapp, Adam [15+]6
261Burgess, Zack [13=]6
262Graham, Collin [14=]6
263Pohling, Michael [12-]6
264Raflowitz, Taylor [14=]5
265Grunst, Karl [14=]5
266Franchini, Tony [12-]4
267Weinberger, Andrew [15+]3
268Groski, Travis [15+]3
269Lorash, Chad [15+]3
270matecki, justin [15+]3
271Sterbenz, Ryan [15+]3
272Andersen, Christoffer [15+]3
273Odonnell, Devon [14=]3
274Keetley, Chris [15+]3
275Collins, Kenyon [14=]3
276Kenna, Shannon [13=]3
277Ayers, John [15+]3
278Dietz, Vaughn [13=]3
279Bishop, James [14=]3
280Copus, Matt [15+]3
281Williams, Sean [14=]3
282Kneale, Christopher [15+]3
283McRae, Kyle [14=]3
284Collins, Sean [14=]3
285Clothiawi, Daniel [13=]3
286Wilyer, Aaron [14=]3
287Mendoza, Carlo [15+]1
288Hager, Joey [15+]0
289Daugherty, Allen [15+]0
290Olsen, Chris [13=]0
291Gleiss, Andrew C [15+]0
292Suarez, Christopher [15+]0
293Gatling, Joe [15+]0
294Dunnewold, Sam [15+]0
295Ayulo, Jake [15+]0
296Gerhardt, Mike [12-]0
297Capalangan, Edward [14=]0
298Halda, Jordan [15+]0
299Wepplo, Andrew [15+]0

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