Feature: Magic Online Championship Day One – Standard

Posted in Event Coverage on November 17, 2011

By Steve Sadin

At the end of the Standard portion of Worlds, there were six undefeated players: Andrew "Gainsay" Cuneo, David "Goobafish" Caplan, Kyle Stoll, Conley Woods, Jun'ya "SEVERUS" Iyanaga, and Craig Wescoe. Of these six undefeated players, fully half of them (Cuneo, Caplan, and Iyanaga) are also competing in the Magic Online Championship, once again demonstrating that mastery of online Magic can (and often does) translate into very real success at the game's biggest stage.

The Magic Online Championship competitors hard at work.

While they might not have finished Day One with undefeated records, Reid "reiderrabbit" Duke (who has two paper Magic Grand Prix Top 8s this season), and Bing "Prolepsis9" Luke became the first (and so far only) two time MOCS competitors.

Joining the undefeated players and the duo of Luke and Duke in the MOCS are seven of Magic Online 's finest: Two time Grand Prix Top 8 Competitor Jörg "ponza" Unfried, Brandon "sandydogmtg" Burton (who, in addition to being one the most feared players to play against on Magic Online, came within a match of making the Top 8 at Grand Prix Chicago in 2008), long-time German Pro Florian "flying man" Pils, Yuki "yoshidora" Yoshioka, Ricky "__SipItHolla" Sidher, Thoralf "Toffel" Severin, and four-time Nationals Top 8 Competitor Benny "HeavenX" Soewanda.

Round 1

Andrew Cuneo, playing a very unique White-Blue Control deck, took his first Standard match loss of the day at the hands of Reid Duke and his Naya Run Ramp deck. Meanwhile, Jun'ya Iyanaga continued his undefeated steak with his Wolf Run Ramp deck by taking down Bing Luke, who wasplaying the Naya Run Ramp deck that he and Reid had developed together.

David Caplan also kept his undefeated streak alive with Red Deck Wins by defeating recent Grand Prix San Diego Top 8 Competitor Ricky Sidher's Tempered Steel deck.

Round 2

Florian Pils won his second Mono-Red mirror in a row, this time defeating Brandon Burton. Bing Luke's Naya Run Ramp deck was able to take game three against Jörg Unfried's Mono-Red deck in large part thanks to Luke's turn-five Stingerfling Spider, which took out a Chandra's Phoenix and solidified his defenses long enough for Luke to take over the game with a Wurmcoil Engine.

David Caplan's Red Deck kept winning, this time defeating Thoralf Severin's Illusions deck in two quick games.

Andrew Cuneo narrowly avoided defeated in Game 2 against Benny Soewanda when he sacrificed his Ratchet Bomb on two counters (to destroy nothing), then got it back with Buried Ruin and recast it on zero to wipe his opponent's board of thirteen Army of the Damned–generated Zombie tokens. That move bought Cuneo just the time he needed to restart the game thanks to Karn Liberated's ultimate... with a Wurmcoil Engine and a Consecrated Sphinx waiting in the Sphinx.

Reid Duke was able to defeat Jun'ya Inayaga in a drawn-out Ramp-on-Ramp matchup to make Caplan the only remaining player to be undefeated in both Worlds, and the MOCS.

Round 3

David Caplan defeated Florian Pils to move to 3-0 in the MOCS, and 9-0 on the day, while Cuneo avenged his loss to Naya Run Ramp at the hands of Reid Duke by defeating Bing Luke's Naya Run Ramp deck.

Brandon Burton battled his way back to 2-1 with Mono-Red, and Jörg Unfried continued his clumsy-draw-fueled slide as he fell to 0-3.

Brandon Burton, Ricky Sidher, and Jun'ya Iyanaga, masters of digital Magic

After splitting the first two games in what felt like no time at all, Reid Duke found himself waiting for Thoralf Severin to make a very difficult mulligan decision with his White-Blue Illusions deck. Severin (who was on the draw) stared at a hand of Seachrome Coast, Delver of Secrets, Snapcaster Mage, Lord of the Unreal, Dissipate, and two copies of Vapor Snag for a full six minutes before deciding to mulligan the hand. His next hand wasn't incredibly aggressive, but some well-timed counterspells allowed him to fly to victory with an army of Spirit tokens courtesy of Moorland Haunt.

Round 4

Going into the fourth round, David Caplan was the only remaining undefeated player in the MOCS. He only needed to get through one more match to end the day without a blemish on his record in either Worlds or the MOCS. In order to accomplish this historic feat, he would need to get through Reid Duke—a player who had already ruined the undefeated dreams of Cuneo and Iyanaga.

Reid Duke took Game 1 with a quick Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, and it looked like the match might come to an end almost before it had started when Caplan missed his second land drop in Game 2...

...but Caplan wasn't ready to let things end that easily. When he drew his second and third land drops, he unleashed a flurry of cheap creatures and burn spells to send the match to a final, deciding game.

Caplan mulliganed to start Game 3, but his six-card hand wasn't lacking as he had a Goblin Fireslinger into a Stormblood Berserker, backed up by a handful of burn. Duke's draw, however, was even more impressive: he was able to quickly ramp up his mana with a Birds of Paradise, two Viridian Emissaries, and a Solemn Simulacrum into a Day of Judgment.

After wiping the board, Duke put things away with a Timely Reinforcements followed by the backbreaking Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. With that, Ried Duke moved to 3-1 in the Magic Online Championship, ending the undefeated streaks of Andrew Cuneo, Jun'ya Iyanaga, and David Caplan in the process.


Place MTGO Name Name Standard ISD Draft Modern Current Total
1st flying man Flo Pils 17 0 0 17
1st goobafish David Caplan 17 0 0 17
1st reiderrabbit Reid Duke 17 0 0 17
1st sandydogmtg Brandon Burton 17 0 0 17
1st SEVERUS Jun’ya Iyanaga 17 0 0 17
6th Gainsay Andrew Cuneo 10 0 0 10
6th Toffel Toffel Thoralf 10 0 0 10
6th prolepsis9 Bing Luke 10 0 0 10
9th __SipItHolla Ricky Sidher 4 0 0 4
9th HeavenX Benny Soewnada 4 0 0 4
9th yoshidora Yuki Yoshioka 4 0 0 4
12th ponza Jörg Unfried 0 0 0 0

reiderrabbit (3-1)

Download Arena Decklist

goobafish (3-1)

Download Arena Decklist

flying man (3-1)

Download Arena Decklist


Download Arena Decklist

sandydogmtg (3-1)

Download Arena Decklist

Toffel (2-2)

Download Arena Decklist

Gainsay (2-2)

Download Arena Decklist
Planeswalker (5)
1 Elspeth Tirel 2 Gideon Jura 2 Karn Liberated
Creature (2)
2 Snapcaster Mage
Sorcery (8)
4 Day of Judgment 4 Ponder
Artifact (3)
3 Ratchet Bomb
60 Cards

prolepsis9 (2-2)

Download Arena Decklist

__SipItHolla (1-3)

Download Arena Decklist

HeavenX (1-3)

Download Arena Decklist

yoshidora (1-3)

Download Arena Decklist

ponza (0-4)

Download Arena Decklist
Planeswalker (3)
3 Koth of the Hammer
Sorcery (2)
2 Arc Trail
Artifact (4)
4 Shrine of Burning Rage
Land (23)
23 Mountain
60 Cards


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