Feature Match 3/4th place play off: Justin West vs Bryce Trevilyan

Posted in Event Coverage on May 29, 2003

By Joe Connolly

Although both players are now individually qualified for Worlds, there was still a great deal at stake in this game. The winner would represent Australia in the teams event and the loser would need a good finishing at Berlin to recover his costs.

Trevilyan won the roll, and after wishing his opponent good luck played an Underground River and Cabal Therapy naming Firebolt. West did indeed have one, and returned the favour by Duressing a Call of the Herd, leaving only a Llanowar Elves and land. Trevilyan played the elf and passed the turn. He flashed back the Call and sacrificed his Elf to Cabal Therapy naming the Slice and Dice he saw previously. Trevilyan was cautioned by New Zealand judge extraordinaire Gene Brumby for forgetting to remove the flashed Therapy from the game. Brumby instructed the players that he was simply “keeping it real” and play continued.

West drew a land and could only Pillaged Trevilyan’s Underground River. Both players continued to draw land as the elephant took West down to 6. A Bloodstained Mire took West down to 5. West finally drew a Barbarian Ring, and flashed back the Firebolt to kill the token. More lands were drawn until Trevilyan eventually cast a Shadowmage Infiltrator. West drew a Firebolt to deal with it, but Trevilyan’s freshly cast Phantom Centaur was not quite as easy to deal with. West cast Pyroclasm to reduce the Centaur to 4 power and buy a turn. West drew his 11th land and conceded.

West: +4 Stone Rain +3 Rancid Earth –2 Pillage –3 Duress – 4 Blood –2 Firebolt
Trevilyan: - 4 Smother – 1 Squirrel Nest +2 Cabal Therapy +2 Withered Wretch +1 Phantom Centaur

Game 2

West just played a land on turn 1 and Trevilyan opened with a Cabal Therapy naming Chainer’s Edict, immediately chastising himself for not naming Stone Rain. West’s hand did in fact have the Stone Rain, as well as a Slice and Dice – bad news for Trevilyan’s 2 land 3 Birds of Paradise draw. Trevilyan drew into a 2nd therapy for Slice and Dice and played a Darkwater Catacombs. West Stone Rained the City of Brass, stranding Trevilyan on a Catacombs. Trevilyan didn’t draw a second land and 4 turns, 3 Overmasters, a Pillage, a Pyroclasm and a Magnivore later the game was over.

Trevilyan 1 – West 1

Sideboarding: West – 3 Pyroclasm – 4 Pillage – 1 Chainer’s Edict +3 Duress +2 Firebolt +4 Innocent Blood

Game 3

Trevilyan again had a hand of diverse land and mana costs: Opposition, Phantom Centaur, Underground River, Forest, Birds of Paradise, Llanowar Elves and Withered Wretch. His hand looked fragile against West’s land destruction with blue, green and black double coloured cards in his hand. West’s hand wasn’t the hand Trevilyan feared could destroy his board: Chainer’s Edict, Mountain, Sulfurous Springs, 2 Magnivore, Shadowblood Ridge.

Trevilyan started out with a Birds of Paradise. West peeled a Firebolt to match it. Trevilyan’s Llanowar Elves met with an Edict. Trevilyan could only play an Island and passed turn 3, missing the second black to cast his Withered Wretch, and the second green for his Phantom Centaur. West needed to draw into some disruption for Trevilyan’s fragile mana, but drew into a Firebolt to match the Innocent Blood drawn the turn before. Trevilyan drew another Underground River to cast his Withered Wretch, which removed a Firebolt and an Edict before being Firebolted. Trevilyan cast a Birds of Paradise and passed the turn. West cycled the Lay Waste he just drew, and drew into a Stone Rain. An Innocent Blood removed the Birds and the Stone Rain destroyed the Forest. Trevilyan drew a second Wretch, which removed a Firebolt during his turn. West drew Overmaster, which drew into Earth Rift, which destroyed an Undergoround River. The Wretch attacked for 2 and removed West’s graveyard. West could only manage to draw a Swamp as the Wretch took him down to 16. Trevilyan playing a Catacombs and an Opposition. West drew a Befoul, which he decided to save for later. Trevilyan ripped a Shadowmage Infiltrator and things were looking grim for West. West had many outs left in his deck, most notably Slice and Dice, but could only draw another Mountain. Trevilyan attacked for 3 and passed the turn. West held his breath and could only draw a Magnivore, nullified by the Wretch. Trevilyan attacked for 3 again and dropped a Braids, Cabal Minion. West drew Innocent Blood, to which Trevilyan sacrificed Braids. The Wretch and Infiltrator took West down to 5 and another Braids hit the table. West drew another Mountain and conceded.

Trevilyan 2 – West 1

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