Feature Match - Round 1:

Posted in Event Coverage on October 31, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on DailyMTG.com, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Heading into this Pro Tour it was obvious that Tinker was going to be a strong deck. With several of the other top decks neutered by the recent banning of Entomb, Frantic Search and Goblin Lackey, Tinker was the only deck that emerged with its broken cards unscathed. Mirrodin only made matters more complicated with a number of flashy exciting artifacts that were too expensive to be considered tournament viable such as Myr Incubator and Mindslaver.

The combination of explosive artifact mana and the powerful Tinker meant that would not be a problem and both players sitting down for the feature match flashed enough cards to show that had both chosen to play with this archetype. Both players have the aforementioned card. Antoine is also running a surprising Clockwork Dragon.

Game 1

Antoine Ruel cutsAntoine looked at his opening hand and then remembered to offer last season's rookie of the year good luck. Both players were content with their opening hands and Antoine opened with a Grim Monolith off of a City of Traitors and had a Voltaic Key. He rooted for his opponent to be playing something other than Tinker, "C'mon, Plains...go!"

Ooiso led off with an Island but had no action. Ruel had another Grim Monolith with his City, which went away when he played an Island. He was out of lands but he was sitting on a Stroke of Genius. Antoine had only an Island on his next turn and Antoine Stroked for six cards but had no lands even after he drew a card for his turn.

He had left his Monoliths tapped and used his Key to allow him to make a Metalworker with one of them. He also played a Chalice of the Void for zero. Ooiso powered out a Thran Dynamo with an Ancient Tomb and was able to follow it up with a Voltaic Key and a Tangle Wire.

Antoine agonized over what to tap-in addition to his already tapped Monoliths-for the Tangle Wire. "There has to be a way..." Finally he decided to tap his Metalworker for eight mana, showing four Thran Dynamos and untapped the Monoliths. He tapped them along with his Island and Chalice. He drew no land to use his Voltaic Key and passed the turn back after discarding one of the Dynamos.

Ooiso Tinkered away his Tangle Wire on the next turn and found a Mindslaver and promptly activated it. Antoine laughed and offered to spin around the feature match playmat to make it easier for his opponent. When Ooiso saw the hand he had to work with it featured a Myr Incubator, Stroke of Genius, Upheaval, Tangle Wire and three Thran Dynamos. When the draw step yielded an Ancient Tomb Antoine let out a cry and banged his head on the table.

Ooiso merely activated the Metalworker and used the key to make enough mana to have Ruel Stroke of Genius him for fifteen cards. He passed the turn back without playing the Ancient Tomb.

Ooiso's turn allowed him play a Masticore and shoot the Metalworker. Antoine looked back at the clock and laughed, "The round started fourteen minutes ago. He has played thirteen and I have played one." Ooiso earned the raised eyebrow from Ruel when he played a Phyrexian Processor and paid six falling to eight.

Ruel played his Ancient Tomb on the next turn but all he could muster were a pair of Dynamos. When Ooiso showed him another Mindslaver on the next turn he scooped up his cards and reached for his Annuls.

Ruel 0 - Ooiso 1

Game 2

Antoine sided out his Chalices and Masticores and brought in a Kill Switch, four Annuls, Null Brooch and a Mindslaver. He opened on a pair of blue sources and sat back on Annul. Ooiso had a Rishadan Port on his second turn and tapped an Island on Ruel's third turn. He shrugged and played an Ancient Tomb and sent the turn back with blue open. Ooiso tried to cast a Grim Monolith off of a City of Traitors and Ruel countered it.

The Ancient Tomb was locked down during his upkeep but Ruel had a City of Traitors and played a Thran Dynamo. Ooiso came back with a Metalworker. When the turn came back to Ruel it was his turn to go off. He played a key and was able to play and activate his Mindslaver. Ooiso had the Stifle though and it was a null turn for Ruel.

Rookie of the Year Masashi OoisoOoiso was able to play and activate his own Mindslaver on his next turn and when he saw Ruel's hand he had a Tinker, Annul, and Null Brooch to work with. The draw added a Monolith to the mix. Ooiso's first item of business was to Tinker the Dynamo. Antoine watched him paw through his deck and gloated, "It is not in there."

Ooiso finally settled on a Myr Incubator and activated it to remove a Clockwork Dragon, Mindslaver and Masticore from the game for three 1/1s. He closed out the turn by casting the Null Brooch and Annulled it leaving Ruel without a hand.

On Ooiso's own turn he made eight mana with his Metalworker and showed a Tinker. Ruel nodded and conceded the match.

Ruel 0 - Ooiso 2

MINDSLAVERED!Ruel shook his head at the main deck Processor in Ooiso's deck as the two players desideboarded. "You're playing that card main deck? It is so bad in the mirror. Like you take their turn with Mindslaver and Tinker it up and make them pay twenty. You are supposed to lose if you have that main!"

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