Feature Match Round 1: Hugh Glanville vs Justin Cheung

Posted in Event Coverage on July 22, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Looking over the pairings, it became immediately apparent that my work was going to be cut out for me this weekend – the field was full of the Sharpest Blades of Australian Magic Society. I closed my eyes and stabbed at the sheet of paper with ol' index'y.

And the winner was a worthy one indeed. Hugh Glanville represented Australia in 2009 in Rome, and Justin Cheung represented Australia at the World Champs in Memphis in 2008, being an integral part of the team that finished second in that event.

Glanville got his tournament started in the worst way possible, with a mulligan to four. Cheung mulliganed to six, and eying up Glanville's lone Island in play, chose to summon an Overgrown Battlement instead of casting a Rampant Growth.

Justin ''Juzza'' Cheung.


"Can't Spell Pierce this," he mused with a smile, which was quickly shrouded with confusion, "wait, he's still tapping his land..."

Glanville placed a Twisted Image on the table, and motioned towards the Battlement.

With the wind taken out of Cheung's sails, both players settled into playing lands and passing their turns. Cheung made the first move, tapping out for a Primeval Titan, which resolved. Cheung followed up with a Mountain, tagging Glanville in the face.

Hugh ''don't call me Granville!'' Glanville.


"End of turn," Glanville announced calmly, placing a Deceiver Exarch on the table. Cheung nodded. "Tap your Mountain." Cheung let the Exarch tap his land, and quickly scooped up his cards as Glanville flashed him a Splinter Twin.

Game 2 started considerably better for both players, but ended in much the same fashion. Cheung once again assembled his game plan, but had nothing to stop Glanville carrying out his.

Hugh Glanville defeats Justin Cheung 2 – 0

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