Feature Match - Round 10: Wilfy Horig vs Aaron Nicoll

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Coming out of the draft rounds, both Aaron Nicoll and Wilfy Horig were sitting on top of the standings each with 5-1 in draft, and 3-0 in constructed. Horig's Vampire deck stumbled in Game 1, missing a pair of land drops before drawing into lands than entered the battlefield tapped. This gave Nicoll's three-color Splinter Twin deck room to set up the kill, by using Birthing Pod to fetch out Deceiver Exarch, and then Urabrask the Hidden, letting the Splinter'd Exarch copies attack immediately.

Aaron Nicoll takes Game 1 from Wilfy Horig.


Game 2 was even worse for Horig, as Nicoll had an early Pyroclasm, and then a pair of Solemn Simulacrum's to continue slowing him down. Nicoll mopped up the mess with a Frost Titan.

Aaron Nicoll defeats Wilfy Horig 2 – 0

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