Feature Match Round 10: Yuki Murakami vs. Kazuya Hirabayashi

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

By Jamie Lynn

These two friends were by far the most entertaining match I saw all day. Yuki at that point was undefeated and his buddy Kazuya, who played in PTNY '00 was 9-1. Yuki was playing Trix against Hirabayashi's Survival deck.

Game 1

They started off with a friendly game of Junken, which is the Japanese version of Paper, Rock, Scissors. Hirabayashi won with his rock crushing Murakami's scissors. Hirabayashi played Survival of the Fittest second turn. Murakami then Duressed Hirabayashi was unable to take anything. Turn three Hirabayashi played Spike Feeder and Murakami Vampiric Tutored for Necropotence at the end of turn. Murakami had Necropotence in play and Necroed for eight. Hirabayashi then went on to his turn four and attacked with Spike Feeder, putting Murakami down to six. It was Murakami's turn and he played Mox Diamond, Demonic Consultation for Illusions of Grandeur and the Illusions of Grandeur successfully. Hirabayashi then took a long time looking over Murakami's graveyard. Long enough that the Judge and Murakami started joking and asked if he was going to keep it as his new hand. Hirabayashi said sure and jokingly tried to cast Duress. Murakami then Necropotenced for 17 putting him down to 9. Hirabayashi on his turn discarded the Deranged Hermit for Krovikan Horror, in turn for Squee, in turn for Tradewind. He then attacked with his Spike Feeder putting Murakami at 7. He then tried to cast a Monk Realist that was Force of Willed. Hirabayashi then discarded Squee for Gilded Drake and Force of Willed Murakami's Force of Will. Murakami Donated the Illusions of Grandeur and Hirabayashi used a counter off of Spike Feeder to go to 21 life and then used the Monk Realist to destroy the Illusions of Grandeur putting him down to one life. Hirabayashi attacked with Spike Feeder putting Murakami to four. Murakami then played another Illusions of Grandeur. He then Necroed for his 18 remaining cards. Hirabayashi gained two life off the Spike Feeder but it wasn't enough as Murakami Firestormed him for the win.

Game 2

Game two was a very quick game and ended on the third turn. Yuki Murakami Consulted for Pyroblast and lost his entire combo, and conceded immediately.

Game 3

Yuki Murakami mulliganed and went first starting with a Duress taking a Winter Orb. Turn two he Consulted for a Swamp and lost three Necropotence without even having one in hand. He went on to play a negator and turn four topdecked a fourth land and Massacred destroying Hirabayashi's Quirion Ranger, Dwarven Miner and Llanowar Elf. This left Hirabayashi completely helpless as he drew nothing but mana producers. Having no way out he conceded when Murakami played a Necropotence. Yuki Murakami continued his undefeated streak and went on to Round 11.

2-1 Yuki Murakami

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