Feature Match Round 14: Toshiki Tsukamoto vs. Jun Nobushita

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Jamie Lynn

Both of these players have been on the Pro Tour for a couple of years and both were playing Trix. Their decks were identical, they even suggested jokingly playing with each other's. Tsukamoto has two Top 16s at '96 PT Atlanta and '96 Worlds, along with two Top 32s. Nobushita unfortunately hasn't made Day Two at any of the Pro Tours he has attended. He has made two Top 8s at Grand Prixs.

Game 1

Game one was a quick game. Tsukamoto Vampiric Tutored at the end of Nobushita's turn one. Turn two he had his Duress Force of Willed by Nobushita and had Necropotence in play turn three. Nobushita's turn three found him losing his entire combo while Demonic Consultating for Underground Sea. He conceded immediately after, having no way to win.

Game 2

Nobushita after mulliganing started game two. Tsukamoto made the first play with Duress. Nobushita Brainstormed in response putting his Necropotence and Force of Will on top of his library. This left land and one Annul in his hand, that Toshiki then took. Turn three Nobushita tried to get his Necropotence in play but had it Annulled by Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto then played Negator. Nobushita successfully played Necropotence turn four and Necroed for 8, putting him at 12. Tsukamoto attacked with the Negator and then had his Necropotence Force of Willed by Nobushita. Nobushita then Demonic Consultated for Illusions of Grandeur. He then played the Illusions of Grandeur and after Necroing for nine he was at 17. Nobushita Duressed and saw two Pyroblasts, Force of Will and Demonic Consultation. He took one of the Pyroblasts and conceded next turn having nothing in his hand to counter the second Pyroblast from destroying the Illusions of Grandeur.

2-0 Toshiki Tsukamoto

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