Feature Match Round 2: Minoru Edayoshi vs. Keichiro Nonishi

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

By Jamie Lynn

Keichiro Nonishi with 1 bye started the second round with the ever-popular Trix deck played at the NY Masters. His matchup was with Minoru Edanoshi, who participated in this year's PTNY, and his Lackey Sligh deck. Alex Shvartsman said of this matchup, that will be played many times throughout the tournament, that Sligh is almost a bye for the Trix deck (when played correctly). Alex himself will also be playing the Trix deck today.

Game 1

Edayoshi started the game with a Lackey that was Force of Willed with Nonishi tossing an Illusions of Grandeur. Turn two, he played another Lackey and a Jackal Pup. At the end of the next turn, Nonishi Vampiric Tutored for Firestorm and then removed 3 of the 4 attackers. Edayoshi continued to play more creatures. Nonishi having had spent his searchers for Firestorm, conceded after having a futile Brainstorm that couldn't produce any land.



Game 2

Edayoshi, going second, played a first turn Jackal Pup. He gained quick advantage as he Wastelanded Nonishi's first turn Underground Sea and laid a creature. Nishi Duressed and saw 2 Pyroblasts and 3 Mountains, he took the Pyroblast and laid a Gemstone Mine. He then watched Edayoshi draw a Wasteland and destroy his Gemstone Mine. Noshi Vampiric Tutored for a Firestorm in response. He then Consulted for Badlands during the next turn, and Firestormed the attackers. Having used all of his cards on the Firestorm, Nonishi was unable to recover from the onslaught of creatures.

Edayoshi won, 2-0

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